Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals – Book of Shadows

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of these refillable journals made by the company Nomad Crafts. So I’ve done a review of nomad crafts company notebooks in the past, and I absolutely love them. I have been using a nomad craft journal for a while now on and off for my trips and travels and I totally enjoy using it. So today, I’m gonna show you their new refillable journals and yeah. Let’S check them out so they’re all a5, which means.

There are about, six by eight and a half inches or 15, and a half by 21 centimeters all right. Let’S get started they’re slightly different, these two more similar. They use the same vintagey type of paper and then this one uses a different type of refill. The heart journal. So I’m gonna check this one out last and I did writing samples and both of them so.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 1

Let’S just get started with this key compass, journal. I absolutely like this key here as closure. It’S really really pretty looks like a compass and it has a nice little weight to it, so it doesn’t feel cheap at all and, as I said, it’s a raptor journal. The color is vintage brown. Both of these are vintage brown and then this one is a red brown.

So let’s check it out, you see there’s a flap here and here’s the insert. So you have a little pocket here for like a cardholder and then this folds, the refillable journal and then here in the back as well. So you could use any different types of journals in here that are a5. This is, you can see the refill here, or they also sell these refills separately and I think they’re actually quite affordable for what they are because it’s really gorgeous vintage paper. The only thing I would urge nomad to do is to put a little protective sheet in here like they actually did in the journal because you do get some stains here from the oil from the leather.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 2

So I mean since this is a really rustic vintage. Looking journal, it doesn’t bother me personally too much, but you know if you gift this away and stuff, you might want something that looks just a bit cleaner here on the inside. I’m gonna put this back in here and I’ll show you the rest, and it is genuine leather and I believe it’s made in India, see if I could fit this back in here, a little tricky there. We go so, as I said, made in India, and then you see how every page looks slightly different here, really unique. So it has this super antiquey vintage, look and feel to it, and this totally reminds me of like game of thrones, like harry potter, kind of like a medieval journal.

It’s great for a grammar journal or book of shadows and all kinds of other stuff, and also for like art projects. Since this is really thick 140 gsm paper, it can handle all types of, colors and paints. You can do a little watercolor in here and yeah like it’s. It’S really forgivable paper and really really durable, and it has a really nice soft feel to it and it’s made of canvas and cotton. So it’s acid-free, it’s eco-friendly and especially if you start using refills on that, you know it’s really eco-friendly and great for the environment because you only get that leather cover once.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 3

The only thing I noticed here is that the tie doesn’t like me close this up like there’s a little bit of like too much flappiness going on here. Like it’s a little bit too long, I mean it’s easily fixable by tying this up yourself. It’S just one thing I noticed that you know I would change that. That from the get-go is a little bit tighter here, but that’s not a big deal in my opinion, definitely not a deal-breaker and then here the other one very similar. It just doesn’t have this flap here, you can see it’s stitched all around where here the flap is not stitched, just the sides here, let’s check out the back real, quick and neither one of them has like a logo or anything on it.

So it’s really nice and clean, which also is great when you want in vintagey antique-looking generally, you don’t want a company’s branding on it. So that’s another bonus point. So this one opens like this and again also a little bit of oil stains here from the leather and yeah would be easily fixed with some protective sheets and then yeah. It flies a flap here for the refill they’ll put this in here and it’s the exact same refill as the other one, as you can see, and again rarely antiquey unique looking paper and then, let’s check out the heart journal, real, quick, this one’s slightly different. Let me look at my notes, real quick, so this one has a snap closure, as you can see, and it also has the pen loop, which is quite practical.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 5

You can see, like my pilot metropolitan fits nicely in here, another notice. It gets all snug here with the snap to close it, so you, I don’t think you can use this super thick pen like I’m, also struggling here a little bit now. You can see it closes up, but within pins, absolutely no problem, and it feels pretty tight here like it doesn’t just pop open on its own, so yeah just remove the pen again. It also comes with a bookmark, and I pulled this out earlier. Put it back in see, let me show you the bookmark real, quick, nice little red bookmark.

So this is again the refill like cardboard cover just like the other ones, but then the actual paper is white and is lined and it’s nine millimeter ruling and this one is 110 gsm. So the paper is slightly thinner than the other one, but it’s still been nice and thick, and you can see this square edges here and then there’s a margin around the lines and it’s also stitched and bound. It feels like pretty nicely stitched in an advice super flat too. You can see right there all right. Let’s look at the writing samples, real quick, and i also want to point out see there is a protective sheet here for the leather, and so this looks much cleaner.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 6

So my opinion would be great to do this and the other ones as well yeah all right. Let’S go to the writing sample and i’ll share the writing sample in both of them. Okay, actually start with this one. You can see pencil, ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerballs, and then we have two fountain pens, and it’s really like extra broad nib here with the food and nib and then actually even use the sharpie, which is really tough. On most papers and sharpies usually, always bleed through, but here it’s just very minor with the sharpie, so it’s super thick, durable paper and with the other ones.

You can’t see anything at all, so the only thing is yeah with a little sharper. You can use as well and then definitely also some watercolor and stuff, so it really is great paper for artwork as well yeah. So that’s that and then in here, let’s look at the see, I use the same pens and again it’s hardly any ghosting it. You really have to look closely and absolutely no bleed through with the fountain pen, so definitely fountain, pen friendly paper even can handle some broader nibs too, not just super extra fine and then the sharpie did bleed through a little bit. That was that was kind of mean of me to use a sharpie because, as I said, most paper cannot handle a sharpie without bleeding through yeah, so I’m going to link all these journals down below.

Nomad Crafts Refillable Leather Journals - Book of Shadows 8

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