Denik Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of these beautiful notebooks made by the company Denik. So, first of all, I absolutely love what this company stands for.

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It was founded by artists. It hires artists from around the world to design their notebook covers, and then the part of their profits goes to building schools and also part of the profit goes to the artist that created the cover. So if you buy a notebook from them, you support building schools around the world and also artists around the world that create the cover designs. So, let’s get started with these lay flat notebooks, let’s put the big ones aside from it.

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So these lay flat notebooks all come in either aligned or a blank version, and the size on these is 5.25 by 8.25 inches or about 13 by 21 centimeters.

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They are softcover, as you can see, and it’s this soft touch laminated cover that is water resistant and it feels really really nice in your hand, it feels super smooth. Let’s take this off right here, I can see the actual cover, so this one’s called the obsidian notebook. It’s beautiful design here. I obviously love this one and that’s what the back looks like.

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When you open it up, it also explains to you: you know how books goes and support an artist and what they company stands for and how you support these causes by buying a notebook And then these notebooks have 144 pages and it is 100 gram paper. So it’s pretty thick paper and it’s nice paper quality and it’s a quite white. A lot of notebooks have kind of like this off-white ivory type of paper, but this one’s actually pretty light.

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So this one’s a lined one, the ruling is six millimeter and, as you can see, there is a margin around the edges here and there’s stitched and bound. So let me show you the writing sample real quick here. We have the pencil and ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimeter gel pen,0.7 millimeter gel pen and then the fountain pen Pilot Metropolitan  medium with Diamine Marine ink.

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And I don’t know if the camera picks is up. The paper is not super smooth. It still feels soft, but you can see there’s slight texture to it, so it gives you um a little bit of feedback when you ride on it but still have a smooth writing experience, so it’s quite a nice paper so and it has flipped it over to the back and there’s almost any ghosting, no show through really more so see the imprints from the actual pen, but not really much closing and then with The fountain pen there’s it’s just about to bleed through here, but not really so. This is definitely fountain pen friendly paper and here you can see the actual stitching on the notebook.

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Is a lay flat binding. So when you buy it, it actually doesn’t might flood at all. It just closes up and in itself, but they design it in a really smart way that when you break into it it lies open, really flat. Let me show you right here and they use quite durable glue, so it won’t fall apart on you and then the glue is not attached to the actual spine here., so you won’t break the spine.

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So when you open it flat and then just you know, I can flip it all the way over and it won’t harm the spine here, which is really nice. It’s really smart way of making a book like that. Then it does lay pretty flat. Let me show you real quick: there we go,

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It does have rounded edges and to cover lines up with the paper and the actual cover is 250 GSM, so it is pretty sturdy super flexible, and so this is the Obsidian design.

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Here we have the better than perfect notebook, this one’s a blank one, but he can get this one as a lining as well like every one of them is available in both both versions. So this was really pretty to the flowers.

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Then we have crazy ideas. One right here. I like this one, a lot too they’re all really beautifully designed, in my opinion, so this is crazy ideas sounds also a blank illusion that they sent me so so far as it says here to build schools in Mali, Guatemala and Laos, and this is the back here.

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We have called the dark water. Yes one. It’s also quite pretty and they’re very reasonable price. I think they around twelve dollars. So I think that it’s a pretty good price for these notebooks. It’s another line, one as you can see, and then lines actually I’d, say: dark, gray and they’re kind of dotted. I’M sure that camera puts this up. I think so. I can see this right there.

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So these are the lay flat notebooks, I’m sure you click one more time there you go really pretty and they have a lot more designs on their website. So these are not the only design snaps, if quite a bunch, so go check out the websites. They have a really cool designs  on there and it’s very creative covers, in my opinion.

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So now, let’s look at their large ones. Here we have the spiral bound. One so it’s a college ruled I believe it’s also 100 gram paper and this one is a little bit creamier the paper.

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So it’s a little bit of a different paper and then HPG is perforated, of course, and so college rules. That means seven millimeter ruling and it’s black.

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This is also this laminated covered. It’s really soft to the touch. This one’s called drawing mountains spiral notebook and then the back cover is super sturdy, so they use them pretty thick cardboard right there. It almost doubled it up here, that’s nice, so ed the spirals here. It feels really well made really sturdy, so it feels like it’s quite a durable notebook and then here you have actually M square edges, then not rounded.

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So, let’s check out my writing stamp on this once you find it or maybe not  there you go so again: here’s pencil, ballpoint pen, 0.4, millimetre gel pen, 0.7 of the middle gel pen, and then here we have the pilot Metropolitam medium marine ink and there’s a little bit more feathering with this one, that one didn’t really feather and also the paper is more ink absorbent. So you riding this one with ankle. Yeah pick up quite a bit of it.

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Let’s check out the back. It’s hardly any ghosting at all and there’s just a little bit of bleed through barely not really it’s just about to blew through, but it hasn’t yet with DF outpace, oh yeah. You could also use a fountain pen with this paper, but in my opinion, the smaller notebooks are more fountain pen friendly because they don’t not absorb as much ink as this one. So that was the drawing Mountain spiral notebook

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I would have dimensions in this one. I forgot I 8 inches by 10-5 inches or 20 by about 27 centimeters.

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Then the last one is called their letter. Leather notebook, it’s actually not real leather. It’s a PU, leather leather I’d cover, it’s also really soft, so the grant is called granite. I think this was absolutely gorgeous. I really love this design.

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Here’s the back here and it’s a slight leather texture to it. You hold them in light, and you can see this. It’S absolutely beautiful. I love this cover slightly rounded here in the spine, stitched and bound beautifully. This is really nice super high quality, bookmark.


Then rounded edges here, and then there is a little bit of overhang with the paper. So I have about I’m. I just guess it’s 3 millimeter overhang here .

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it is a sketchbook.  So the paper is C 120 pound paper. So it’s pretty thick and it is quite I’d say, and here you can see where it’s stitched about right there, the binding. So I haven’t used this one yet.

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I’m not really a artists and artists terms of doing visual art, I’m mostly just to writing. But I think that this one would actually work with watercolors, because the paper is so thick and you can handle this and it’s also quite smoother. No Luis. A lot of sketchbooks have texture paper and then, but but if you’ve, an artist the for first smooth of paper, then this one’s definitely for you it’s beautifully made.

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This is the color peach looks like here and then that’s what the back looks like. It’s just plain white and this one has 124 acid-free pages, and then I think I forgot about the spiral notebook.

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This one has 150 pages, so this one has a few more and this one has 124 four cuz of some thicker paper. So does it fit as many pages and it does lay fairly flat too, so it’s absolutely gorgeous notebook .

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That was my review of the Denik notebooks and I really like them. I like their design, some more unique-looking. If you want something a bit different with a cover and not just a plain black one, definitely check out their design and go on their website and also love what they stand for and that you can actually do some good by supporting them.

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