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Hello everyone, i really hope you’re all doing well, today i’m doing a review of The Epica Vegan notebooks, i’ve done several reviews of epica notebooks in the past and they’re famous for the gorgeous italian leather journals; but now they come out came out with a vegan line made from sustainable materials, so i’m gonna check that out today and i hope you enjoy the video and for all of you who are interested in purchasing any of the journals, i was able to get a new discount code for you guys it’s now 15 off and the discount code is journal joy 15 and the link is going to be in the description for the discount code and it’s 15 off your first purchase.

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All right so let’s get started, the journal comes in this gorgeous big gift box this probably most impressive gift box of all the unboxings that i’ve done in my years as a Blogger. It’s absolutely stunning, it’s a huge box because this journal is slightly bigger and depending on whether you get the journal personalized or not, let it come in this box or it will come in this also really beautiful gift pouch when you order it, so this is what that looks like.

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All right let’s get in there, let’s open this up there we go, look at that it’s absolutely gorgeous so this is a hardcover notebook the color of this is indigo blue they also will come out with couple different colors in the future, but for now this is the only color available and the dimensions on this are 8 by 10 and 3 8 of an inch and it’s one and a quarter inch inches thick or 20 by 20 20 by 26 centimeters and then it’s 2.5 centimeters thick

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The actual size of the pages in here is seven by nine and three quarters of an inch or 17.5 by 25 centimeters, if you must know exactly how big it is.

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And it comes with a bookmark and as i said you can get it personalized. you can get your initials embossed here on the cover, and it has this quite rough texture to it is made from peanut text and it is a new material that is made from pineapple leaves, so it’s completely eco-friendly sustainable it’s biodegradable and not that you would want to you know get rid of this notebook but, it’s super good for the environment it’s completely vegan it’s pita approved yeah so super sustainable material and it is water resistant as well; so it is quite durable.  

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You can see here is the epicology on the back, and then on the edges here and this is the deckle edge notebook,  so the edges here will be slightly rougher looking on the notebook and i said it’s hardcover it’s stitched and bound,  and this is a non-refillable version.  there’s also a smaller a5 i believe refillable version of this notebook so you can check this out as well if you’re interested, and as i said comes this absolutely massive gorgeous gift box i’m gonna put to the side here.

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The notebook is 320 pages, i got the lined one i believe it’s also available as a blank and then it is cream colored paper and it’s actually quiet bit of yellow, and then when you break into it, it does lie flat but it does need some breaking into it and then the paper is 95 gsm and it has a slight texture to it.  i don’t know if the camera picks this up so it’s a little bit rougher but it still gives you a nice riding experience and here you can see the lines, they’re one centimeter lines and there’s a margin around the edges here Epica Vegan Notebook Review 4 2 screenshotAs you can see, and the lines are like dark gray and they’re little dots actually, so i’m not too intrusive but you can still see them nicely when you write and also comes with a bookmark right here.

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And before you show the writing stamp, we’re just going to show you the cover page when you open it up, so you open it up here and you have this nice green cover page before you get into the journal, and then the same here in the back, just a green color page so there is no pocket in the back, it’s really nicely bound together and it’s a really high quality product as you can see and then a nice green bookmark to match the cover pages.

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Let’s check out my writing sample here we have pencil ballpoint pen gel that’s actually a hybrid pen between a gel pen and a ballpoint pen jet stream, then we have here a couple of gel pens 0.5 millimeter and 0.7 millimeter, and then we have two roller ball pens right here and then we have the fountain pen pilot metropolitan medium diamond marine ink, so it works really well with fountain pens, there’s absolutely no feathering and the ink looks slightly darker here so it does absorb it but, there’s absolutely no bleach on the back it’s also use the water brush pen so it can handle some light watercolor as well, and then i did the sharpie just to see how durable this paper really is; it did bleed through the sharpie but that’s absolutely normal because sharpies are super intense when it comes to their pigmentation.  the coloring.

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As you can see it is super fountain pen friendly, there’s absolutely no bleed through with the fountain pen, just a slight ghosting, but even that not that visible, it’s great paper and then it just barely it’s just about to bleed through with the sharpie here so, it’s excellent paper quality, you know i don’t think there’s really that many papers out there that are like under 150 gsm that can handle a sharpie so, it’s excellent paper quality and i’m sure it’s also nice for drawing, since  it has a light texture to it it’ll give you some nice shading when you do some drawings with a pencil.

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Now let me check my notes to see if i missed anything…. I am really impressed with this new material it has some slight give to it like, it feels like a tv squishy when you touch it, but it still feels nice despite its roughness, it’s definitely a great option for people who are very conscious about the environment and don’t want to hurt any animals.

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I’m going to show you comparison to their refillable leather journals, so this is what they look like side by side i mean, i personally prefer the leather journal but i think it’s a great option for all the vegans out there that don’t want to harm any animals, to see the leather is the texture is smoother, and then the paper is also darker in here than it is and, the refillable ones i’m going to show you that too quick comparison.

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Already filled this up, let me see real quick blank page back here, you see it’s some more yellow colored paper than the refillable one, but the paper of this one might also be lighter than the refillable one since i’m sure it’s the same insert for the notebook; yeah i think that’s it, if you’re interested in this notebook and you have any more questions feel free to leave me a comment if you want to check it out i’m going to get a discount, this gum goes in the description journal enjoy 15.

Epica Vegan Notebook Review 7 59 screenshot And if you’ve enjoyed this post please give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for reading and if you want to see more notebook entries  as i said subscribe to my channel thank you.

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