JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE!!!

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1) Epica:
DISCOUNT CODE 15% off first order: JOURNALJOY15
2) Galen Leather:
3) Papier Notebook:
4) Robrasim Medium Travelers Notebook:
5) Rustico 5 Year Journal:
6) Quo Vadis Habana Notebook:
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen:
7) The Artist Way Book:
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal:
The Bullet Journal Method:


Hello, everyone happy holidays yay. Finally, i’m super excited for the holidays. I hope you are too it’s. Finally, a really nice distraction and i have decorated the house already and i’m ready for christmas ready for thanksgiving and yeah.

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So today i put together a journal lovers, gift guide, so whether you are the journal lover watching this video or you’re looking for somebody who’s really into journaling, and you don’t know what to get them for christmas. This is a video for you and i’ve. Given this some thought and to make this a more special gift and for me, some main criteria were the quality of the notebooks, the presentation and the packaging, and then also how personally, you can make the gift. So i put together seven different ideas for you that i’m gon na get into it’s gon na be a little bit of a longer video, so grab some eggnog and enjoy all right.

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So my first suggestion for you are epica leather journals. I’ve done several videos on this company before my journal. They make incredible journals that are mostly handmade in italy. They use italian leather italian paper. It’s an extremely high quality product. It is extremely impressive when you open the gift, like every journal, comes with this gift pouch, which is really nice, melody soft, a pouch with this lining in here it’s like satin. It looks really incredible when you first get it.

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I remember my first time i got an epic journal. I was super impressed and like really blown away about how everything is put together and they give you usually also like a free pen that comes with the package. If i can get in there [ Music ] there you go as you can see, it says epica here and then they also send. I don’t know if they still do this, but they send little leather, cleaner samples for the leather journals they send little postcards and thank you notes and it’s a super super high-end luxury experience in terms of opening this and me as a journal lover. I would be blown away by receiving this as a gift, if you’re not into leather journals, they also have a vegan option out there.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 2 12 screenshot

That’s not leather. You can see this gorgeous pouch here this and then all the journals can be embossed and personalized. So in terms of making this more personal and embossing this for whoever it purchases for it’s a really really nice touch and actually, when you emboss this, the journal does not come in the pouch. It actually comes even better in a huge, huge gift box. That looks incredible and if you want to see this check out one of my other videos where i did an in-depth review on these journals and my favorite two actually, as i said, this is the vegan option. But my favorite two are the classic letter journal.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 1 27 screenshot

That has this really medieval. Antique look like you would find this in really old libraries, and this is actually a refillable journal. So once you fill this up, you can take this out and put in a new one and the refill is actually quite affordable and they come with a bookmark and i’ve filled this up. So there’s some personal writing. I don’t really want to get into this, but it is gorgeous gorgeous paper. It’s super fountain pen friendly. I actually enjoyed writing in a fountain pen with this, and then this one is called their softest leather journal and no kidding.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 2 24 screenshot 1

It is the softest leather i’ve ever felt in my life, it’s like buttery, smooth and incredible to touch and it’s hand stitched, and then it’s getting there. Those deckled edges that are hand torn, and it’s just a really really high-end luxury journal. That comes with a price tag, but i think it’s worth it. It’S really special and if you want to save 15 off this purchase, i have a discount code. It’s journaljoy15 i’m going to put the link in description box. You can save yourself some money. If you want to impress a journal lover or if you want to send this video to somebody, that’s looking for gift for you as a journal lover, i’m just saying you know, send this video telling like get me something from this video anyway. So that was my first suggestion: really super high quality, fountain friendly notebooks, incredible that was being presented when you open the box and you can personalize it by embossing it.

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So the second one is getting them a journal made by the company galen leather they’re in turkey. They take again great great pride in their products when you receive this, it’s a really nice presentation, their packaging. The design is absolutely incredible. My opinion. This is a magnetic closure on this. Here you can hear this. It’s like an apple product. It is really really nice and they have these gorgeous tomah river paper leather journals, let’s see here, and then they come with these blind guides here,  there and, as you can see, there’s like a blotter paper that also feels like almost like it’s leather.    JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 5 25 screenshot    

It’s really really nice and high quality, and they give you a little give pouch and again postcards and super personal touch. When you open this in the mail again, it’s really impressive. The way they present their product really so much care in detail that goes into this. This is a scale mother company made in turkey. As i said, they use 52 gsm toma river paper.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 6 51 screenshot

