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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Moleskine Pro weekly vertical planner for 2018. Alright, so let’s get started This was gifted to me for Christmas. So I thought I’d share this with you and, as I said, it’s the most good planner for 2018. This is the pro collection, so I would have read is that they actually overhauled this planner from last year and did some layout changes. I really like what I’ve seen so far. So, let’s dive in.Moleskine Pro Planner Review 0 2 screenshot


This is the large, so the dimensions on this are five by eight point to five inches or 13 by 21 centimeters, and this planner is also available as an X, large and as a a4. I believe.

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It’s a hardcover notebook so not very flexible, the rounded edges and the paper uh lines up pretty much with the cover which I was like, and this is the back right here it says Moleskine there embossed on the back typical hardcover, Moleskine elastic, strap, feels really nice and tight, so really nice quality there. Overall, I’m very impressed with this notebook. I think moleskin did a great job with this one, because I’ve done some videos in the past and If your had subscribed to my Blog for a while, where I kind of read the most came a little bit for really lacking in the quality department that this journal is really great this notebook.

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As I said, hardcover, let’s take off the protective sleeve right here and on the inside is actually a little desk calendar that you can fold up. If you want, like the really calendars sitting on the desks, that it’s a nice idea right there, in my opinion.

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I didn’t have a description here of how many pages, but I counted them and I counted 288 pages in there and it is 70 grand Paper it’s ivory, colored and colored paper, and the paper quality is really nice in this. This is kind of the paper that moleskin used about ten years ago. That was their standard paper in all their notebooks before they started using cheaper paper and different batches of their notebooks and just really cheating that overall, but this is like kind of the good old days and it smells really amazing. I love this paper. It’s super super smooth, that’s satiny, silky smooth paper, so I’m absolutely loving this, I’m glad to see that they still know how to make a good Ino book. 

Moleskine Pro Planner Review 2 33 screenshot

Let’s check it out so it starts here of the typical in case of loss, is for trying To you can put information reward and says most good for weekly diary right there, and you can put all your personal information on the first page here. Then you have a overview for 2018 and 2019 just over here on page.

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It starts here with a monthly overview. So you have two month on one side see it starts at the Monday like those little boxes for every day and then here on this side, you can put your monthly projects and goals for the month and then just my I’m right, I’m up here and then Put dates in there just check them off and then done who says this month’s focus, so you can put like whatever you want to focus on the ones down here um it goes on a February March and so on. So you have the monthly overview and the front of it it’s December.

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Here it starts with their general information and stuff in the national holidays and timezone. Someone sure how useful these pages are, but they’re kind of standard in every nice and Irene planet. You have the measures and conversions international sizing, dialing codes and then travel planning. We can do right here, the destination engineering, my actual new moments this year can put this in here and then my blank space just a random page, and then we can actually print some templates at Moleskine and put some stuff in here, and this is not sure Where the camera picks is up but dotted world map, so I guess you can put me on traveling in here so measuring measuring tape. Here it’s difficult also that most game calendar and

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Then it starts here with 2018, like a legend down here with holidays and so on. So here you can put your goals for the year on this page. The biggest goes for the year. You can write right there and then weekly content and I’m sure what this is for, maybe like even a week one. I don’t know what you want to focus on, like I don’t know losing weight. I have no idea. However, you want to use this page 52 weeks.

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It starts here with the layout. It’s a vertical layout, so it starts every day at 7 a.m. It goes to 8 p.m. and you have you know half hour increments here with the lines and it says January down here. So the month is down there and then you have course codes mean what it starts, and one day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday are split in half and there’s no hours on the weekend and then down here for the month and it down here says week one so this is, you know weekly for view two pages one week.

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What’s great about this and what I actually love about this notebook is then in between each week you have a double page here with notes, just the entire blind page. Just for your notes, and then week says here weekly projects and tasks, so you can put a project right there and then the status on it and then you can mark it off as done, I guess and then tasks right here again.

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We can mark the tasks off there, so I actually love, absolutely love this, because I always have like random notes in to-do lists everywhere and it’s nice to have this all consolidated for every week and there’s a lot of room to just write everything down it. You have to do and then it goes on to this second week. You know for your appointments again for the day and then it goes on and on and then again in between each week and getting your notes, projects and tasks down here so that pretty much goes on for the entire year.

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In the back you have blank pages. I didn’t count how many actually, I probably should have like it’s, maybe about 20 or so and then the last few pages are perforated down here and you can tear these out, as you can see, and a whole notebook is closed, the stitched inbound.

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You also have a few pages for to-do lists. It is it’s in that a perforated too. You have see care about a half the page and then again to rip out the page here, separate it to twice the page, this one two, three four, no writing sample.

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There’s the cover page in the back and there’s a pocket on the back. Then in the pocket – and you have some stickers, so you have the history of moleskin, the booklet. That’s pretty much in every most game. You can get up in the history and then we have a quality conceptuality sticker.  And then you have three sheets with stickers, blue one, orange one and black one right there, here’s the bookmark standard Mouse can bookmark. Actually we should have two bookmarks next make it more perfect.

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I show you the writing samples. It’s at a 70 gram, acid-free cream colored paper and here’s the pencil ballpoint pen,  0,4 millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and then here we have Diamine marine ink and it there’s absolutely no feathering that I can see so it takes the fount pen nicely back.

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There is some ghosting, since it’s only 70 grand paper, you can see the ghosting and there is a little bit of bleed through here a little bit with the fountain pen, so Moleskins not known to be the most fountain pen friendly paper in the world. But I guess with a fine name, you could actually use this with a fountain pen and you do have ghosting with pretty much every pen except for the pencil. So if that really bothers you a lot, then you might have to look into a planner that has really thick paper or thicker paper. I don’t really mind it and actually, unlike before, like the Whitfield’s and wrinkles, when you use it so I’m at cups in love with this paper – and I said it’s it’s – the old Moleskine quality paper that I used to love so many years ago, and then it’s Really hard to find these days because they’re very inconsistent with the paper they use and yeah, some badges have good papers and badges have horrendous paper and just never know what you get.

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It lies really flat. It’s another bonus right there, so go super flat and see if I can find the stitching, for you not sure, there’s the stitching, just regular stitching one two, three four yeah well, it seems nice they’ve done it feels like this show should have hold up for a While and not fall apart right away and see, if I forgot anything, I think I covered pretty much everything there is to know about this notebook and, as I said, I definitely want to give this notebook a try for the new year, because I Love to double page in between for the notes, and then I like the vertical layout a lot. That’s what I prefer the most with my planners and, as I said, love loving the paper quality yeah.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave me comment and if you want to see more notebook, entries subscribe to our blog and if you have enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up. Thank you. So much for reading

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