My PA Planner Review & Flip Through

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well. So today I’m doing a review and flip through of the my PA planner, which is a life and business planner. It’s essentially a golden project planner for the year 2022. All right, so let’s get started. So the dimensions are seven inches by 10 inches, or 18 centimeters by 25.

7 centimeters. So it is larger than a five can I’m between a four and a new five, were like pretty close in size to about a, b five, maybe a little smaller. And this is what it looks like. It comes with two bookmarks and an elastic strap and has pointy edges here. And here you can see the back and it is a flex cover a matte laminate flex cover.

So it’s a matte black here, you can see some give to it. And it is fairly heavy MSA like it’s got really quite a weight to it. And I don’t know the exact page count but my guess is it is around 380 pages. And here you can see the spine and there is a little bit of damage from the shipping right there. It’s not too bad.

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And then you have this fold here to open the planter properly. And you can also see those small damages here from shipping. Alright, so it is white paper as you can see, and it is 115 gsm paper so it is fairly thick. Before starting to flip through, I can actually go into the writing sample right away, she’s straight. Elastic real quick to fairly sturdy.

Let me find my writing sample before you get into the planner. So here it is. We have a pencil, ballpoint pen, a couple of gel pens and roller balls. And then we have two fountain pens down here. Pilot metropolitan, and with diamond marine and then to here with refered 330 with diamond or low, which is pretty wet.

And then we have the back here. So there’s hardly any ghosting and absolutely no bleed through with the fountain pens. It’s definitely fountain pen friendly paper and it’s nice slick paper quality. Just considered white paper. All right, so any other two bookmarks just come up and close for a second.

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All right, there you go. So let’s check it out. So there is this really nice double cover page here. And it goes into this is kind of golden white, and then goes into this blank page. And then here you can put in your personal information.

In case you lose the planner, and then it is the welcome page and it shows you just the welcome and then it shows you your first few pages how to set up the planner. And it is yeah, as I said a life and business planner. But it’s definitely has, like business like aspect to it. Like it’s mainly focused on business, in my opinion. So I think it’s ideal for people who own a small business with an online presence or especially if you want to start a new business.

And you need some detailed planning, I think this is a great option for you. So as I said, it gives you some information on how to use this planner. And then first of all, you do a review of 2021 right here. If you achieved your goals and what did what do you didn’t achieve? What business decisions will be different in 2022?

What will make you happy? Your biggest achievements, which business tasks were unproductive, your list your personal highlights? And then what areas of personal life would you like to change in 2022. And there is also a free PDF available of this planner, if you want to take a closer look at all these pages to see if this plan is actually right for you. Anyways, so let’s keep going there is 2022 targets 50 Things you want to achieve in the next 10 years, which is funny because it says 2022 But then it’s for the next 10 years.

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Interesting. So here we’ll move on and do a life review of all your personal stuff. So what you love to do, what tasks you dislike, such as the way to get to know yourself better and just get an overview of where you’re at in life. I’m not gonna go through all the questions here will take too long. As I said you can check out the PDF and then there’s a 2022 bucket list with things you want achieve.

And then here is the business section, your 2022 business plan. So what is your WHY first, you really figure out why you run your business the way you do and what it is all for what the purposes. So this is this page here, and then your vision for the business for this year in the next five years, and then you visualize what you’d like to accomplish in terms of your vision for your business. And then what is your mission, you put a mission statement and your big goals for 2022. And then it says, Now bring your brands and business to life.

So you describe your product and service, and what problem it is solving. And so we go more into detail here, how your business is helping people are you product. So it gives you nice overview here. So you can really get into detail on really getting clear on what it is actually that you’re selling and who you’re helping. So it goes on and on here.

So with your business over here, you explore your competition. And then here you do a SWOT analysis, which I’ve never heard of before. So it helps you to focus on your strengths and minimize threats. And yeah, and analyze how can you like overcome any weaknesses and threats? How can you make the most of your strengths and use them to your advantage?

So yeah, just just my expiration, and then here’s your marketing plan for 2022. So here, we go into who your target audiences, and essentially customer avatar? And then how will you sell your products and services? So he get clear on the marketing aspect? Like, where are you going to sell?

And here’s your sales funnel? And then how will you sell your product and services with email marketing, webinars advertising, so yeah, gives you a lot of pages here to really go deep in exploring, here’s your social media marketing plan. And he explored your competitors and even social media. Yeah, and then he just keeps on exploring in terms of blogging, and video marketing, podcasting, for PR plan. If you want to do contests, you have a page here, it’s for that.

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And then here finally goes into 2022, your project planner. So what are the important projects you have to do in 2022, for your business, and then connections 2022, where you lose people that can help you with your business. And then here you have your monthly, weekly and daily tasks. So you get a bit of an overview of what you have to do to become successful in 2022. And here’s the numbers, your finance plan.

So you’re going to finances, your personal survival budgets of what you need personally in order to survive, and then a profit and loss forecast for 2022. And then here, you have a balance sheet forecast for 2022. And then here is the yearly overview. before it goes into the weekly planning, so this is a weekly planner. So first of all, here’s the overview for the month of January, the week start on a Monday, then here you have some notes you can take.

