Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY!!


Contest runs until Jan 31st 2018 – US subscribers only
Thank you all who participated! The Winner is: LeeAnn H

2 Ways to Win :
– Be subscribed to JournalJoy and let me know in the comments that you’d like to win
– Click on the link below and enter your email into the draw (and find out about an extra surprise from Epica)

Use discount code JOURNALJOY15 for 15% off your entire purchase on epica.com!!!


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Hello everyone today, I am really excited to announce the giveaway that Epica has asked me to do with them, and Epica will give away two notebooks and you actually get to pick which one you like it is either a hardcover notebook or a wrapped eye journal and Their Doctorate notebooks, which are perfect for bullet journaling or if you into doctorate notebooks.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 0 4 screenshot

These are awesome and, as I said, there’s two  giving away, and let me show you what they look like. It’s either a hardcover notebook, it’s beautiful and take a look in brown.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 0 37 screenshot

And , and then there is the wrapped eye journal. This is also this espresso one day available in different colors and, as I said, this is a Reptoid journal, beautiful Italian leather. These notebooks are made in Italy, it’s really great quality.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 0 47 screenshot

They come with a refillable journal. Both of these are refillable and it’s eight dot grid journal. You know book 256, ivory color pages comes with three bookmarks. I did in-depth reviews on both of these journals, so, if you’re interested in finding out more about them, go check out the other videos and already shot on those too.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 1 7 screenshot

What’s amazing, is that you actually get to pick which one you like. So if you are one of the two lucky winners you can choose which one you like either the hardcover one, which is really cool and antique looking or the red leather journal, a little bit more rustic look and they’re also available in different colors. If you’re interested in checking out the colors, I will put a link in the description box so just head over to Epica and check that out.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 1 33 screenshot 

So most important part. How can you win so there’s two ways to win number one make sure you subscribe to my channel and simply, let me know in the comments that you would like to win and the other option to win is there is a link in the description box that Leads you to the contest page at Epica , so all you have to do is just put in your email address and then your email address will be entered into the draw and if you do both your chances of course double. So if two chances to win for two journals and also if you head over to Epica to put in the email address, Epica stoled me they have an extra surprise waiting for you. So make sure that you also put an email address to answer in this contest. It is for us subscribers only. They will only shipped to the US so make sure that you have a US Address and then, if you win, all you have to do is send us your address and which Johnny like and Epica will send one out to you and the contest goes all the way until the end of January. So you have until January January 31st to enter the draw and then the winners will be randomly chosen February 1st.

Epica Leather Bullet Journal GIVEAWAY 3 18 screenshot

So I think I told you everything there is to know if you don’t win and you would still like one of these journals. Epica, I was really kind to give me a discount code for you guys, so you do get 10 % off. Not just these two journals, but on their entire website. Anything you like when you purchase a check out put into discount code general joy, ten and you will get 10 % off your order. So that’s pretty cool as well, and I will also put the discount code in the description box, so you know I’ll make sure you have that too.  That’s all you have to know and good luck to y’all, I’m excited for you. I hope you win and, as I said when I will be chosen in February first and yeah: that’s it if you enjoyed this video, if you liked this contest, please give this entry  a thumbs up for more notebook. entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading

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