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Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of these notebooks made by Portland Leather Goods, so let’s go check them out.

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This is two here that are triple wrapped journals and then this one is called a snap journal. So, let’s start with the Tripler wrapped journals they’re available in three different sizes. This is small, and this is the medium. As you see, it comes with a strap that wraps around three times hence the name triple wrap. This is a dark brown distressed one. It’s beautiful leather, it’s because I said this is a distressed one, hence you can see all those little markings and they use a really high quality American cowhide and all the journals are handmade in Oregon and actually handmade to order, and they are totally customizable. So have a lot of different options for this journals to make it really unique and make it your own and they use fire branding and laser etching to personalize those, and they only use full grain leather, which is, I believe, one of the best leathers you can Get and it’s some pretty sturdy thick stiff leather, it’s not too stiff though, but it definitely a little stiffer.

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Let’s open it up, as I said, there’s some fire branding in there, it says so did venture begins and you can put there whatever you want and Then there are solar closure for the wrap just to slip it in . Let’s open it up, so what the inside looks like and it does come with one notebook and it actually says Portland leather goods here in the back and the actual notebook is stitched. As you can see right here, and then they love the cover, has this elastic right here? It feels pretty sturdy to me, so it feels like Oh lasted for a while a long time and chickens. You know always replace it right there.

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I think this notebook is big enough. You might actually be able to fit a second notebook in there. If you wanted to, I think, that’s totally doable for those of you that, like a thicker notebooks, I think that’s an option staff but another just elastic around there or something.

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The extra notebook that it comes with. As I said, it comes with one notebook as like brown craft cover, it’s pretty sturdy and then the notebook has kisi rounded edges, and it is 44 sheets or 88 pages. You can see the stitching here so that won’t fall apart anytime soon. So actually this holds your own feels like it could take a beating.

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There’s my writing sample it’s available with a line notebook or a real notebook. So here’s stuff I mean unlined minor, plain anyways: here’s the writing sample. There is um pencil, ballpoint pen, gel pen, zero point four millimeters and then 0.7 millimeter jump in, and here we have the fountain pen, Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink, and there is some feathering with the fountain pen. It does soak up quite a bit ink as you can see.

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In the back there is some ghosting. You can see this and then there’s a wee bit almost starting to bleed through here didn’t completely bleed through, but I’m starting to you. So it’s not super found in front pen friendly paper, but if you have a fine name, you might be able to use it with they found fun, but just not medium abroad, nibs or stub nibs. I don’t think you’d be happy with those with that paper. And the a paper feels pretty thick, actually um. My guess is this around around 90 grand paper, I think it’s great for just writing sketching, but that sort of stuff.

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So this is the triple wrap one. And then the size of this is the outside. Is 7.5 by 5 inches or 19 by 13 centimeters, and then the actual paper, The notebook is see it was of roughly around 18 by 13 centimeters or 7 by 5 inches. So that’s the medium size of this one.

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Let’s check out the small one. So it’s essentially the same journal. It’s just a smaller size and, as I said, you can customize those journals. So this comes with like a little wooden button and a belief that are things that can put right there or just have it plain wherever you want, you can pick and choose with those.

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Here it says, five branding adventure begins. Sorry, the weights. It’S hard to see through camera. I’ve been adventure awaits so let’s open this one up.

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So the size of this one is 6 by 4 inches the outside or 15.5 by 10 centimeters, and then you so paper. The notebook is that the small size is 5.5 by 4 inches or 14 by 10 centimeters.

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It is essentially the same notebook in there and this one’s lined and it’s a millimeter ruling and again around 90 grand paper. As my guess.

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I also do the writing sample on here, so it feels like the same paper again: here’s pencils, ballpoint pen, 0.4 motive, gel pen, 0.7, millimeter gel pen and then here’s again found pen Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink since it’s pretty dark, since the paper is more absorbent and there’s feathering again in this one as well.

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In the back I got a little bit of ghosting and then a really big almost played through. So I said what, if I know, maybe you might be able to make this work in the fountain pen and there’s margen around the lines top and bottom and here’s left and right.

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You can see again rounded edges craft paper again. It says Portland leather goods that are back here, stitched bound and then here’s the elastic did holds. The notebook in place is really sturdy.

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It’s the inside again. It’s a think, it’s also the like dark brown distressed color on this one as well. It feels quite soft in here, so it’s just nice to touch, and then this little clasp here will bother you when you’re right, because, the notebook will be resting on this part of the actual leather or not this one right here.

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And then outside the Edge is a slightly pointing here, but not super. It doesn’t feel sharp like nothing here. No, some mothers are really really rough and hard, and when you touch them they should almost scratch your skin, but this one is sturdy, but it does not scratch your skin. It’S still, it feels good when he actually touches touch it. Even the edges, like you know, it still feels good says some, it’s a little stiffer, but it’s just. It feels good. It’s pretty thick too. You can see and it smells good. It smells like high-quality leather. Again nicer,strap and triple wrap, penises hi close it and I’ve never seen a cleric quite like this before like placed here at the bottom, and I must say I like how this looks so this is the small one .

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The last journal here this is call the Snap Journal. Probably snap closure here, it’s like a little button. That’Ssall it is, and this is the color saddle, and this journal actually feels softer. Then the attitude is really really soft to the touch, and you just want to really hold this all the time.

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Here it says, let’s make mischief of one kind of another, and again this journal is also really customizable can put your name there, your own quote, whatever you want so that I think that’s pretty great and I think these journals make a wonderful gift for somebody for like a birthday or a graduation or something.

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When you open it up you can see. This is softer leather. To your two way. Two flaps open and has more give to it. It’S just this thick just softer, so I always prefer how this feels in your hands.

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Again comes with a notebook. This one’s also lighted in your writing sample in this, because it’s all the same paper exact same paper again here the stitched and then the elastic holds the notebook in place.  It’s an off white paper and you can see the lines up pretty dark and pronounced 8-millimeter ruling in that one. There’s the inside of the leather is really smooth me too, and this one’s also available in different sizes. This, the medium again.

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The dimensions of the medium are 7.5 by 5 inches or 19, by 13 centimeters on the outside that leather or 7 by 5 inches is the actual notebook or 18 by 13 centimeters and again.

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The notebook is 88 pages or 44 Sheets, so it’s all the same with the  actually notebook.

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This was my review of these lovely little leather notebooks by Portland, a lot of goods, and I I really like those like a lot. I think they’re great for traveling like outdoor stuff. They look like they can really take a beating. I think they would make a lovely gift for someone just graduated from, I don’t know high school college, or it goes on a trip and just once a notebook that you know, I can really take a beating, and you know, or just anyone who looks a little bit of a kind of a rustic Journal – and I love that you know they’re handmade they’re made in the U.S.  They’re the highly customizable. You can  make this really your own, like nobody else will have this actual journal and didn’t even from notebook to notebook. There will be slightly different markings because of their leather. It’S so now it’s like natural leather. So I really like that that aspect of it that it’s so unique and individual and it’s just like much one-of-a-kind with every single notebook.

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That was my review of these lovely leather, leather notebooks by partner and other goods. If you have any questions, leave me comment: if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and form more notebook entries just subscribe to my Blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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