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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Best Self Journal made by the company Best Self. Alright. So let’s get started.


This journal was originally born out a Kickstarter campaign and it has been pretty successful ever since so check it out. It comes in this beautiful box when they ship it, which also makes it a nice gift. This is the charcoal edition. I believe it’s available in three colors, I’m also in navy and in silver.


So, let’s open up the box and see what’s inside so here’s the journal and then it also comes with a gold planner. Let’s look at that real quick, so it’s your kind of thirteen week, planner wall calendar that you can run the wall, so you can set your goal here on top and then your mortise bottom in this mark off every day. So this is pretty cool and it’s super slick surface hood actually might work with some white board tens, but I haven’t tried it yet, but don’t take my word for it.


So here’s the journal – the dimensions – are 5.5 by 8.25 inches or 14 by 21 centimeters. So it is about an a5 and it has 265 pages, and this is a gold planner book for 13 weeks and it is undated.


Llet’s take a closer look, it is said, charcoal gray canvas cover, that’s really pretty and with a lighter gray, elastic strap. I noticed there’s some slight bump here under the cover, so the mild imperfection here, production management, manufacturing inperfection, but it’s not too bad. So it’s not a deal-breaker for me.


There’s a rounded edges and it’s about a three millimeter overhang with the cover of the paper, and it has three bookmarks which i think is pretty cool and there you can see the spine and here’s the back and it Says Best Self here on the back embossed, so that’s the actual notebook.


Let’s open it up. So here you have a cover page where you can put your information on CLO and then it explains to you what this journal is so powerful, yet simple, daily planner to help you optimize a day, attack your goals and be happier, and then it goes into more Into detail how to use this notebook and explains to you how to set goals, which i think is pretty cool, so you will actually know how to use this notebook. When you read all this information here.


We create a 13 Week Roadmap on how to achieve your goals and then how to use the daily planning and the reflection. And then you have some blank pages in the back and then here you can define up three goals that you want to reach put your results here and then you progress goals and your action tasks that you have to do in order to reach your goal and Have room here for a second goal and for a third goal, and then you make a commitment to yourself that you will take action on reaching the goals which I think it’s really nice.


Here we have a monthly page. We have an overview and everything is undateable. This goal planner anytime, you want there’s a second ones and then a third month since this is 13 weeks, which is roughly three months so I’m going to.


Here, you have a weekly reflection where you can track your habits and activities and how happy were with your week and why and then you win for the week and then your review goals and then your lessons learn and then Michelle do you know week number one, so you have this for 13 weeks here, throw it real quickly and their it goes 13 weeks.


And then here you start on day 1 and you have 2 pages for every single day.


On the Left page, you have your schedule here and dated from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. we can write all you to do and work on these stuff that you need to do in here. You have room for notes and ideas and then in the morning you write what you’re grateful for and then you write down your goal every single day and today States targets the three most important things that you need to do in order to reach your goals.


And there’s a nice little quote here and then in the evening you reflect back on your day and you write down the lessons you learned your wins for the day and again tonight, you’re grateful for so intersection for gratitude, which i think is really important and whenever i write down and I’m grateful for, I notice it does make a difference in my life. Then here on top It tells you which, day or on to the state to week one and every page is also numbered, seeing exactly where you’re at in the notebook, which is also nice.


The paper is off-white, I’d, say and very slightly textured. But I still smoothness to it. And the notebook flies extremely flat, which is really great. I love not look at that lie flat.


I will show you the book much more quick, so you have a thicker yellow bookmark, as you can see right here and then  two smaller ones, a light one and a blue one. I, like that, a lot that it has three only thing is. I wish they were a little bit longer a tad on the short sides. You can actually reach around without having to open the notebook, just a little lower, but they’re nicely done and it look like nice quality,


if you back to them set up here, you have room here for every single day for 13 weeks as you can see, and the else is like a two-week reminder, but you’re almost done with you go out with your calendar planner in the order new one. If you want another one and then again last two weeks here and ends with day 91 on week 13 – and I tell you, congratulations, you did it and then there’s some references.


On the back here and then you have about 20 empty pages that are dot grid Paper: five millimeters, as you can see right here and the last of it all with 16 pages of perforated . As you can see right here, the perforation right there.


Let’s check out my writing sample. It doesn’t specify the paperweight on the website. But this notebook is extremely similar to a Bear and Fake might even be the same manufacturer, I’m not sure because of the same canvas cover and the same type of some yellow bookmarks. So, since that notebook has 100 grand paper, I assume that this one has also hundred grand papers and the feel I’d stayed somewhere between 90 gram and a hundred grams. In my opinion. So it is nice and thick and without being too thick kind of like a super thick paper.  So it’s perfect paperweight


Here is the writing sample. We see the pencil ballpoint pen 04, millimetre gel pen 0.7, one meter gel pen – and here we have the fountain pen, the Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink and there’s a pad of feathering right here, but barely at all, you can’t really see it unless and just look really close, I never know if the camera picks it up, so writes really nicely with a fountain pen


And in theback there is some ghosting, but there’s absolutely no bleacher with the fountain pen. So this is definitely fountain pen friendly paper and you can easily use  The fountain pen is notebook.


A yellow, color page in the back and there’s no pocket which would be nice, but not a deal-breaker my team,  and I’m here to be elastic, strap again. So I’m really excited to give this notebook a try and see, it keeps me motivated and inspired to reach my goals and keep me on track with everything that I want to do, I really likes notebook, let’S see how it works, but the quality is super nice.


If you have any more questions, feel free to leave me comment for more new notebook entries subscribe to my blog . If you enjoyed this entry, give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for reading.

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