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Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re all doing well so today, i’m gonna share and review the new moleskine pro project planner with you. This is a planner that moleskin came out with fairly recent.

I think early in 2020 and i’ve seen it online. A couple of subscribers asked me about it, so i got it and i thought i’d share with you and show you what it’s about and do a little flip through. So this planner is available in three sizes to large with which is this one and then an x, large and an a4 and the dimensions on this one are 5 inches by 8.25, inches or 13 by 21 centimeters, and it is 288 pages and has 70 gsm Ivory colored paper, just like every other moleskin and pretty much the same features just like every other moleskin and has a bookmark, but then, instead of just a elastic strap, but then, instead of one bookmark, it has actually three bookmarks right here. As you can see, there’s the back typical moleskin logo. It has a pocket in the back with um the history of moleskin and these little stickers that are like silver and gray. Taupe colored i’d say not sure how to use those.

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If you do, please let me know and um yeah, let’s take off the sleeve that it came with, and then the sleeve has some instructions on how to use it. But quite frankly i was a little confused with certain pages how to make those work. I really wish no skin would have posted like a more in-depth tutorial, a little video or just an article, and show some examples of how people use this project planner. All they have is a little like video on youtube, but it doesn’t really show you much about the planner, so i really wish they would share more how to use it, because i think it has a lot of really interesting features that can come in handy when You’Re trying to plan a new project so typical moleskine, you can put your name and address here.

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There’S your personal information first page, and then it has a content list which is really great. I think and the planner is divided into three sections planning, inspiration, planning and then logging, so inspiration here, planning and logging. I really wish it was a dated planner. It is not i mean not dated, has page numbers, because you could refer back to the page numbers in the planner and then make a little um index here for yourself with some notes in what you have on certain pages, and it goes here first into inspiration. You can put down your long term goal goals here and then the schedule and deadline and then the status and review and then mark off what you did and then here inspiring quotes people one double page and then a world map moleskine is really big on those World maps they have an every planner and then we have key findings. A double page dot grids make sure the camera picks this up. There you go and another one for achievements, so that was the whole inspiration section where you can get motivated about the goal or project that you’re trying to accomplish. And then it goes into the planning section of the planner. And here we have the yearly plan and him a little confused. It has 31 rows here and i’m not sure to put if this is like.

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It has 12 columns here, it’s like probably January through December or whenever you choose to start using this planner, and then it has like this half-assed like column here in the middle. I really wish to design it that it just lines up here straight. You know where the uh notebook folds and not just have this like thing here in the middle whatever so anyways, i’m not sure. If i’m supposed to put here like the actual like tasks, i have to do and there’s like 31 rows for that or if it’s like it’s a column here for January, and then it’s like January 1st through 31st and then i can put down like as a Yearly overall of you as a calendar, what i do on every day of the year so not totally sure, and then here it has a four month plan, which makes a little more sense.

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You have you know the first four month of your project and you can say you know, january february, march or whatever, and then a little like overview up here, what you’re trying to accomplish, and then it has uh six of these so 12 in total. For every month here and um, then it goes into the monthly plan. Here makes a little bit more sense. I guess this is, if you start january january, 1st through 31st, and then you can write down like every day of the month. If you have important um appointments or meetings or whatever, and then you can write your goals here for the month and then you have a little section, that’s like you know, free space to draw whatever you need to do that’s dot grid and you can mark off. You know all the things you want to accomplish, so you have of course, 12 of those like 12 double pages, which makes 24 in total um okay, and then it goes here into where is it the weekly plan? So you have 104 pages of this 52 um weeks on one double page makes 104, so you have an overview for the weekly plan. What you’re trying to do and then it goes monday, tuesday, wednesday.

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You know through sunday and then you have up here. You can mark things off and then you have a few more lines and a little bit of free space, so it is a weekly planner um with a week on two pages and again it is undated. So you can start using this whenever you want. As i said, you have 104 pages of this keep going here and also notice that the lines in this planner are darker than in any moleskin planner that i have used in the past. So i’m not sure why i decided to go darker with that one. I kind of like when the lines are a little bit lighter, but i guess everyone’s different okay. Where does this end this second here? So here we go into the so that was the planning section of the notebook. Now you go into the logging section so again here you have the project progress. You write down all your activities. You have to do some notes here at the bottom and then it says time here. I guess you can start with week, one two three and so forth and then phase. I guess like the first phase of your project or the second phase, i’m not totally sure how to use that and then how to mark it off. I think, with markers like um, how far you’ve come and then it has color codes down here um on this little sleeve. It shows like different people working on the projects.

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So if you have several people working on a thing you can assign colors to them and then you know, mark who’s working and what, but i feel like most people that use this planner will work on projects mostly by themselves, so again, not sure how to use The color codes, maybe you’re more creative and can let me know i’m really curious, i mean you can use them to mark off the different types of activities or what actual part of your project they relate to. So i guess that’s an option too and then we have 14 yeah 14 pages of the project progress and then we go into the notes section, and here we have 88 pages of notes. You can write the date here and then the highlights in here then you can recap down there and then you have the title of your project and then whatever you’re, brainstorming and working on, and i think the sirens are just gonna come by. But i’m not. I don’t want to start this video over again, so i guess we just have to deal for a minute with the sirens. I live in a really busy street, so it happens quite frequently um. So i guess you use you use this for um working in more detail on your actual stuff that you have to do for your project. Um. As i said, you have 88 pages of this. Let’S keep going, and i think this is quite useful because you have a whole section just for planning and then also homosexuality can take notes and all the things you have to work on. So you don’t need to have two separate journals for that, and it then here goes into the brainstorming section.

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We have 16 pages of brainstorming, you can put the tile up here and then in his little markings you can um separate the pages in thirds and it is dot grid paper here and then you can recap here at the bottom and as i said, you’ll have 16 of those, and then it ends with these lists, with perforated pages that you can tear out and then you have 12 of those, and now i’m just going to show you my writing sample. Here we have pencil ballpoint pen, it’s a hybrid pen, two gel pens.

Two roller balls and we have the fountain pen that you can see there is some feathering with the fountain pen quite a bit actually. So it’s definitely not fountain pen friendly paper and then the back there’s pretty much a lot of ghosting with everything except for the pencil and then we have bleed through with the roller balls and the fountain pen. So it’s not the greatest paper in the world um when it comes to you know: fountain pen, friendliness and wet wetter, inks and stuff, but i guess you’re, okay, with a roller ball pen or a thinner gel pen. If you don’t mind the ghosting, so i think it’s a really really interesting planner that moleskine came up with i’m curious to try it out.

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As i said, i’m not sure how to use everything quite yet, but i like that is two different sections of having a planner and as well as a section for the actual note-taking and creative process uh, because most planners are just like either planner or um. Just more of a notebook or you have a planner with like the dates on one side, and then you have a double like a page for your creative stuff and your your notes. But then it’s always to separate it, and this is like one section is the planner and the other section is just for the notes um, if you’ve used this before, please let me know how you’ve used it um or how to use certain pages. I’M really curious.

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If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave me a comment as well. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, and if you want to see more notebook videos, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching~


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