That is white, and it’s a really nice quality notebook. You can bend it over all the way it lies flat if your journal lover or you the journal over you use fountain pens. You know how fountain pen, friendly tomato river paper as well being super super super thin. So i said 50 deep cheese. Sam is one of the thinnest papers out there in terms of gel paper.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 6 6 screenshot

It’s really really really nice, so this is their forest green, i believe, and then they have a second one color here. I think they’re available in three different sizes like this is, i think, a b6 and a6, and then this is the a5 just check out their website and look what they have and also what they sell as well is pen cases and they have a few fountain Pens, so what i think would look really nice is to get somebody a notebook with this packaging and then add a matching pen case or a little fountain pen.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 5 22 screenshot

They partner with the caveco, the fountain company and then the fountain pen comes in the same type of packaging and it looks really nice together as a gift. I think it’s extremely impressive i’d be impressed getting this for christmas, so that is my second option, for you guys really really nice presentation and also great quality product all right.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 4 52 screenshot

The number three here is a notebook by the company up here they have tons of different designs on their journals. This is the demi notebook and why i chose this, because this is the notebook that you can personalize the most. You can literally like fill this entire top half with writing. You can go on the website. You can choose the size of the font, the actual font. What you want to have written there. You can even write like a whole poem there or like a special memory. Make it to their like other hobby that they have.

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I don’t have to go in fly fishing like something: that’s really personal to them, or a special date that you always want to. Remember and when putting this together, actually the idea for all the guys out there. If you want to propose to your girl – and she loves journals. Imagine if you’re right there, for example, jessica. Will you marry me love john or something like that? I mean i would say yes, quite frankly, i mean that would be an incredible and she opens this up and, as you can see yes, i mean there’s tons of things you can do with this because it is so personalizable. What’s the word, i’m not sure you can make this super personal .

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 8 51 screenshot

This is a quote that i love everything lies within that i selected and wanted on there, but you can do whatever you want here. Instead of tons of different options. This is a line notebook with . I think it’s 85 gsm paper, nice quality paper and, as i said, go on a website and make a super personal gift for your special journal. Lover, yeah, that’s another idea that i had for you guys so feel free to check that out. That is number three all right. Let’s move on.

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Next one is a traveler’s notebook, a lot of people that are in the journals, love the traveler’s notebook. So i picked one here: this is made by the company rubricine. What i like about this is that it is a medium-sized traveler’s notebook. Most of them are the passport sizes fairly smaller than the large classic size that are really tall and elongated, and i don’t love that format. But i really like this medium size here and what’s also great, is that it has this little buckle here.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 9 27 screenshot 1

That’s a little bit more special and then it opens up like this and what’s great about it, it comes fully filled with a plastic pouch and then these three inserts are 64 pages each and i think they’re, around 100 100 gsm paper.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 10 0 screenshot

If i don’t, if i’m not mistaken in this crap, so you already have like a fully loaded, traveler’s notebook at a decent price point that you could just give somebody, and it comes also in this little pouch. So that’s, i think, another great option for journal lovers out there and yes, let’s move on again.  

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 9 42 screenshot

If you love leather journals, why pick this company is rustico? They take a lot of pride and care in their products as well, and if you live in the us – and you want to support a local us-based company, this is another great way to go because most standard journals are made in asia and china. And here you actually support business to business within the us and i think they make outstanding journals as well.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 10 33 screenshot  

They have a little bit more of a rustic look to it. They have tons of different colors and options on the website. What i really like, also as a gift idea, is their five year journal, which is a bit more unusual where you can write down every year. You get a journal prompt, for example, an opportunity i’m anxious to tackle, and you can answer this year and then all the next five years – and you see how you all evolve over the years, how your answers change so for people, maybe even have a bit of A writing block to get a little journal prompt here and have something to write about and fill out, and this is their natural color. So it means this will age over time because it’s untr ated leather and then i have.JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 10 54 screenshot

This is a wrapped hydraulic took off the wrap, and i filled this one up already. A nice paper quality nice thick paper, i have quite a bit of teeth to them. I think i set this up fully, so you can see the paper again, just uh torn edges, decorate edges here to give it this nice rustic look, yeah and they also have a like the 104 traveler’s notebook style notebook as well, but it only comes with one insert so if you want the fully load it one get the one i mentioned before: reverse seam, and then, if not, you can pick a rustica one and the leather here with these journals smells absolutely amazing in my opinion, so this is another option for you Guys and i will link everything down below so you know you can always refer back to that. So this is number five rustico.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 11 16 screenshot


