Coloring Notebook Review

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Coloring Notebook
A5; 100 gsm paper; 176 pages;
50 Illustrations


Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of this Coloring Notebook and it’s actually simply called the Coloring Notebook.

Coloring Notebook Review 0 0 screenshot

So this is how it comes actually comes wrapped, and it is an a5. Let’s take this off right here, it’s a nice, thick elastic strap, as you can see right there.

Coloring Notebook Review 0 11 screenshot

Let’s take this off and the cover is black. It’s pretty smooth feels really smooth to the touch almost slight rubbery texture. It feels really nice in your hands.

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Then Here  the spine – and it is stitched and bound – and you say that yellow stitching here and then it has a bright yellow bookmark, which is a really nice accent to it.

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In the back. As I said, elastic strap right here and then it says: coloring notebook right there

Coloring Notebook Review 0 54 screenshot

It has rounded edges, as you can see, Andrews a wee bit of overhang here with the cover, but not too bad, and it has a 126 pages.

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And you open it up, it says coloring notebook right here and then you can put your name in right there and it has about 50 illustrations and it mixed with some lined pages.

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There’s about always like two or three lined pages and then there’s an illustration for coloring as you can see, and it is a 100 grams paper which means it’s nice and thick and it feels really smooth if isn’t really nice to the touch. That’s really nice paper. I’ll, show you some more new situations, they’re kind of fun see.

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It lies fairly flat when you break into the spine a little bit. So that’s also a plus right there. As I said it’s an a5.

Coloring Notebook Review 1 59 screenshot

The dimensions are 5.8  by 8.3 inches or 14.8 by 21 cms , and it also has a pocket on the back, which is always a bonus.

Coloring Notebook Review 2 7 screenshot

Let’s show you the writing sample. I did here. We have a pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimeter of gel pen 0.7 moment of gel pen, and then here we have the fountain pen to Pilot Metropolintan Medium Diamine Marine ink, and it does soak up a ton of ink. It’s very absorbent paper and it feathers, as you can see, right there and also try to sharpie on it, since it is a colouring book

Coloring Notebook Review 2 24 screenshot

In the back, as you can see, there’s some ghosting and then there is quite a bit of bleae through With the f out pen, so i would not recommend this notebook for fountain pen users or you know if you want to color and of course, but i would just not right in and it’s good subs open in the sharpie bleeds through as well.

Coloring Notebook Review 2 54 screenshot

I did color one of the pages a little bit, there It is my masterpiece, so I used watercolor pencils and then I did use it wee bit of water to smudge it around in certain places, so it can handle it. The paper can add a little bit of water. I don’t know what it’d be like to actually use plain water colors on it and if it would be too much water for this paper, but for watercolor pencils, why you want to add a touch? of water after to just you know, blended colors, together that works, and then I try to sharpie down here like a red one and a black one.

Coloring Notebook Review 3 18 screenshot

We flip it over and it works really beautifully with the watercolor, pencils . But there’s quite a bit of blled through with the sharpie, the right one and the black one. So I’m not not first big markers necessarily, I don’t have any thinner markers at home or felt-tip pens. So I can’t tell you how it would perform with those, but plain pencils, it’s nice to draw on it because it’s very smooth paper. So that’s a really nice feature.

Coloring Notebook Review 3 59 screenshot

The ruling is six millimeters. As you can see, there is a margin around the top here so and it’s also available with just blank paper or doctorate paper as well, if you prefer that.

Coloring Notebook Review 3 59 screenshot

What I really like about this notebook – is that it’s very inconspicuous looking. If you want to use this in a more professional environment, to pass a time. Let’s say if you want to take to see school work and just want to sit in the corn, because you bore to death and you just want to relax and draw a little people, might not notice right away what you’re actually doing, because it looks like a Professional notebook just to take notes with so that’s a big bonus in my opinion. So I really like to design and its really nice paper. It’s just not fountain pen friendly at all, but it’s nicely to touch and it’s nice to draw on it.

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I think those are my two cents on the coloring notebook. If you have any questions, please leave me comment for more notebook entries please subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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