Epica Dot Grid Leather Journal Review + NEW DISCOUNT CODE IN DESCRIPTION!!

Epica Wrap Tie Leather Journal
A5; 256 pages; 100gsm;

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Hello, everyone today I’m doing a review of a leather journal made by the company Epica, but before I get started, I just want to let you know that I managed to get a discount code for you guys. So if you like this journal or any of the other journals, you will get 10 % off. If you use the discount code, is the journalJoy10.. will put it in the description box just to let you know alright.

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So, let’s dive in so when you order this notebook, it comes in this beautiful satin some like really soft, like a velvet pouch, which is really pretty so I think this makes a great gift for anyone who loves leather journals. So, let’s take it out of the pouch. Alright, this is the journal. It is a wrap tied journal. It is handmade in Italy, just it’s a refillable journal so that actual journal itself on the inside and the cover the leather everything was handmade in Italy. So it’s a really great quality leather notebook. This is the espresso color. I think it comes in like four different colors, I believe and yeah I picked expresso one. You can personalize it can emboss initials or do monogram or all kinds of other stuff. So if you want to, you know, have it more personalized or you wanted to give this to somebody and make it extra special, it’s possible to do that.

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The extra journal is a a5 standard a5. So it’s about 14 and a half by 21 centimeters or about 5.75 by 8.5inches. So this is what the back looks like that says: poca right here and it’s a really nice there’s full grain leather, and I see the really nice letters. Texture and it gets over roughly here a little bit bigger and that’s what makes this jar also special is that every generally ordered will look slightly unique because of the natural that you know it’s made of.

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So I used to tie let’s open it up and it is leather super soft I just slightly frayed here that bothers you. I guess you could cut that off. Guess it’s from the inside here like when you touch it. It’s like really soft leather. You can see that just do that super super soft, it feels really nice.

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The actual notebook is quite sturdy here, where it’s bound. So this is really soft and a National Book here, because there’s an insert in there. It feels quite sturdy. So, of course, it’s a soft cover since it’s leather and then the actual notebook is a sturdy cardboard cover and, as I said, this is refillable and which makes this journal also special is that it is a dot, great notebook, and I honestly I’ve never seen a Leather journal like this come with a doctorate. We thought four pages. So if you like, bullet journaling, this is absolutely perfect for you

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Let’s open it up, it has four pockets two here, one and two and then also two in the back, so you can put some little notes in there business cards or whatever, and then the Back pocket holds the actual insert, but he could still there’s still some room to put something in there as well. If you need to so lots of those storage options here.

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it also comes with three bookmarks that are really nice – a cream-colored one and then the black one and a white one – and then it says Epica to, here on the cover page, which is bogus cream Colors as well, it’s between colored, yes, like Gray’s cream colored, just in between and then here in handmade in Italy, exclusive Epica, so really nice notebook.

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It has square edges here, it’s a 256 pages. It’s about leave 100 gram paper or 22 pounds paper, and here is the writing sample. It is a pencil and we have ballpoint pen, 0.4 minh, millimeter, gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and then we have the fountain pen, impoundment, probably medium neighborhoods diamine marine ink – and there is some slight feathering here with the fountain pen. So the camera picks this up. It’s not too bad just a little bit of feathering.

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You can see and in the back there’s some ghosting, but there is absolutely no way through with the fountain pen. So I think it is a fountain pen friendly paper If you don’t mind a slight feathering, which I don’t mind too much – it’s definitely fountain pen friendly.

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As you can see, the dots here are gray and that’s 5 millimeter spacing in between so standard aqua gel, and there is a margin at the top here with The dots cameras slight problem with that, let’s see if I can focus in on that a little bit better, not as sun’s coming out so we’re getting some shadows now. I think you can see that

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I believe I told you pretty much everything about this notebook yeah. As I said 256 pages, I really like the paper quality. I like the cream colored paper. I just noticed slight imperfection here so yeah. I guess that happens. Sometimes I just cut just off I like the paper. It feels really nice so slight tooth to it, but  still smooth enough so get some movie feedback when you’re writing. But it’s still a smooth writing experience cover page in the back,.

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These journals come with a price tag, but once you buy the cover you can purchase, the inserts have quite a good price here and you can put in any status enter at 85 notebook in Here with, like a cardboard cover the actual notebook, so this is what it looks like patient insert right here. It’s stitched and bound.

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It was like 256 pages and let me show you stitching real quick as well, seems like nicely done right here, see it’s white stitching, it’s like five stitches here and it does lie flat after you break into it.

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You can see it is pretty flat, which is always a bonus. I hate journals that just don’t lie flat at all. I just I like when notebooks actually open, and I get a nice writing surface. I said that’s another bonus right there.

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Yes, so let’s put this back in here so goes back in there quite easily, and you can use this over and over again and it feels like really nice quality and I feel like the cover, will hold up for a really long time. And here you have good, the wrap tie itself looks great. So, as I said, I will put a link to this journal in the description box and if you go into a website – and you want a 10 % discount – just use general joy, 10 and Epica also is doing a giveaway soon. So I will guy keep you guys posted on that as well, and I will do a separate video on that. They want to do a giveaway in January and collaborating that one. So I’m really excited about that. So I’ll keep you posted on that. If you want to check this out, a link is in the description.

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If you have any more questions, feel free to leave me comment and if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give a thumbs up. And if you want to see more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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