Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO


Introduction to the the durability test I will put those notebooks under in the next few months.
Pocket Soft Cover Moleskine w 192 Pages
Pocket Soft Cover Leuchtturm 1917 w 121 Pages

Here are the RESULTS!!!


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Hello everyone, welcome to my Moleskine vs.Leuchtturm 1917,} durability, test introduction.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 0 0 screenshot

I’ve decided to really put those notebooks to the test, use them intensely and heavily everyday put them in my pocket, and my purse just really see how they hold up when you really use them a lot and the reason why I’ve decided to do this is because there’s a lot of controversy out there and in it which one’s better, which one’s hold ups more holds up more, and I guess, on the end, it’s a little bit of also personal preference. But I really want to see which one I like better using every day.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 0 14 screenshot

They’re pretty much the same notebook except for the Moleskie has 192 pages and the Leuchtturm only has 121 pages. The dimensions are pretty much the same. The lowest term is slightly taller if you want to know about these notebooks and how they compare in more detail. Please go check out my other entry, where I really exam and then examine them in depth and really compare them.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 0 49 screenshot

The major differences right now, maybe not even major is the cover the Moleskine, it’s really nice, it’s much nicer than the one of the Leuchtturm. I like how this feels, in my hand, a lot better. This is more plastic feeling it wa.  This feels more like leather, even though it’s not, but it’s really smooth and soft.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 1 19 screenshot

The paper is not quite as nice in the Moleskine as it is in Leuchtturm 1917 so I prefer I prefer the paper in here and that a difference that I’ve noticed already, even though I’ve been starting using this one, is some nice flat. Very easily, which I personally like this one, not so much put in the middle, maybe, but here like it, always closes eventually and it bothers me a little bit, it’s not a complete deal-breaker. It’s not that great.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 2 1 screenshot

I’ve already started using this. So you know everyday, have it in my pocket or you know my backpack. It might take me up to six months to fill these up. So just you know bear with me and be patient. I just wanted you to see what they look like before. Beat him up and bang them up, and just want to, let you know what I’m up to so.

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm 1917 Durability Test INTRO 2 8 screenshot

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