BULLET JOURNALS with lined pages

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Leuchtturm1917: https://amzn.to/38HzM04
GLP Creations: https://amzn.to/2UpDQdb
LeStallion: https://amzn.to/3eW7IXW
Clairefontaine: https://amzn.to/3kwd6lK

Hello, everyone today, i’m doing a video on bullet journals with line pages. So one of my subscribers essentially asked me to do this video to find him journals that have numbered pages that can be used as a bullet journal that have lines in them. So and i kind of feel for him and i’m kind of with him, because i do not love dot grid journals which are usually used for bullet journaling, because i have a hard time with the five millimeter spacing in between dots.

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Just five millimeters is not enough space for me, i feel cramped to write everything down and then, if i use every other dot in the grid, then i just feel like i’m wasting too much space so for me, a line journal with six or seven Millimeter ruling works a lot better as well, so if you have the same preference or if you really like the dot grids, just please let me know, i’m curious to see what people use for the bullet journaling and i have four journals here that are lined and Have numbered pages and a lot of them have other features as well, so they can be easily used as a bullet journal and, as i said, there’s a lot more.

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So if you have a favorite that is not in this video, please let me know leave me a comment. I really appreciate it all right. Let’s so, let’s get started so the first notebook is the classic leuchttum 1917 anointing seeps in notebook. That also comes as a dot grid journal, so i have the line version here.

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As you can see, it has, i believe, six millimeter ruling, and then it has the um numbered pages down here at the bottom and then. It also has an index here that you can use and. I have done quite a quite a few  videos on leuchttum, notebooks and if you want to see more of the features like talking on the back and all the good stuff, i have more in-depth reviews, so you can check out.

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So that’s the first one that i can recommend to use as a bullet journal, the new ones. Now have two bookmarks and the paper is pretty nice quality. It’S 80 gsm paper or the gram paper so definitely recommended that one for my bullet journal line pages and numbers all right. So the next one is the glp creations authors notebook again. I have a video where to in-depth review on this as well. It has one bookmark and then, let’s check out the actual notebook.

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As you can see, it is um numbered as well, and it does have a as well so great as a bullet journal, and this notebook uses toma river paper and it is super fountain pen friendly. It is this. One paper is white, where the lois turn uses off white paper and it has 52 gsm, so it’s pretty thin paper. This is a hundred and ninety two pages i forgot to mention the fill i think is 249 pages, so it is a thinner notebook. This is a soft cover notebook compared to the first one. It was a hardcover, so also definitely recommend it as a bullet journal option.

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If you want line pages, so the next one here is the stallion notebook. It’s the company, the stallion. It’S a really nice two-tone cover here with the brown and then the reddish edges of the paper, and this one uses a hundred and twenty gsm paper. So it is fairly thick and, as you can see here, the numbers and the notebook and then in the beginning. It also comes with this little like  here and then it also has a table of contents.

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So not a good option for a bullet journal and if you like, thicker paper, then this one’s definitely for you. As i said, 120 gsm was the last one only had 52 gsm. So here we have. Let’s see how many pages we have 211 pages all right and a really nice bookmark that i want to point out as well and if you want to see writing samples and all that good stuff. Again, as i said, i have done, reviews on all these journals feel free to search on my channel and then the last one i found here in my collection is the claire from 10, my essential notebook. It also has a table of content, and then it has.

JOURNAL Lovers Holiday GIFT GUIDE 13 1 screenshot 1  You can see number of pages and are aligned, and then you have this little box here at the top, and this one has this little  back here as well, and if you see writing samples, as i said, look at my channel for an in-depth review. So those are my four suggestions, as i said, i’m sure there’s plenty more out there that offer numbered pages as well as blind and if you have a favorite, as i said, feel free to.

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Let me know in the comments down below i’m really curious, and i will link all these journals down below, so you can find them if you’re interested in getting one of those and if you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up if you’re new, to My channel feel free to subscribe and i thank you so much for watching

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