And now we do number six and that is get a nice quality notebook with great paper that is fountain pen friendly and i think one of the best papers out there is paper made by the company clairefontaine and it’s used in Clairphone 10 notebooks.It’s used in this notebook, it’s the cool bodies, havana, and i also filled this up already, so i want to show you too much. It is a really smooth paper.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 13 23 screenshot

I think it is. I believe 90 gsm paper and also this type of paper, is used in notebooks made by the company rhodia. So what you could do, i was thinking if somebody’s uh has gotten into journaling recently or in more recent years or they’ve, never even considered using a found pen like maybe as a gift for a teenager, somebody’s in college or maybe just somebody who’s, never thought of Elevating their writing experience by using a fountain pen, you could get a really fountain pen friendly notebook like this one again, i’m gon na link everything down below this is option number six here with a nice fountain pen for beginners, and i have to admit i’m not A fountain pen expert, i don’t use fountain pens, a ton, sometimes i like using this one and just getting into the flow, because uh with the writing with a fountain pen gives you extremely smooth writing experience, because, essentially you don’t need to apply any pressure to fountain Pen, it just effortlessly glides over the page and just can let your thoughts flow and really get into as a called the flow state, and just you know, be creative with that.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 13 1 screenshot 1 

So what i would recommend for a beginner’s fountain pen is the pilot red metropolitan and why? Because most fountain pens at this prime price point are made out of plastic. This is made out of steel, so it’s a little bit more high-end feeling, in my opinion and nicer than just the plastic fountain pen and it’s a great great fountain pen for under or around twenty dollars. Again, i’m gon na find you for you. I’M gon na put a link in description, so this is my option: number six for getting people that love to journal into a fountain pen, experience.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 12 39 screenshot

And then last but not least, what i thought, what you could also do is again get a book on journaling or On creating a writing routine, maybe you have somebody that loves the gel, but they kind of fall off on and off the journal wagon and sometimes they’re like frustrated with that again, you could get a nice notebook like they wanted to show you to crovate, savannah and Pair it with a book about writing journaling like this one here, the artist’s wayward julie cameron.

 JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 15 18 screenshot  

I highly recommend this book. It’S really helped me solidify my daily journaling, routine, there’s also tons of books on journaling just put journaling into amazon you’ll find tons of options. As i said, i, like this one and then another idea, alongside with this, is a lot of people. Love bullet journaling, especially if you have a journal lover, that’s more coming from an organizational aspect with the journaling in terms of organizing their day in their life, by writing things down a notebook and not so much journaling about their inner world and their emotions.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 15 8 screenshot

And, what’s going on more like making to-do lists and using it as like, a planet calendar type, you could get this bullet journal here, so they could try bullet journaling or, if they’re already into it and then pair it with the guided invented bullet journaling. I think his name is ryder carroll. He wrote a book on how to bullet journal and how to organize your life. I have not read it. I don’t own the book, but i’ve heard great things about it, so you could pair the bullet journal. How to book with the actual bullet journal, so that was my last idea for you guys and then you know and if you’re still completely uncertain, just ask the person.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 15 32 screenshot

That’s a journal lover, what type of notebook they want! Uh people like us, we always at jones for some new notebook that we’ve seen online or somewhere some instagram posts. I mean there’s always a new notebook, we’re dying to try and – and that looks really incredible to us, like it’s yeah, it’s a little bit of an addiction there’s. You know always that next notebook that you want to try and check out and that you’re excited about, so just ask them what they want. That’s, like you know my last suggestion for you, so i hope this helped.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 18 3 screenshot

As i said, i’m gonna put everything in the description box. It’s gon na, be, you know, a lot of links in there, but i hope it kind of like makes sense by the way i laid this out for you guys and if you have any more questions, please feel free to come. Have leave me a comment. If you have any more ideas for fellow notebook lovers and things they could get just also put in the comments for other people and give them more ideas and suggestions. Would you you know like to get as a journal lover, so people can look into that. Even more so, i wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever you’re celebrating and i hope you’re doing well and if you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more notebook videos or in in-depth videos on the other notebooks, i just showed you just check out. My channel feel free to subscribe and i thank you so much for watching.


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