Travel Journal Review

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  • Compact size: 5'' x 7''
  • Inside back cover pocket
  • 144 lightly lined opaque pages
  • Die-cut fold over front panel closes with a magnet
  • 144 lightly lined opaque pages

Hey everyone today, I’m going to be doing a review of this travel journal by Peter Pauper Press.

Travel Journal Review 0 3 screenshot

First, let’s take a look at the cover, it says travel here on the front places to go sights to see things to do. The design is kind of stems from postcards and malobi passports. It looks like in the back, so I think it’s really cute and the spine, it says travel and then there is the Peter Pauper logo.

Travel Journal Review 0 26 screenshot

The binding is really sturdy. You can’t bend this at all, so it seems like that this notebook can really take a beating, which is great, if you want to you, know, take it on the go and throw it in your backpack and travel back.

Travel Journal Review 0 35 screenshot

Let’s open it up is a magnetic closure. That’s pretty tight, it doesn’t feel like this is just gonna open up in your bag. It feels like it really holds together.

Travel Journal Review 0 58 screenshot

The inside it’s kind of the same design and they go brownish, color and says traveling here again on the first page, and then it is a hundred and forty four line pages. It’s about seven millimeter going. It has markings on the edges, so the lines don’t go all the way through.

Travel Journal Review 1 20 screenshot

The lines actually dots. I don’t you can see t his. Is like off-white kind of cream colored paper. It’s pretty smooth paper feels like a really nice quality, especially for the price. This is a fairly well priced journal that you can find online, which is another bonus that the paper is actually quite nice for the price.  What else ?

Travel Journal Review 1 27 screenshot

Is lies pretty flat. So, no matter where you open it up, there lies flat right out of the gate, which is a big bonus in my opinion.

Travel Journal Review 2 3 screenshot

The size is 5 by 7 inches or roughly 13 by 18 centimetres. So it is an a6 which is a great size. It’s big enough, so you can get a fair amount of writing done, but it’s still small enough and light enough to just  take with you wherever you go.

Travel Journal Review 2 14 screenshot

This is a quick comparison. This is a pocket-sized Moleskin, so you know how much bigger it is. So, in my opinion, a great size.

Travel Journal Review 2 31 screenshot

I did a quick writing sample or forget. There is actually a  pocket on the back, we remember being here and not a bonus and check out diem. Oh you get stitched and bound, you can see up here.

Travel Journal Review 2 44 screenshot

Let’s look at the writing sample just used, regular pencil, ballpoint pen, gel pen and then a fountain pen. So let’s take a closer look. This is what pencil looks like and a big, regular ballpoint pen and medium blow, that is the uniball gel pen and then the pilot metropolitan Diamine Marine . It does not perform very well with fountain pens. I must say I soaks up quite a big amount. A large amount of ink and there’s some feathering i don’t know  if you can see this.

Travel Journal Review 3 24 screenshot

In the back, there is with the ballpoint pen and the gel pen, there’s hardly any ghosting at all. So with those it performs really well – and I highly recommended for those  but the fountain pen, there’s quite a bit of ghosting back here and then there’s also a little bit of bleed through. So it’s probably not the best journal if you want to use it with a fountain pen but for everything else, I think it’s great.

Travel Journal Review 3 57 screenshot

Those are my two cents on the Peter Pauper travel journal. If you like this review, please give it a thumbs up for more reviews check out my blog and thanks for reading.

  • Compact size: 5'' x 7''
  • Inside back cover pocket
  • 144 lightly lined opaque pages
  • Die-cut fold over front panel closes with a magnet
  • 144 lightly lined opaque pages

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