Artist’s Loft Journal Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a re  view of the Artists Loft Journal, so let’s get started. I recently found this at Michaels and I think this is the best budget notebook that I have found, and I will tell you why in a minute, so let’s dig into it.

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This is a B5 notebook, it’s just a quick comparison, standard A5, it’s slightly bigger.

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As you can see, and it is a soft cover, notebook. It’S pretty flexible, leatherette cover.

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The dimensions on this are 7 by 10 inches or 17.7 by 25 centimeters. As I said, it’s a B5,

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It has rounded edges, as you can see the paper lines up beautifully with the cover and the cover is pretty soft, just a nice letter texture to  it, but it’s PU leather and it feels pretty smooth to hold.

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It has A really nice feel to it as a elastic strap, see that too, and that actually feels like a solid strap. It doesn’t feel too flimsy at all,

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It comes with two bookmarks one is the same color as the notebook and then one is his two-tone gray. One really pretty, in my opinion, and also pretty good quality bookmarks, especially for those prices that I’m really impressed with this notebook

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It is stitched and bound. Let’S see if I can find the stitching for you there. It is right there and then the notebook does lie pretty flat when you open it up taking a little bit and it lies pretty flat you can see.

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The paper is 80 grand paper and that to me feel slightly thinner, but on the website at steady state erm and it’s just white paper, so not off. Why don’t? I wear you cream-colored, it’s just plain white paper.

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L et’s check out the writing sample. I actually expected this notebook to perform horribly, considering the price, but it actually held up really well with the writing sample, and let me show you that real quick, so here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a zero point. Four millimeter gel pen is 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and then we have the fountain pen pad metropolitan medium live with diamine marine ink and I thought there’d be a lot of feathering, but there is actually not much feathering at all just a little bit here. You can see the D, but it’s not too bad at all.

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A flip over the page, and you can see, there’s some ghosting and there is just about – I think, to come through here – just a tad of Glee through but barely so. You could actually use this notebook with the fountain pen if you’re not to create a picky about the bleed through. I guess you could just use one side of a page and flip it over or not use this back part or just right over it. If you don’t care, I would not recommend this with a broader nibs at all the wetter inks, but just a standard. Fine, never a medium nib. I think you could use it with a fountain pen, even though it’s not the best quality paper, but for this price I think it’s pretty good paper.

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So the price for this notebook is actually five dollars just standard five dollars, there’s not on sale. this is a regular price. I’m also going to do a comparison between this notebook and enlarged children’s and seeped in so you can see the differences between the two and that’ll be interesting as well. So, as I said, it’s available different colors. It’s available the size as a blank and a dot gray that I found online and then they also have a A5 hardcover notebook, that’s also available to believe in line and graph paper, and it’s become very popular with the bullet journal community. Great notebook,  ihighly recommend it for that price check it out. I’M not sure how well it’s going to hold up because it is fairly cheap, so see it’s going to probably take me a while to fill this up and use this, because I have so many notebooks. I haven’t gotten around to using yet, but I won’t give this a try. I love that color. I really love these leather, Carla, colored, notebooks.

Artists Loft Journal Review 3 26 screenshotArtists Loft Journal Review 5 16 screenshot

Well, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment: if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for reading.

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