Cape Horn Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of this notebook made by the company Cape Horn. Alright, so let’s check it out. This is a pretty neat notebook  in the sense that every notebook has an insert of a recycled sale from. So every notebook is unique. Every insert is unique, so there is no notebooks that look exactly alike.

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It’s a pretty much standard a5 size, it’s 8.3 by 5.5, inches or 21 by 14 centimeters,

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It had an elastic , strap right here. It’s a little tight elastic, strap right there. When you put it back on feels a little tight, but it feels pretty sturdy. So that’s a good thing. You see right there.

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So, let’s take up the sleeve real, quick, it says design but keep on chilly and then made in China, and we will know about it in a minute and then it says Cape Horn right here, it’s embossed in the front and it’s nice texture to it. Pretty much same texture there like a standard moleskin which is nice, I like that. and then here’s the spine, nice and flat and then here’s the back completely plain black and open it up.

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So it tells you a little bit more about the company right there and then you have the website right here and you can put your name and email address right here and it’s a cover page.

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The notebook has line pages and it’s a six millimeter Ruling goes all the way to the edges. You see rounded corners. There is almost no overhang with the cover, which is really nice, just like a millimeter. So I, like that, see the rounded edges right there.

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Back to the paper. So, as I said, six-millimeter ruling it’s ivory colored paper and let me show you, the hell of notebook is stitched and bound, and actually I really like this cachinga and if the camera picks it up, but it goes all the way through right here, as you can See so this should hold up pretty well because it goes all the way through and it’s creamy off-white ivory colored paper.

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It also has a bookmark, that’s male made from actual sailing rope. So I’ve never seen this before. I think this is a really cool bookmark and gives the notebook and really nice touch, as you can see right there and the notebook has 240 pages.

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Here’s my writing sample here is the pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 milliliter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter Shelton, and here we have the Pilo metropolitan medium live with Diamine marine ink in there. This is the pad of something like you a barely any, and I was actually really surprised that the paper held up so well with a fountain pen. 

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Pretty thin is actually around 65 grand paper, so it’s quite clean and then, when you look at the back, there is some ghosting here, but there’s absolutely no bleach through and actually was expecting the bleach for visitors on a thinner site, but it held up really well. So it’s my paper quality and has a little bit of truth to it. I’M sure if the camera picks this up right here, as you can see, but still really smooth enough to give you a nice writing experience.

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And here the top page has a shorter line or just being on the right topic up here, the date or something.

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When they said 240 pages right there and then there’s another couple page in the back and then you have a pocket in the bag. Nice and big, which is nice material right here, it’s sturdy

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The whole notebook opens pretty flat. Let me show you real quick. There. You go see nice and flat. Another bonus right there. I think this is a really nicely made. Notebook feels like really good quality.

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I think this makes a great gift for someone who’s in the sailing hello, theophan boats, why anyone who loves water or liking surfers swimmers. Anything water related also think this would make a great travel journal as well, because it has this like there’s something really cool about having an insert from actual sale. It’s like been on the ocean for thousands of miles, and you know seen everything pretty much. I think it’s a pretty cool idea, so I think it’s a pretty neat notebook. I like it interest to check it out, I’m going to put a link in the description.

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