My Top 5 Notebooks / Journals


2) Quo Vadis Habana:

3) Epica Leather Journal: For Epica use discount code JOURNALJOY15 for 15% off first purchase

4) Galen Leather Tomoe River:

5) Moleskine Pocket:


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Finding Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post

Finding an inspiration for your next blog post can be rather overwhelming, particularly if you are struggling with author’s block. Right here are some methods to avoid the impacts of author’s block as well as to still be able to create even when you believe you could no longer discuss anything.

How Do You Write an eBook? One Page at a Time!

Have you ever before heard the expression, “How do you consume an elephant? One bite at a time”? And also do you know the approach of confidential teams of “One day at a time”? Well that’s a fantastic method for you to come close to creating your publication or book: one page at once! Specifically with books which can be as brief at 30 pages.

Rules for Writers

What makes a novel gripping, a blog article empowering, or puts the poetic in verse? Exactly how do you create magic? Below are the 9 policies I adhere to for making creating unique …

The Constant Context of Your Book

The subject, function, target market, scenarios, and also characters concerning which you are writing specify the context of your publication. Bear in mind the situation or environs of your writing. This will aid you to remain focused, keep your suggestions arranged and also clear, as well as create a product that remains regular with its context throughout. The result; visitors will certainly appreciate your job as well as they too will stay clearly concentrated on your function.

When It Comes to Professional Writing – Does Proofreading Matter?

Excellence is the significance of success. Life demands for really attentive individuals, those that can aim out also the tiniest of errors. Remember, no one has actually ever before been compensated for taking anything for given, not also the least vital things.

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