And then down here, you can write down your positive habits, so essentially have a habit tracker down here. So you write down what you want to do. And then you can mark it off each day of the month if you’ve done it or not. And then it goes into generate goals and actions, you write down your main focus of this month. And then your goals for the month.

And then here is your January project planner. So you write down all the things you have to do in terms of projects for the month, and then it says prioritize each task with a number here and then write how long it will take you to the time and then you write down if you got to do it or if you outsources or automated. And then here is your social media content planner for the month. So you write down the date here and what you want to do in terms of content, and then where it’s going to be which platforms blog, video, webinar and so on. And here it goes into the week.

So it starts Monday, December 27 to January, second 2022. And then every week you have a quote here at the top. And then you write down regular actions, which my guess is that a non business related and then goals, projects and actions and calls that are more busy? is related. Then here it says to watch read notes and ideas.

And then here it says notes. And then here it says to buy an expensive. So we have several areas here, we can have a little Review for the week. And then it starts here Monday, and it says goals right here. And then just close to the camera for a second.

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So you can see your goals One, two, and three to three important task for the day. And then it starts at 7am and 30 minute increments here, and it ends here at 8pm. And then you have another two lines here, so could technically go till nine, I guess. And then down here you write down, how many minutes you meditated exercise, you can mark off, and then how many glasses of water you drink that day. And it’s the same for every day of the workweek on Friday and Saturday, you just have am and pm.

And then again, these habits for the day. And then Sunday as well. 11pm. And then after the weekly overview, where you plan your week and you mark up your tasks and all the stuff you have the weekly review every single week. So and this is also very business focused.

So how many sales did you make? How many new email subscribers? What? How was your social media growth? And write that down every week?

Your achievements big and small? What worked? What didn’t? What goals? Didn’t you achieve?

What do you need to achieve? What do you need to do to achieve these goals and then a gratitude section right here, and then just one page with a decent inspiration, where you just write down some notes right there. And then it goes into the next week, again, with the quote and the same overview, and then the weekly review, and then this goes on and on for the entire year. And there is no monthly review. But I think you have a monthly budget like here again, the weekly review.

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Channel here, February starts. All right, where is it? So for January, you have a January profit and loss statement. So every month, you go have a profit and loss sheet right here we go through your finances, and then January cash flow. So you have this double page after every single month, and then goes into February, again with the monthly overview and the habit tracker down here.

And then it goes into the weekly, actually goals and actions for February and then the project planning for February, your social media content plan again for the month, and then it goes again into the monthly as sorry, into the weekly overview. And then you have the weekly review. And it just goes on and on. Yeah, it’s the same year, February, again, you have the February profit and loss statement to February cash flow. And then you go into March with the monthly overview.

And then with the goals and actions for March and the march project planner. So essentially, every after every month, you have you look at your finances, but there is no monthly review. And there’s also no Quarterly Review, which some people I think might find helpful to take a look at your month, every three months for the quarter what you have achieved and didn’t. So that’s not in this planner, it’s maybe one thing I would add to it. Yeah, so it goes for the entire year, same thing over and over again.

And then it’s checkout to end here December. And then here is again December profit and loss on December cashflow just like every month. And then here is a review of 2022. How did your business perform? What were your biggest achievements?

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Again, it says twice? What were your biggest achievements? Looking back? Did you spend time on anything that was not taking a business forward? What would you do differently next year in your business?

Were you happy with your personal life? What aspects of your life did you enjoy? What are you going to do differently in your life next year. So I personally would make this a little bit more elaborate. Because in the beginning, it dives really, really, really deep into your business and all the different aspects of it, which I think is amazing.

But here of the end of the year, it’s just one little page here. I think this should be a few pages quite frankly. We can also look at all the months and what were your biggest achievements for the month maybe. And just just something like really just dive deeper. Again, maybe a profit and loss statement for the entire year because you have a project planner for next year.

And then you have the monthly overview, which is 1023. And then you have contacts here where you can write down contacts and a couple of pages of graph paper, some line paper and then some blank paper where did the writing sample I already showed you so Yeah, and then there’s no like planning for 2023 which you probably would purchase the next plan or four and then do that in the year 2023 But I still wished it was a little bit more needs to reflect. Overall I think it’s an amazing planner especially if you just starting a business I think it really helps you to gain a lot of clarity. I like that this planner is for the entire year. A lot of these goal and project planners are only 90 Day planners I mean the the upside then is you have a daily planner which page per day.

But if you prefer a weekly format, I think this one is really great, especially if you run a business because in my opinion is more business and personal oriented even though you have habit trackers as well. So my opinion yet there’s both but more heavily focused on the business aspect of your life. I’m looking at my notes real quick. I think I covered everything. So if you want to check this out, and you know, look at it in detail again, there’s a free PDF on your website.

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You can also order the planner there. It’s a really heavy planner. So I don’t know how portable this would be day to day. But there is also a digital version of this planner so you can just have this on an iPad or another tablet and you have it on the go. If you’ve run long then you should just keep this one at home and then the other planning in your digital one so that is also an option.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. If you have enjoyed this review. Please give it a thumbs up and from one notebook videos please subscribe my channel. Thank you so much for watching.

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