Rite In The Rain Notebook Review

Soft Cover Pocket Notebook. 112 pages. 3.5 x 5 inches. 9 x 13 cm.



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Hello, everyone, i hope, you’re all doing well so today i want to do a review of the write in the rain Soft cover pocket notebook, and Rite in the rain was pointed out to me by a couple of my subscribers. So thank you so much for that.

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So i thought i’d check it out and they have a variety of different sized notebooks staple bound spiral, bound and soft cover.I don’t know if they also have a hard cover, but this is their pocket version of their notebook and what makes this brand special. If you haven’t heard of it yet is that their wet, their paper is weatherproof and water repellent, and i think that’s a pretty great idea, so i thought i’d give it a try. So, as i said, this is a soft cover version of their notebook.

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The dimensions are 3.5 inches by 5 inches by 0.25 inches or in centimeters. It is nine centimeters by 13 centimeters and then the spine is six millimeters, it’s available in four different colors. I picked the black one since i like the classic plain look and then the cover is, just feels just like standard like a plastic, durable plastic cover, and then it has rounded edges and a hundred and twelve pages and the paper is grayish white, i’ll show you a quick comparison in a minute.

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And here is the back and, I like the cover. It’s just, there’s a lot of writing on the cover and i wish it had the logo and the name in the back and just have this be a plain black cover. I think it would make it look a little bit more classy and upscale. I know this is meant to be a really rugged notebook that you use for like camping and outdoor activities, and if you have like a construction, job and all kinds of stuff where you beat up a notebook and you get it wet and get it dirty. So i know this is not meant to be for an office environment, so understand that.

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This notebook has a six millimeter ruling and it actually has… It says Rite in the rain at the bottom of every page, here kind of wished it wasn’t there, but it doesn’t bother me too much and what’s unique about this. You can see there is the dark, gray six millimeter lines and then it also has vertical dotted lines. It turns into a dot grid notebook also, so i can do some sketches on it.

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The notebook is actually glued. You can see the glue right here. It looks like a good amount of glue here, but i’m kind of afraid of really breaking the spine here and then having the notebook fall apart. So because i’m not doing this, this notebook does not lie flat or open at all, I don’t know breaking it slowly, over time, just let me know how that works for you. Maybe i would do it.

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You see, i broke it a little bit here and you can see the glue right there, but the paper still feels pretty tight right here, but it’s also glued here to the back,.

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And then it gives you an explanation here on what you can use this with. So it says: use wet or dry, it says all pencils, you can use the Rite in the rain pens wax markers, koreans oil, pastels and paint. So when the paper is wet as well as dry, when the paper is dry, you can use a permanent marker and a standard ballpoint pen and then all the things that don’t work like gel pens and fountain pens and watercolors. Since it is water repellent paper, you can’t use any of that stuff.

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So if you in question, you can read it up right there and it has lots of, like different measurements on the cover here. You have inches and then centimeters and then inside here you have more measurements as well in conversions, so the construction type of job. You might find this valuable.        

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So, let’s check out my writing sample, i did hope this is actually under like running water. You know poured some water on it and the paper does not stain at all from the water, and the water just comes right off, so it’s some type of coated paper, but they say that it is recyclable. So it’s still wood paper with some special type of, I guess, an environmental friendly coating on it, since you can recycle it, and here my writing samples. Of course it works the best with a pencil and then a ballpoint pen. This is kind of a hybrid pen. The unibolt’s jet stream is a pen. I use a lot because i love the smooth writing of this pen, but it still has that consistency of a ballpoint pen and then here at all with a uniball signal gel pen like it, doesn’t work at all. But it does work really well with a sharpie. So if you just sharpie, doesn’t smudge at all. 

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And then when you turn it over, there’s just a that bit of ghosting. But of course there is no bleed through, since this is water repellent paper. So it doesn’t absorb anything at all and it’s 20 bond paper and i looked it up – that’s about 75 gsm paper thickness

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And then what i noticed, when you rub over this like gently, it does not smudge, but when you give it like, like a more Intense wrap, it does still like smudge a little so be mindful of that when you write with a ballpoint pen to not like go to town on the actual writing like it won’t like rub around its own and see when i do this, it doesn’t like, stain the other side of the page, but just be aware of that.

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Now i want to show you quick comparison to moleskin. This is also made in the us, so you support local business. If you buy this in the us and not, you know, buy something made in china for once so this is it compared to a pocket-sized moleskine. Just to give you an idea of the size of it, you can see it’s quite a bit thinner, since it is only 112 pages versus one, I think it’s 192 in here.

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You can compare the spines it’s just like about two millimeters, more narrow than the moleskin and then about a half inch or centimeter and a half shorter. So it’s a little bit smaller and it’s pretty flexible. Obviously i showed you a hardcover notebook and, of course it doesn’t have like you’ve seen no bookmark, no elastic strap, no pocket. No, no frills. Just you know plain old, good notebook.

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Let’s try the inside real quick as well. So you can see the paper color the difference: moleskine’s like cream colored paper and ivory colored, and then this is kind of a grayish white color and the paper feels kind of like waxy. When you touch it like, It definitely has some type of coating on it, but it feels good, and this also repels. I said water, sweat, grease mud and it says you can even throw this and you wash in the laundry and it’ll still come out.

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Looking okay, and as long as you use, you know like a pencil or a waterproof pen, you won’t lose any of your notes at all so and it’s also archival quality. So this does not deteriorate and it’s available in four different colors in case i didn’t mention that already so yeah.

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All in all, i think it’s a pretty great little notebook. I mean. If you are, you know an outdoorsy person you like to go hiking and camping. I think this would be great for you if you like using a lot of different pens and gel pens and fountain pens, obviously for fountain pen user. This is not the right notebook, it looks pretty rugged and i mean like sturdy and would take a beating. So we’ll see how that holds up over time. All in all, i think it’s a nice quality notebook.

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