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Hey everyone today, I’m doing a review of this beautiful leather notebook. It is made by Rustico and it is called the Good Book.First of all, this notebook smells absolutely amazing and has that really high-quality fresh leather smell to it. It is actually made of top grain cowhide leather, so it is high quality leather and, as you can see, you can see the Greens of the leather here and the markings. So each journal that you purchase will actually have a unique look to it.

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What is really special about this journal is that it is handmade in the US, so you can actually see and feel that a lot of care has gone into making this product. As I hand, sewn binding style here, this type of binding style is actually many centuries old and I think it gives it this really cool rustic look.

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This is how it looks in the back. It says rustic, oh here, on the back with the company logo right there. The color is burgundy. Was this really rich, reddish-brown color. I think it’s available in five different colors, but this is my personal favorite. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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The size is roughly a b6, so it is 5.25 by 6.75 inches or 13 centimeters by 17 centimeters.

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So this is what it looks like you know, just comparing it with a regular gel pen right next to it. This is the size.

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It has 860 ruffcut pages that actually cream-colored. So, let’s check out the actual paper, as you can see here, this is how it opens up. There is like this grayish crap type paper the cover sheet, and then here you can see the rough cut pages which I think look really cool. It gives it that rustic look and it is ivory, colored cream-colored. It has quite a bit of tooth to it. I’M not sure. Well, the camera picks this up, so you can see it here. . You can’t see this.

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I guess and the weight is 70 pound people or around a 105 grams gram paper gsm paper, so it makes it perfect for drawing writing, but actually it is, I think, thick enough to handle watercolor really well as well, so it makes it perfect Art journal scrapbooking journal, what’s great about it if you’re into scrapbooking is that it expands nice, they see it as as how it is when you press all the pages together , but if you want to add like photos – or you know other things that you cut out and just want to glue things in there, I think it’s perfect for that, because it looks been really nicely.

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It has a buckle closure and this closure opens up just perfectly. It’S just easy enough to get into, but still secure enough to hold everything in place. If you put items in there and would also like this, for is, if you have a pen you want to carry with you, just put it right here and then it’s a will secure it nicely and it won’t fall out. See it’s just hold it nice in place or you know I can also do the other thing just you know for you pen or pencil in there, and it also just you know, hold it nicely in place.

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The actual journal feels really good to hold in your hands. I just want to fondle this off sometime, it’s just so lovely just really smooth, and it has rounded edges even here where it’s cut, it’s not too rough, so it will never scratch your scan, just you know, always feel really good to hold in your hands. When you carry it around with you this is a journal seriously¬† you want to take with you everywhere you go.

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I’m not sure If I mention this, but the binding style is actually centuries old, which i think is really cool. There’s some. You know it’s like some medieval type of binding that, I think, is absolutely cool. What’s also great about this type of binding is that it is impossible to break the spine. You just bend this over. You can bend this all the way over and it will not break the spine since it is flexible. The paper will not fall out, which is what makes this journal extremely durable. You know always just you know snap right back into place and you never have to worry about this job falling apart. It’s it’s really made to last, so you know whatever you do with it. Just bet it any way you want. You can write in it like this. You know, as I said, the leather, so it gives you enough support here, even though it’s soft that you just you know you can write like this and hold it in your hands.

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Let’s check out my writing sample. If I can find it, I get some around here, one second there it is so what I wrote on this paper with is, first of all, just a regular pencil and just regular, ballpoint pen, a gel pen and then a fountain pen, so the Pilot Metropolitan Medium Nib with Diamond Marine Ink and it handles all four really well, as I said, the paper has tooth to it. So it won’t be a super smooth writing experience. But if you like paper, that’s a wee bit rougher that gives you more feedback than this paper. Is absolutely perfect for you and me with the fountain pen it handles it really well like there’s absolutely there’s no feathering here.

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When you look on the back, because it’s thicker paper, there’s absolutely there’s no bleed through whatsoever, there’s a little bit of ghosting, which our Wallet, camera picks this up. I think you can see the ghosting a little bit, but that’s about it. So it is great paper quality. It is every colored acid-free paper, so it’s archival quality paper or last year long time.

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What I personally absolutely love about this notebook is, first of all, it is to size. It is really easy to carry around. I did another review of a leather notebook that I really loved. Originally it was an a5 size, so it was a little bit bigger than this one, but it was quite a bit heavier and it had a wrapped eye closure and not this buckle closure. So every time like I want to ride in it, I just had to like you know, unwrap the whole thing and then wrap it up again and unwrap it and that and then the string was just like dangled down somewhere. Oh being my way and just did not feel like, I could just easily access the journal, so I just got a little bit tired of it. So it’s looking for an alternative that it’s heavier and it feels like you can access the journal quite easier. So this closure is absolutely perfect in my opinion, because it just comes just right open. It doesn’t bother me like when I write it’s not in my way at all, You know they would bother me while writing. So it is just really great. It’ sreally thought through the way this journal has been made.

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It’s just something romantic about this journal. It’S like something that someone like Indiana Jones would own, or somebody who loves to go on adventures who loves to travel like this journal just makes me want to go and explore life and just live a life that’s actually worth being recorded in this journal and that’s where personally, my passion for notebook comes in when a notebook inspires me to feel that way that you know I want to really want to go live life. I want to explore it and then I just want to record that in a journal like this, and this notebook definitely brings that out on me and this way absolutely this notebook in waiking highly recommended. It is a really high quality product and I’m gonna use. This a lot – and I’m you know I’m gonna – enjoy using this.¬† So if this is something that you might be interested in, that you want to go check out, I’m gon na leave leave a link in the description box. So, as I said, I highly recommend it. I absolutely love it .

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If you have any questions comments, please, you know leave me a comment below if you like this entry , just give it a thumbs up for more entires on journals, go check out my blog, subscribe for more entries. Thank you so much for reading . I’M gonna go. Do some writing now. Alright, take care!

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