Notabene Notebook Review

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Hey everyone, today i’m doing a review of this uh, Notabene Notebook which is essentially a Moleskine clone. So let’s check it out.

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The actual notebook is plain black. There is a logo here, um on the front, but this is actually the logo of the company that gifted me this notebook. So it is available plain black or you can customize it. You can put your own logo on there. It is essentially used a lot for companies that want to use it for promotional purposes. In the back. You have the actual logo of the notebook, then it has rounded edges and it has elastic strap.

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You open it up the first front page. It tells you information of who produces it and manufactures it. It’S manufactured by a company in Germany, but i don’t know where the actual notebook is being made.

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in the back. It’S just a pocket just like a moleskin notebook and then it also comes with a bookmark that is white and it shows the name of the notebook on it.

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So the paper is, it says, average, it’s it’s a little bit lighter than the Moleskine paper. It is smooth, it’s very smooth. It actually feels really nice.

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Here’s my writing sample. So there is a regular pencil ballpoint pen, gel pen and then there’s the fountain pen, the pilot metropolitan, with Diamine Marine Ink, and there is just very slight feathering see if the camera picks this up. I think you can see that a little bit the feathering .

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Let me turn the page. There is quite a bit of ghosting, but there’s actually no bleed through, which is great, so you could actually use this with a fountain pen. Despite the you know, the light feathering doesn’t bother me too much personally, so it is actually notebook that you could use with a fountain pen. If you don’t mind the the ghosting.

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The color is off-white, so it’sNotabene Notebook Review 3 9 screenshot, it’s slightly lighter than moleskine paper and the dimensions are exactly the same. It’s , 13 by 21, centimeters or 5 by 8.25 inches.

it’s available in blank pages lined in graph paper. So if you want to check it out um, i think it’s only available through a company in germany. I will put a link in the description box if you’re interested in it. That’s that’s pretty much it.

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That’s my two cents on the Notabene Notebook. So, if you’re interested check out the link, if you like this entry, give it a thumbs up for more entries check out my blog on notebooks course and thank you for watching.

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