X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison

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  • Genuine Leather Cover: 100% handcrafted, made of genuine leather that ages beautifully with use and time. Genuine leather journal is extremely durable, will last you for lifetime
  • Perfect Passport Size: Leather notebook size 3.9" x 5.2" x 0.9"; Insert size: 3.5" x 4.9" x 0.18". Easy to bring with you wherever you go
  • Includes: Each traveler journal: 1 leather cover + 3 quality paper inserts ( 32 sheet /64 pages each; lined, blank and calendar pages) + 1 elastics in another color - orange /black for creating a different look (but color dyed greenyellow and orange do not come with another elastic). Customizable: the travel journal is refillable, you can personalize and create your own leather notebook with various refills. Refills available online
  • Multifunctional: Great for recording memories, writing your plan, motto or favorite poems, keeping track of travel itineraries, jotting down random observations, drawing or sketching while on the road
  • Wonderful Gift Idea: This simple and elegant traveler’s notebook come with a vintage cloth bag, great for giving as a unique and meaningful gift for travelers, writers or students. Surprise them with this amazing present!



Hello everyone today, I’m doing a comparison between this x47 Timer in the size a6, and a Travelers Notebook made by the company XLYC.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 0 0 screenshot

I actually get started with the travels notebook real, quick I’ve done comparisons on this one before so. I’m just gon na go over it really quickly. This one who, as I said, is made by the company XLYC seeds a passport size. It’s black leather, genuine cover, has in elastic strap, it holds everything together, a little clasp right here and then elastics here .

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 0 30 screenshot

In the notebook that holds those three individual notebooks together and when you order this, you actually get three random notebooks with your purchase.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 0 44 screenshot

So here got it lined one six millimeter ruling it’s cream-colored paper. It actually feels quite nice and smooth and then a monthly calendar, that’s not dated, so I can start using it whenever you want and then another notebook.It’s just general, it’s a flap of leather, genuine leather, and this is what dates it looks like here. A lot for the outside elastic.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 1 14 screenshot

I  did a little writing sample test of paper, it’s 65 grand paper and it actually performs quite nicely and there’s a pencil, ballpoint pen, 0.4milimeters gel pen, a 7 millimeter gel pen, and then the fountain pen right here. And there is a little bit of feathering, but it’s not too bad and I smudged it right. There myself said it’s not the paper.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 1 35 screenshot

Then on the back, there’s a bit of ghosting as you can see, and there is a tad of footy through, but barely any at all. So with a finer nib. You can actually use this with a fountain pen quite nicely.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 1 55 screenshot

The dimensions are. The outside dimensions are 13.2 by 10, centimeters or 5.25 by 4 inches and then the actual notebooks in here are 5 by 9, centimeters or 4.9 by 3.5 inches and you get 3 inserts with 64 pages.  Each notebook has 64 pages so yep. That’s essentially, the passport size, Travelerss Notebook.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 2 14 screenshot

 Let’s check out this Timer, and the size a 6 that’s made by the company X 47. So this is what it looks like ,it is handmade in Germany. It is also available, in a 7 and a 5 and the color is a gout shoe mahogany’s, this gorgeous brown leather.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 3 11 screenshot

So it’s feels really soft in your hands. It’s like silky smooth and you can see the stitching and they’re lightly, slightly rounded edges here, and let me see that 3 inserts in there it comes with 2 bookmarks. This is what the back looks like. It is gorgeous leather. It feels like this that really soft really smooth, it smells incredible, it smells so good, it’s probably the nicest leather I’ve ever held in my hands to be honest, it is really nice.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 3 27 screenshot

What’s special about this. Notebook is the mechanism that holds the inserts in place. It is those stainless steel rods, as you can see here and there’s three in this one, two, three and they’re kind of like tucked away right there,.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 4 4 screenshot

This is how the nut comes out. You just pull it up. It’s a spring rod. I just pull it up right there and at the bottom it releases it and comes out, and then all the notebooks and all the refills have this little spring rod on there. It’s just, I think, made in Switzerland. So it’s really nice craftsmanship and then, when you want to put it back and just slide it in there and then push it up a little and then it snaps back in place. so this is how it works.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 4 19 screenshot

It has four pockets here on the front cover so some for credit cards and business cards, so one two and then down here, three and four and then as a big pocket right there. You can put more stuff in there.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 4 55 screenshot

In the back. It has another credit card or business card pocket and it is a steeper pocket right there and then take this out real quick. It has another deep pocket right there. So lots of room to organize all the stuff you want to carry with you.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 5 20 screenshot

There’s also a pen loop up here and then you can purchase separately, several little shorter pencils and pens and think really Fadel, so fountain pens and just any pen, that’s about 10, 7 centimeters short or long will fit in this.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 5 32 screenshot

