Moonster Leather Journal Review – Tree of Life


8 x 6 inches; 20 x 15 cm; 240 pages; 125 gsm paper


Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of this leather journal, it’s made by the company Moonster and it is called The Tree of Life Journal.

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So when he ordered this journal, it actually comes in this nice little linen pouch, so it makes for a nice gift. In my opinion, I just want to show you that real quick, so this is that comes with pouch.

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It is an 8 by 6, so it is 8 inches by 6 inches about an inch and a half thick and centimeters. It’S about 20 centimeters by 15. Centimeters and about 3 centimeters thick, so it’s roughly in A5


And it’s made from water buffalo leather. So it’s genuine leather. It’s a really nice quality and it’s dark brown as you can see, and it is distressed, so it has distressed. Look to it looks like a vintage look in here. You can see the stitching of the binding it’s hand-stitched, which is really nice.

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Here’s the back, and here you can see it’s a natural variety in the leather and it’s fairly nice to the touch smooth to the touch. So it feels good in your hand when you touch it and then it has this tree embossed on the cover and it is a wrap tied journal as you can see. So, let’s open it up.


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When you open it up, I can see the inside here and it has this little flap here that folds over there’s still some little crumbs on it and has his all protective paper right here to protect the first page from the Leather and inside is really nice too.

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It’s fairly smooth as well, and she was lice. Some journals are really rough from the inside other journals and what kind of beaten up on the inside. But this was really nice and smooth, as you can see, they edges are pointy.

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Here it has Moonster bossed on the leather right there. So it’s the only logo right there. The companies are there’s nothing here in the back when it’s closed, let’s open it up.

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So the journal is 120 sheets for 240 pages. As you can see, it’s divided in five sections: that’s how it’s stitched and bound together. As I said, it was handmade and it is tree free paper. So this paper is made from recycled cotton paper. So it’s really a eco friendly and it’s super soft paper and it’s really nice when you write it because is a really nice soft feedback which I really enjoy writing on.

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So it is C 125 GSM paper, so it’s nice and thick you can see in it. I will show some texture to it, except when you hold it up in the light you can see papers handmade as well, but when you write on it, it’s not rough at all. It’s it’s a sense, really, soft writing experience. Maybe because it’s made from cotton not from trees

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So let me show you the writing sample. I can find it it’s back here somewhere. So here we have pencil or the ballpoint pen. It’s zero point. Four millimeter gel pen, zero point, seven millimeter jump in and there we have the pallet Metropolitan fountain pen, medium nib, with diamine marine ink. It takes it fountain fun, really well, it’s nice to write on this with fountain pen.

Moonster Leather Journal Review Tree of Life 3 44 screenshot Moonster Leather Journal Review Tree of Life 4 15 screenshot

As you can see, there’s absolutely no blue through and barrelling any ghosting. You really have to look closely to see the ghosting. No, no, the cameraman picks us up really. So it’s nice and thick paper, so I think it’s great for sketching and mixed media art and things like that.


It also lies fairly flat, as you can tell when you open it up, it spreads out nicely which I was like. I don’t like when journals …. I want to stay open and it has this really nice, let it smell to it, which tells you it’s really genuine leather.


I said I think it’s a really high quality journal and I’ve done a review on this company before and I really liked her notebook. So they actually sent me another one to check out and I am impressed with the quality it feels like it’s go na hold up nicely. It’s nice and thick. It’s a lot of pages, a little bit of weight to it, but at least you have them. You know a lot of space to write on so it’s a nice sized A5.

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I like the vintage look of it and then just you know sound so yeah. These are my two cents on the Moonster Tree of Life Leather journal! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave Me comment for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog and if you have enjoyed this entry , please give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much for reading.

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