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Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re doing well so today, i’m going to show you my stationary pal stationery haul unboxing video, all right, let’s get into it. So i got this a while ago and um just got around to shooting it, and i’m really excited to show you, so it is a box full of notebooks and pens and let’s check it out, so it comes in this really cute little box. I love all the little details on it and then, when you open it up super cute packaging, even the bubbler wrap here is in the shape of hearts. I’M not sure if you can see that super cute and then you open it up, got all the stuff right here like they put a lot of a lot of attention and care into details, how they ship their products. And then you get this cute little box and i got ta set a few notebooks and some pens and then they added all these extra cute little trinkets like the bear and all the stuff.

So super super cute, uh yeah. Let me show you all that stuff like super cute and it comes with a little thank you card, and then here we have the notebooks. I got it’s an all-weather notepad, um, constellation notebook, really cute and then a couple a5 paper ideas notebooks as well, and i’m gon na do a few separate videos on those. So otherwise this video get too long. So probably gonna show you these in a separate video and then we have the cutest little travelers notebook.

I’Ve ever seen. I’M sharing a minute. Let’S put this right here and then we’ve got a bunch of pens right there and i’m also gonna. Do a separate little video on all the pens i got because some of you actually asked me to do pen videos as well, so i got these and i’m going to show you in another video all right. So that’s all the stuff!

I got. Let’S put this box inside and let’s get to these, i’m going to share these in this little video and if you are interested in getting any of this stuff, i have a discount code for you. I managed to get one. It is journal joy and you can get 12 off your order if you’re interested, i really love their website and they have really great pricing on the journals. So, if you’re interested check it out, i’m going to put everything in the description box below alright.

So, let’s get to this cute little guy – oh my god! It is absolutely adorable, it is real leather and they have this little strap here. So you can use this as a maybe a keychain or put in your bigger wallet or something so it can connect us together, really really cute. I mean look at this. This is absolutely adorable and dimensions on.

This are 4.8cm by 3.2cm or 1.9 by 1.3 inches, and it has 64 pages and real leather.

They have also a couple other colors, and this is actually real metal clasp right here, just like the big traveler’s notebook and then the elastic strap – and i did not bother – do a writing sample on this, because it is so teeny weeny. You can probably put a maybe a couple phone numbers in there or something really really like a short note, but it is absolutely adorable. Look how tiny this is. I’M really fascinated. It’S absolutely cute and don’t mind all the noise out there.

I live on a really busy intersection and it never really quiet so just bear with me on the noise. I apologize as absolutely adorable super cute super affordable check it out if you’re interested and then the next one i’m going to show you is this constellation notebook. This is still from the packaging here. It’S a hardcover notebook and i love the detailing here, the gilded edges and it has a really nice bookmark in yellow. Let’S take the sleep off here.

It says 12 different, originals zodiac story notebook. So they look like. I don’t look like really like zodiac signs to me. Maybe they are it’s just stark constellations here and then it looks like a saturn and here’s the spine black. This is the brand here.

Yes, so maybe i can’t really read this um you suck um yeah. So the dimensions on this are 16.8 by 12.4cm or 6.6 by 4.9 inches, so it is roughly a b6 size.

It’S definitely smaller than a5 i’ll show you right there. This is an a5 yeah cutest little thing and it has 120 white blank pages right there, i’m sure the writing sample in a minute and here’s the cover page and it goes into the white pages and they are 80 gsm and i’ll show you the corners around It and there is about 2-3mm overhang with the cover, and you can see the edges here of the paper super pretty as well yeah. So it’s a really nice detail. This is kind of like orangey brown, in my opinion, like a brick color, and it’s like i said it’s a cardboard just feels like very stiff cardboard like textured paper, um yeah and here’s the back and there’s no pocket, but instead you have a nice little yellow Bookmark right here and again for the price, i’m really impressed with this notebook super cute, it’s stitched and bound. Let’S get to the writing sample.

You can find it again there. It is so pencil ball, point pen, couple gel pens and then roll the balls, and then we have two fountain pens, thin pylometer pollen, medium knit with diamond marine ink and then the hero 330 with the food and nib with diamine merlot ink forgot to write that Down and here’s the back – and there is quite a bit of ghosting as you can see, but it’s also it’s thinner, paper, 80 gsm. So it’s some ghosting as expected. If you don’t mind that, but then the fountain pen had handled fairly well, it’s just about to bleed through with the food in it, but it is a really broad, nib and really wet. So it doesn’t surprise me with this type of paper and thinness, but, as i said, i’m kind of impressed with the paper.

It feels really nice to the touch smooth. It feels like premium quality paper. So i really really like this notebook for the price it comes at and again i’m going to link all of this in the description below, so that was the constellation, hardcover notebook and now, let’s move on to, i don’t know how to spell this or say this Um jace all weather line notebook um. So it is, as i said, an all-weather notebook with all weather paper. So you can’t use um, gel pens or roller balls or any like water-based inks on this.

But you can use a pencil. A ballpoint pen and a sharpie works, and so all kind of types of all-weather pens that are like waterproof. I guess, would work on this and it is also really nice quality.

The dimensions are 7-6cm or 5 by 3 inches, and it has 96 pages, and i believe i told you sorry to go back a second. This one has 128 pages in case i didn’t mention it. I don’t recall so this one has 96 pages and it has, as you see around it, edges with the paper. This is double spiral. Bound is the back just green, like plastic soft cover, so you don’t have to worry about getting this wet and then it has 6 mm ruling lines and then also the graph that you see the dots here it turns goes into like 6 by 6mm By 6mm graph as well, so let’s look at the back.

Of course you don’t have any! You don’t have a ghosting on this and then i mean the sharpie can’t really bleed through and you can see it because it should be waterproof paper. But this is what it looks like. So if you are out in the wilderness, this might make a really nice companion for just taking notes and stuff yeah. Those were the three i wanted to show in this video and the unboxing.

So, as i said, discount code is journal joy if you want 12 off your order and i’m gonna show you all the other stuff in two separate videos. If you have enjoyed this, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more notebook, videos and stationery hauls and all kinds of sort of stuff like that, subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching.

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