They came in this nice little box right there. I just want to show you there’s X, 47 on it and then just open it up like that. So the pen comes like this, so it makes a nice gift.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 5 51 screenshot

The dimensions are of the actual notebook. It is 4. 5 by 6.5, inches or 11.5 by 17.5 centimeters and then the actual a6 standar size of a a6 notebook insert it is 3.7 by 5.7 inches or 10 by 14.5 centimeters.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 6 14 screenshot

The leather, As I said, it’s genuine leather, it’s hand made in Germany and it’s really lightweight, and I like that’s what I like about it. It’s it’s , Cabrera also took Filofax, they’re, usually really chunky, and this is really slim and slender, and compared to this guy, this one actually is bulkier, then that guy, you know, has those steel rods in there, but they’re really slim.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 6 56 screenshot

So, as I can see, it’s really nice and flat sheet a nice flat open flat as well – and you know just open it up somewhere, randomly just push it down a little and it just stays open nicely which I like.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 7 15 screenshot

So this one was sent to me with three inserts: here’s a weekly calendar was first six months and that our weekly calendar with the second half of the year provides enough riding space to organize your day and then there’s a notebook, a graph notebook in the back. That’s actually numbered, as you can see, and all the inserts I believe, have 64 pages and it’s a 60 gram ivory off white paper.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 7 46 screenshot

Let’s look at my writing sample. There is a pencil ballpoint pen, 4  millimeter, gel pen, 7 millimeter gel pen and then the fountain pen right here with the Diamine Marine.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 8 1 screenshot

Let’s check this out the right example: there is some ghosting, but not really any bleed through with the pencil and gel pens and ballpoint pen. and then we look here, there’s ghosting with the submillimetre gel pen and there’s quite a bit of lead through with the fountain pen. So it is not fountain pen friendly paper, but everything else works just fine. No, it’s really good paper to keep the notebook light. I guess and thin.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 8 31 screenshot

I just wanted to show you to bookmark: it click there, a two-tone like a darker brown and a lighter brown and in there sound into the cover right here. I comes in quite a lot of different colors and styles, this notebook, so you have quite a few options on what kind of notebook you want or timer, tou want in this.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 8 55 screenshot

Also has a ton of inserts that are available for this notebook,  i  will show you real quick and add monthly calendar and this weekly calendar and that’s in there another type of weekly calendar here with writing space, and then that kind and also this kind and daily calendar and different types of notebooks graph paper lined paper music sheets. You know all kinds of different stuff here , so I can do finances in here once your checkbook all kind of stuff.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 9 20 screenshot

So there is quite a lot of accessories available for this notebook, which is great because with this notebook, which is one of the very few cons of it, is that you’re stuck with the inserts from the actual company like since it has the steel rods in there And you need to purchase the notebooks that actually have those attached. You can’t just use any a6 notebook. You really have to buy refills from X, 47 and the other thing is it. Is it’s quite a steep price for it? So it is quite the investment upfront, but then the actual inserts, the price of it is not too bad.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 10 20 screenshot

So once you have this notebook or this Timer, I think it’s it’s more affordable to just um then get the inserts and the refills. It’s not so bad. I think this is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, I’m totally in love with it. I just want to smell it all the time it smells so good. I think this is perfect for someone who is absolutely in love with Midori travers notebooks or travels notebooks in general or fedoras, and works in a corporate environment where this might be too rustic too playful. You know just might not look good to have this on your desk or in presentations to take notes and organize your deign here, and this looks absolutely gorgeous and professional just looks like a million bucks, it’s just really beautiful. So with this you know, I can walk in a into meeting confident and know you look professional. It looks great on the desk and on the table and it’s it’s super handy and light. We don’t like this. I’ve never really used pile of faxes. I don’t even have one anymore many years ago, but I just always so clunky and and you didn’t get a lot of writing space, and here you have a lot more writing space compared to the same size. If you would have a file effects so and also comparing it to this guy, I mean there’s quite a bit of a difference here in terms of how much writing space you have – and this is my flat at all – and this this one does.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 12 17 screenshot

So I think this one is great, for you know: students, someone on a budget sona just wants to try the travelers notebook system and see if they like, having a notebook, different inserts and refillable notebooks.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 12 27 screenshot

This one is for someone who’s already maybe tried this system and likes it and when something that looks really elegant high-end and very classy and works in a professional notebook, environment, professional corporate environment and just wants something really elegant.

X47 Timer vs Travelers Notebook Comparison 12 40 screenshot

So yes, I think that’s it and that’s my two cents. On the Travelerss Notebook versus the X 47 timer in the size a6, if any questions comments, please write me below for more entriesv subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.


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