Paris Notebooks

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Hi guys, this is a quick review of those beautiful paris-themed notebooks that were gifted to me.

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They came in a pack of three and I’ve seen those online a big book sellers auction. Actually I’ve seen those being sold in Paris, so I think those are really cool. That’S why I wanted to show you those.

Paris Notebooks 0 15 screenshot

The manufacturer is Cavallini Papers and company, as you can see right here and they’re printed in China.

Paris Notebooks 0 28 screenshot

There are glued and also found right here. You can see the stitching. The camera picks it up right there.

Paris Notebooks 0 33 screenshot

This is the graph one, which has 3 millimeter graphs, which is kind of cool. This is really small. You should, I know, like wrap as well, because they’re like the graphs, it’s big for my taste, but those are really perfect.

Paris Notebooks 0 46 screenshot

It has 48 sheets or 98 pages and they’re really flexible. As you can see.

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The paper is really nice. It’S a very smooth texture. It’S a little bit thicker than your average notebook paper, but it’s still very flexible and it’s that very smooth, it’s nice to write on this with a ballpoint pen. So I’ve done right here. I don’t know how performs the fountain pen since I’m not using a fountain pens, but I imagine it would do well, because the paper is a little bit thicker.

Paris Notebooks 1 8 screenshot

So this is the graph one. This is what it looks like reminds me of a postcard make sure you had the stamp right there. So that’s diastolic these notebooks.

Paris Notebooks 1 28 screenshot

This one is the ruled one of course, also 96 pages and let’s check it out from the back. So sister rule one. That’s what it looks like.

Paris Notebooks 1 48 screenshot

This one here is the plain one, just probably my least favorite, but I guess it’s really a personal preference. So here plain one right: there, I’m just wanted to show you those, because I really like the design of those.

Paris Notebooks 1 56 screenshot

They’re really easy., you know they’re just pop in your pocket on the go. They’Re, really small dimensions are believed: 14 by 10, centimeters or 5.5 inches by 4 inches. So it’s a nice compact size. Hope you like them. I hope you can find them online. Give them a try. I like them a lot.

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