Dingbats Notebook Review

Wildlife Grey Elephant Notebook
6.3 x 8.5 inches; 16 x 21.5 cm
192 pages; 100 gsm ivory colored paper;



Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello, everyone today I’m doing a review of this notebook made by the company Dingbats.

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So this is called the wildlife gray elephant notebook and, as you can tell, it is gray – and this is cute little elephant emboss on the cover – and it has this nice little leather texture to it. It is vegan, PU leather, and it has it stitching here at the edge and there’s the spine, nice and clean. And here is the back says Dingbats. That’s right here involved in the back and it is a hardcover notebook. If you tell us pretty sturdy, but it still has a little bit of give to it, which is really nice cause, it gives a really nice smooth feel to it and it comes with an elastic, strap right here. That looks pretty black in my opinion. Yet now there’s elastic around the edges and there’s about of two three millimeter overhang right there, the cover.

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The dimensions are 6.3 by 8.5 inches or 16 by 20, 1.5 centimeters and check out the inside. 

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I open it up this cute little elephant print right here and the cover page is things that’s right there and you can put your name right here and then there’s another little cover page and then it is a dot grade notebook and it comes with a hundred And ninety two pages and I’d say it’s off-white, ivory, colored.

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It has a cute little flower on every page right here you can see again the rounded edges of the paper – and it is 100 gram paper – is pretty smooth and feel like re ally nice. Cape of quality and every single page is perforated and just ditched and bound. 

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It lies pretty flat. Let me show you right here himself pretty flat and I’m sure the section will quick. I can find my inertia stitching, looks like really nice quality. I really like to feel this paper. It feels pretty soft.

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In the back here we have another cover page back and then we have a little back pocket. It also comes with a soulful classic. Should we give the notebooks? The company sells a little bit of information and this notebook is actually handmade in Lebanon and it’s made by a family, a family owned company, which i think is pretty cool. Here’s the pocket. It was really nice it there and there’s the back.

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It comes with a pendant and it works pretty well. Let me show you real quick with the parlament Rapala right there, so it fits in really nicely, but it’s still tight enough, so it won’t fall out and you can see, I think it’s the perfect size for a pen loop and then here we also have a Bookmark to surprise quality as well the camera folks designed you go.

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Here’s my writing sample. As I said, it’s a 100 gram paper GSM, so here’s the pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimetre gel pen, 0. 7 millimeter gel pen and then here we have the pilot metropolitan medium made with diamine marine ink, and there is a little bit of feathering right here. I’m sure if you can see that, so it’s not the bad and the paper is and that it is absorbent. But it’s not super absorbent size like medium. It does soak up a little bit of ink, but it’s not too creamy.

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In the back there is barely any ghosting and then here is a little bit more ghosting with the fountain pen. And then it looks like we’re just about to play through here, but it didn’t so it’s definitely fountain pen friendly. If you don’t mind a little bit of feathering, I like the shading of this paper as well, so I either colored, i would say the cream color is one o’clock light ivory. Colored!

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This is a 5 millimeter dot grid notebook up and leave, it also comes blank and line pages, not totally sure if it comes and graph as well. If you’re interested go check out the website, you can see this edgy look for paper right there. As I said 192 pages,

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I like that, lie flat as well, so because I don’t like notebooks, they don’t open up flat. So this was really polishes. This notebook, so all in all, I think this is a really nice call in the book. If you like top design, it’s a little bit more playful. I think ideal, for you know, like students, you know high school middle school and definitely great for them. Have given you a nice writing experience with the paper Quality is really nice.

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So if you’re interested go check out the website, I’m going to put a link in description box. If you have enjoyed this entry, please give a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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