GNU Sketchbook Review

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Hello everyone,  today I’m doing a review of the new hardcover sketchbook. So let’s check it out.

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The size is an a5 and it is a lemon sketchbook. So the cover is red. I hope the camera picks this up and then with like a navy blue accent here from along the spine.

GNU Sketchbook Review 0 20 screenshot

It is stitched and bound that’s what it looks like it has sharp edges here. So it’s um not rounded paper and then just a little bit of overhang off the cover right there and then in the back. It has the company logo new orgy and you I don’t know how to say it.

GNU Sketchbook Review 0 41 screenshot

It has a bookmark and then it comes 192 pages and the paper is a hundred grams FSC certified paper and it’s kind of like this ivory, slightly off-white paper and it feels fairly smooth, but it has a little bit of texture to it, but barely any tooth. So it’s fairly smooth for it. I sketch book actually.

GNU Sketchbook Review 1 2 screenshot

And then you open it up. The first page is the start gray and then also in the back that has this dark gray cover page here and then it has a pocket in the back.

GNU Sketchbook Review 1 41 screenshot

The interesting left the last about 16 pages, or so I think it’s 16 pages, it’s this gray, Perforated paper, that is slightly thicker, and it’s divided here and you can it’s also perforated and can tear this out. If anyone knows what the purpose is, please let me know I have no idea and that would be curious to find out.

GNU Sketchbook Review 1 52 screenshot

So, as I said, it’s an a5. This means the dimensions are 4.8 by 8.3  inches or 14.8 by 21 centimeters.

GNU Sketchbook Review 2 17 screenshot

I did a little writing sample. Let’s check that out. So here is a pencil and then a regular ballpoint pen and then a gel pen right there. And then there is the Fountain Pen and there’s they’re just much feathering just a tad, but you can barely see it at all

GNU Sketchbook Review 2 38 screenshot

In the end, the back. There’s a little bit of ghosting, but not too bad a little more with diem fountain pen, but I can’t really see it and there is no blue through probably because it’s a hundred grand paper and it is a little bit thicker. The paper seems to be fairly good quality. I think this is a nice little sketch book. I like the color and that’s pretty much it.

GNU Sketchbook Review 3 7 screenshot

So if you want to see more note book reviews check out my channel if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please get a thumbs up and thank you so much for reading..

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