Cheap vs. Expensive Notebooks – What’s better?

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Hello everyone, today i’m doing a comparison between cheap and expensive notebooks and try to determine which ones are better and for what reason.

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So, let’s just start out with the cheap ones. So this is what they look like: they’re, usually spiral bound, notebooks or composition, notebooks and start out with the pros. You can get them pretty much anywhere any supermarket drugstore, even a gas station convenience store, they will sell them. If your need of a notebook, it can be pretty certain you’re going to be able to find one of these for much anywhere and they only cost a couple bucks. So that’s definitely a big Pro, especially if you’re in a budget, you have to worry about spending too much money on those and they’re, also not very precious. If you know it’s weren’t too important, if you lose one of these, it doesn’t really matter. You just get a new one, it’s no big deal

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Then the cons for me personally is um. The paper quality is usually pretty bad. You can’t really write in fat with fountain pens and those silver blew through and feather and there’s just not a great writing. Experience I mean you just use a ballpoint pen and it’s alright, but it doesn’t really feel good to write in those and they also often not archival quality. So if you don’t have notes that you want to keep forever, those are probably usually not the best bet. They will fall apart over time and I think those are the main cons. They’re, not very durable. All very often they’ll fall apart on you after a while, you send them yeah if you want durable notebook that really lasts and takes a beating.,those are probably not your best bet

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Switch over to the expensive ones that are often hard bound, they’re stitched and bound. It’s like typical Moleskins or Leuchtturm or Leather Journals and, for me, expensive, starts around ten dollars and it can easily up to fifty dollars or even more so. This is like the price range that I consider expensive personally, I know everyone has like a different price range, but  that’s it for me. So the pros you can get really gorgeous designs that can be nicely bound and handcrafted and there’s a lot of variety with those and often they do provide a great writing experience, especially with fountain pen. You can get notebooks with really great paper that is smooth and that’s just a pleasure to write in and there’s also lots of different types of paper available.

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For example, you can get really really thin Tomoe River paper notebooks that are around 50 gram paper, and then you can get also beautiful sketchbooks with really thick paper in them. So if you’re more of a visual artists might prefer a thicker paper in your notebook, so you have a lot of options and a lot of variety with these in terms of design and paper or paper quality. So there’s just a lot more available and also for me those that sometimes turn into almost like a companion.,It’s something that I take with me everywhere. I go, and I just take notes and things that come to my mind, is just  something that goes with your fur life for a little through life for a little while.

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The cons with those. Obviously they cost a lot. So if you’re in a budget, you might not always want to spend the money on one of these and just prefer going the cheaper one and also you cannot get them anywhere. I know most can now. Is you know available more and more in a lot of stores, but in general, like this beautiful leather journals, you know you have to go to a specialty store paper, goods store, they’re, not you know in every gas station and also for me personally  sometimes they feel a little bit too precious like. I don’t almost want to use them, because I don’t want to waste a paper and some random thoughts or just a shopping list. So sometimes, actually that might deter me from you from using those, and that actually brings me also back to my conclusion, which ones are better.

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So I think personally, these are great if you have to do high-volume, writing if you go to university or if you have to write a huge project or you have to first ideas, first drafts we just want to be wasteful with paper and squandering, and it doesn’t matter if you use 10 pages for something just going to throw in the trash, because it’s just a cheap notebook, and these, in my opinion, are great for notes that you want to Hold on to forever for journaling, for you know, keeping record of things that happen and memories and calendars and your artwork sketching drawing that that kind of stuff or writing that you do to just want to have in 30 years and look at and be like. “Oh, my god, this is what I used to write back in the day”.

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I think that’s pretty much it when it comes to cheap versus expensive notebooks. So me personally, I prefer these because they provide a better writing experience. It’s more fun to write in those, but when I have to do first drafts or for sketches high volume writing. Sometimes I go back to these because I don’t really care about those as much.

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So those are my two cents on cheap versus expensive notebooks. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up. Leave me comment, which ones do you prefer and for what reason I’d be curious to know. If you want to see more notebook entires subscribe to my blog . Thank you so much for reading.

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