Moonster Leather Journal Review


Dark Brown Leather Journals
125 gsm paper, 240 pages;


Disclaimer: I received samples for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello, everyone today I’m doing a review of these leather notebooks made by the company Moonster. Alright. So, let’s get started, let’s check them out.

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So the dimensions are the small one is five by seven inches or 13 by 18 centimeters and then the large one is six by eight inches or 15 by 20 centimeters and they’re, both 1.5 inches thick.

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You can see here. This is how they compare in size when you line them up.

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Alright, look at the smaller one. First, so they’re both dark brown and they are handmade in India, and here you can see the spine, the nice rustic stitching on the spine. They have a wrapped eye closure and then they are adds genuine Buffalo, leather and they’re, naturally tanned, and then, when you bend a leather, you can see cuz just distress, it a little bit more yourself and make it even more unique-looking and every journal looks slightly different because they are handmade and you can see the thickness of the leather. It’s like this perfect, it’s not too flimsy, it’s not to stiff it’s just like right in the middle, so I really like this leather and how it feels and open it up.

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So, what’s the inside here looks like it’s like a distressed looking and then there’s a little cover sheet protective paper, and then this is the inside here it actually looks quite nice, some journals, as you look really frayed on the inside and really rough. This one’s fairly smooth and then the edges appointed save the paper plant edges.

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Here you can see the binding it has all being held together with this one leather string, this being tied through the whole drum the binding in the back here, and it’s really nicely Done it feels like nice quality and like a nice quality product, as I said handmade in India.

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The paper you can come here, make the campuses up like this some cotton paper, it’s actually not made from trees and it’s a hundred and 25 gram pay. First, it’s a nice thickness to it. It also looks like handmade this nice texture. Not the counter picks is up really well, mostly.

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So let’s compare it to the large run on I’ll show you my writing sample, so they actually made with recycled cotton, which is um, you know very eco-friendly and it’s tree free and the papers also acid-free. So here’s the large ones. You can compare the protective cover sheet out here, the paper size side-by-side. I know that’s roughly the difference in paper size here. If I can light this up there we go, you can see here so think of both mice sizes, it’s personal preference. If you want a smaller one, a little bit more portable or you know a larger one – gives you a little bit more space for writing or doing some artwork thing is a great drama for mixed-media, in my opinion, because it has a little bit of a thicker Paper I haven’t tried watercolors anything because I don’t really draw our paint, but I feel like it might be able to handle it. We’ve tried to find my writing sample there. It is so they could see all the lies fairly flat, which is a bonus. Let’s tread the edges here, like when we go close to the edge here. We open it up. It still lies fairly flat, which I really like. I don’t like the booklet just close up within themselves and you can’t really access your notes and the tax return. Also another bonus point right there.

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I was check out the writing sample whoops. So here is the pencil ballpoint pen 0.4 millimetre gel pen 0.7. Only 2 gel pen – and then here you have the problematic pollen meeting, mid diamine marine ink, and you can see here slight imperfections in the paper. But it’s just the way. This journalism is God the charm that it has, in my opinion, because it is a little bit rustic looking, and I was quite surprised with the writing experience, because the paper looks like rougher and thicker and textured. I thought that actually would be quite rough riding on it and get a lot of feedback,  that’s actually quite the opposite, maybe because it is cotton when you ride under specials of all components of very soft writing experience like it feels very soft when you ride on it, which I really enjoyed, it doesn’t really take it. appends like Super well liked doesn’t seems like very saintly here, but the bottom plant look really wanted and then with a fountain sand, it doesn’t make sure your a lot of ink, which gives you different writing experience was a wee bit more feedback than you get with a ballpoint pen or gel pen, and it’s definitely different than a paper that’s actually probably am made from like wood and a regular paper

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Let’s check out the back. There is hardly any ghosting or so so from there’s absolutely no place for through, so it’s very good paper quality, definitely I’m friendly! If you don’t mind that it doesn’t absorb a lot of some people might actually like that, because it looks actually like a fine in here, and this is a medium, so great paper. I really like it. I love these journals.


Moonster Leather Journal Review 6 6 screenshot They actually really affordable too. For leather journals because usually can get quite pricey, but especially for being handmade. Those are super affordable and you can find them on Amazon and actually they are running a promotion currently when you ordered a large journal, so it’s only for the large journal, you get 15 % off when you apply the discount code, moonster on Amazon, and I do not benefit from this just for you guys a little benefit right there. If you’re interested in this notebook right now the next few weeks, they will be running this promotion.

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I think that’s pretty much it those my two cents on the Muenster leather journals. I really like them. I think they’re, really nice quality and they’re well made, and I actually enjoy the paper in those because they are, it is slightly different.

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Have a cotton paper versus a regular paper made from wood pulp and trees. So if you have any questions, feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog . Thank you so much for reading.

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