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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re all doing well and you’re staying safe. So today I want to talk about the durability of the GLP creations off the notebook.

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It took me about eight months to fill this notebook up, as you can see right here, and I really enjoyed using it, and so I just want to talk about how well has held up over time. I took it on a few trips and it still looks great there’s only one thing: that’s a little bit of a concern which I’ll get into in a minute, but it’s just check out the cover. It still looks absolutely impeccable, so that has held up really well.

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The elastics still really tight. I don’t use the elastic that much too. I just usually leave it in the back right here then. Oh mark still is in excellent shape and hasn’t frayed it up barely right there, looks great and then the pocket in the back. It’ still in really good shape, and I didn’t use it all too much, but it looks great.

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The only thing here is that the glue of the binding came undone a little bit to show you right there. As you can see, it’s coming a little bit loose right there and then you can see the threads here kind of like hanging off a little bit and there’s a gap here now it’s getting a little bigger and they’re still holding up okay. But if I, you know probably tug at this more, it might come undone, so I don’t know if that’s potentially an issue over time.

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So that’s my only concern is that it’s not glued together super well and still, I guess it’s still held up. Okay, I didn’t baby it either. I took it as I said it, took it on trips, so it’s not like. I just only used it at home this entire time so yeah, I don’t know if other notebooks from this company are in better shape or worse shape. If you have one – and you have experience with it, please comment me down below I’m really curious to hear if this was just my notebook coming undone a little bit or this is more of an issue.

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What I still recommend this notebook? Yes, why? Because I love to my root of paper, I think the paper quality is excellent. I loved a little crinkle factor with the paper, since it is thinner paper is only like 68 grand paper. You kind of get this crinkly sound when you turn the pages, and I prefer that over really thick paper and especially if you use fountain pens, you probably know that Tama River paper is excellent for fountain pens.

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So, as I said I really enjoyed using in, I would still recommend it despite a little quality issue with the binding. So now it’s gonna go on a shelf that’s gonna sit there. So I doubt it’ll come apart even more over the years, but yeah enjoyed using it. I want to hear about your experience with it if you’ve had one and if you have any other questions, feel free to leave me a comment

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