Piccadilly Notebook – A cheap Moleskine alternative?

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Piccadilly Essential Notebook – Medium Size


Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches; 13 x 21 cm, 6mm Ruling, 240 Pages,
80 gr. acid free paper, lies flat, elastic closure, bookmark,



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Frequently Used Confusing Adjectives

Adjectives are those words in English or in any kind of language that customize or describe a thing or a person. Some adjectives excite confusion since they are similar in suggesting though used with various nouns as well as in different scenarios.

Content Writing – The Writer Behind the Content

Content Composing is a fairly new task profile that includes a person to physically create or compose imaginative web content on a reasonable selection of topics. Although when a person explains himself or herself as a ‘content writer’ it is not a descriptive task title incorporating what the author does. Web content Composing calls for the writer to ‘put on a great deal of hats’ that select the work of creating web content.

Pretentious Stuff That Works – Meditation and Writing

While creating and publishing Into Stillness, I’ve been thinking of reflection and also just how it connects to my writing. I have actually participated in some form of meditation for the last twenty years on and also off.

Learning to Write ‘Proper’

Learning to create ‘appropriate’ English (or whatever various other language you make use of) is necessary, yet is only component of being a writer. This write-up consists of a Victorian rhyme to help learn ‘appropriate’ English, however bear in mind that language is inevitably concerning communication instead than rules.

Poetry and Songwriting – Tips For Writing Great Lyrics

It is straightforward: when trouble comes, do not run from it. Pray. Meditate. Analyse it and place it right into words

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