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Hello everyone, today I want to take a look at this notebook, that’s made by the company Ex Libris. So let’s check it out.

Ex Libris Notebook 0 0 screenshot

I have been using this notebook for quite a few years now I’ve been using it as we a recipe book, so it’s been beaten up quite a bit.

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So this is the cover it’s kind of like this cardboard . It’s a cardboard cover. It’s like this coating on it and then in the back again the same thing and it says Ex Libris Graphique De France- and I said the elastic totally fell apart on me – did not hold up at all, but I’ve had this, for I don’t know almost Maybe 10 years now.

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Let´s open it up. It’s like a pink inside cover. Let’s take all this stuff out, can write your name right there.

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It is a ruled notebook. It has a 5 millimeter ruling and it’s like this dart great type of I’d, say dark gray lines kind of like a Moleskine, but the ruling is actually five millimeters and it has 140 pages rounded edges.

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Also  on the back. Take this out to again. I think color choice right there and then it has a pocket in the back too, which I haven’t really been using, as you can tell .

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So The dimensions are exact same as a moleskin. It is 5.1 , one by 8.3 inches for 13 by 21 centimeters and it is stitched and bound. So I don’t really have that much information on this notebook. I couldn’t find much online.

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If you know this company, please let me know if you have any experience with their notebooks. I think curious to hear from you.


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I just want to show you my writing sample it’s in the back here. So we have pencil a ballpoint pen, 4 millimeter gel pen, 7 millimeter gel pen and then fountain Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine ink and it’s something really funny here. It didn’t really absorb the ink as well so that so it looks kind of spotty. I don’t know if the camera picks things up, picks it up. It’s quite interesting. I’Ve never seen this before actually because the paper feels kind of not super smooth, not rough either, but it feels like it would actually absorb things very well. So I was surprised.

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Then in the back, there’s not much ghosting at all and there’s not any bleed through really so it performed really well in that regard, and it seats about, I guess, is about 80 gram paper. I just wanted to show you this notebook. I said I’ve had it for quite a while.

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