ThoughtSpace Progress Planner Review

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Hello, everyone today, I am doing a review of the thoughtspace, progress planner all right, so, let’s check it out.

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It’s a hardcover notebook and this gray cloth found it’s pretty sturdy. It’s not really flexible,  pretty thick hardcover! Really nice clean spine right here and then here’s the back as you can see. It’s a cloth. it’s really nice texture to it.

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It has square edges here and it is stitched inbound, as you can see, right there and comes with three bookmarks all in blue and then there is a little bit of overhang with the cover in the paper. So it’s about two three millimeters there.

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I noticed there’s a slight make here from the shipping. It’s not too bad, but only the thing bother me. It was a gift, but I don’t that it’s not a big deal and it says proverbs planner and silver. On the cover – and this is a six-months gold planner – it is undated, it’s supposed to help you achieve your goals and be more productive. So, let’s open it up.

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There’s my cover page. It says progress, planner, it’s made by ThoughtSpace, and that was really great about this – is that it gives you an explanation of how they use this journal. So you have a table of contents here and just an overview and then how to plan your goals that set a 90-day time frame and then how to set SMART goals and then importance of milestones and how they use the features of this planner. And then I create a 10-year vision and then you make it go commitment, and then you have two 90-day goals sections in this planner, so I can’t plan two goals for three months each and yeah I’m supposed to help you track it and achieve your goals. So you can see it’s the overview here and explains you how to use it exactly how to hold yourself accountable and what smart goes. Look like be specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time-bound.

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It also gives an example of how to set it goal. So so you’re not confused in terms of how to use this journal, which is really nice that I could put an example in here and keep it going, and then reports milestones and how to use planners. How do you sum up the calendar, then? You have weekly planning and reviews.

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You have one page per day and again it shows you how to use the weekly planning there’s an example in here, and you can track your habits as well and keeps on going and explaining to you how to use. Also your daily planner, i mean, I feel, all your time slots here and schedule your day and then you have a focused task, a task tracker with all the stuff you have to, and then you get to reflect at the end of the day. Today’s winds, which lessons you’ve learned and then what to focus on tomorrow so and then he said, a 10-year vision for your life and then you write out your 90-day goal in detail. It helps you set it and then you make gold commitment. So you really really really committed on achieving what you want to achieve. You sign it and put the date in there .

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Then you have a monthly calendar year, the first section for four months here and then you have the weekly planner with we wanted, and then we want to review what you read review at the end of the Week, how well you’ve done and then there’s week, two three four: five: six: seven, eight on and on till week, fourteen here, besides fourteen weeks for your 90-day goal. Here you have the daily planner, it’s undated, so you can start with your goals whenever you Want to just put the date here and then which day of the week it is and then, as I said, what’s the most important task for the day and which other tasks to do and then, at the end of the day, reflect any winds. You learned and what to focus on for the next day, and then they have a nice little sparing quote at the bottom of every page, and this journal is numbered and it is 280 pages. So you always you know we’re at internal. You can see right there. It’s numbered and as again there’s some next day, so it’s always one page per day or 90 days. Let’s keep going so there you have it for 90 days.

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At the end of the 90 days it says: congratulations, you did it and then you review a goal at the end of many days and you actually see if you accomplished it or not, and what went well and what didn’t so you get really clear on you know: if did you achieve a goal? Did you not want to do better or different next time, 

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Then it says now let’s do it again. So here you have the second section for the next 90 day goal, so it’s the entire thing all over again 14 weeks here with the review and then the daily planning, and then that and just says again congratulations review on your goal. So, as I said it’s for six months with two major goals that you can focus on, I mean I guess you could probably squeeze in the more than one go for 90 day slot, but it’s really supposed to help. You focus on one big goal that you want to accomplish

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Let’s show you the bookmarks real, quick paint, a really nice and blue nice quality and, as I said, 282 pages, it’s an 80 gram, ivory colored paper. Actually, it’s almost cream-colored let´s show a writing sample and the paper feels really soft. It’Ssa really nice touch to it. They said 80 grams, it’s a nice thickness to it. I could really like datagram. So here is the pencil there’s a ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimetre gel pen. 0.7 millimeter jump in and then here with the fountain and the patented quality diamine marine ink , and there is quite a bit of feathering here with these fountain pen. The counter picks this up and it soaks up a lot of ink when you’re right on it.

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Here in the back. There is some ghosting on the back here, but it’s not too bad, except for the fountain pen, there’s a little bit of way through and definitely ghosting with the fountain.

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You can actually see on the page what’s written on the other side in general. So it’s there’s definitely ghosting on every page in the middle here you can see your from it’s written on the other side right there. It doesn’t really bother me. I know some people never think about these things. Kara can still see what’s on this page and it’s not distracting. I don’t think it’s a super fountain-pen friendly Journal, but I think he could get away with a finer name, but for Berta what a noob site don’t really recommend it. I said it’s also journal. It’s meant for goal setting not really, for you know, doing writing with a fountain pen in it and doing you know practicing and writing skills. It’S just really for changing your life.

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The dimensions are eight point three by six inches or twenty-one by 15 centimeters. So it’s about an a5 and as I said, you can start whenever you want, since it’s undated.

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It lies really flat to show you that so so this notebook actually reminds me a lot of the best self journal. That’s really popular right! Now. I’ve actually done a review on it, and I’ve tried it out, and did help me get more focused, but would kind of threw me off with the best self journal was. I did get a little bit lost on. I had two pages per day and I kind of got a little lost in that, so I’m actually excited to try this one out and give it a try, because here you really have one page per day and that it’s really similar to the best self journal.

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I love about this is the price at the moment it’s about twenty dollars and it’s for six months. So it’s about a third of the best self journal, so that really speaks for this journal as well. It’s really affordable and I think it’s really nice quality and Thought Space is actually doing a giveaway. At the moment, I’m gonna put a link in the description box, so you just click the link and you just put in your email address and they will send you the full PDF version of this planner for free. So you could actually print out at home. Give it a try, see if you like it before you actually purchased the journal, so that’s really generous of them. So just checked it out. If interested, maybe not sure, if you want it or not, you can try it out at home print out. A few pages see how that goes.

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I think it’s a really cool idea, I loved his type of planners and they do help you get more focused and just yeah. You think it’s for you, give it a try. I recommend this notebook. I think it’s really nice, it’s nicely done and yeah if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up for more notebook entries subscribe to my Blog and thank you so much for reading

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