Moleskine Daily Planner Hardcover v Softcover Comparison

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well and you had a good start into the new year. So today I’m gonna do a comparison between the moleskin, hardcover daily planner and the moleskin softcover Daily Planet. So use this one in 2020, and then this one in 2021, and just got done with this one. So I thought I’d do a little comparison and show you the differences. And what I liked and did not like about each one of them.

Again, so this is the hardcover one, it’s pretty sturdy, you can see. And then here we have the soft cover version. And a slight difference here is, besides this one being flexible, and just one not, the cover is slightly different. So they’re both a leatherette cover, but this one actually feels a little more like real leather. So it’s a little softer to the touch than this one.

So in terms of the actual feel, I prefer the soft cover one over the hardcover one, and then the bookmark is exactly the same. And then with the soft car one, the elastic strap is slightly thinner than the one with the softcover. I don’t know if you can see this. This one is slightly thicker with the hardcover versus the softcover. So that’s the only difference.

And then here’s the back, both of them the moleskin logo on the back and lined up together. Yeah, so and then the interior is exactly the same, it is a daily planner. So use this one for most of the year. And same the year before. Double page I didn’t use it can show you, you know, says that tired the day of the week on top, and then which month and then the day and then you have these half hour increments here with the lines from eight to eight.

And I’ve done a flip through and review in depth review of these planners. So if you want to see every single page of this planner that I don’t want to show you because I used it, please feel free to check out the video on my channel. It’s called moleskin planner flip through I believe I can also link it down below so you can lose see every single page in the planner, if you desire. And yeah, so the differences is they both held up really well. My personal opinion is if you travel a lot, if you’re on the go a lot, you might want to feel more comfortable with the hardcover version because it does feel like it is a little bit more durable.

On the outside even though this one took a beating as well on several trips, and it did not fall apart. But I feel like this might be a little bit better in terms of that. And also, this gives you a more sturdy writing surface if you write on the go versus here, you don’t have as much support when you write. So this is because it’s more flexible and dependable easily. So this one makes a sturdy writing surface with the hardcover.

And what else in terms of why I personally prefer the softcover is simply because if you just get a pen on the go, you put it in there, you close this up, the pen stays in there perfectly and you have to worry about losing a pen or finding a pen or taking it with you. And then with the hardcover that is not as simple like doesn’t close up as easily have to kind of put it here in the middle maybe and then you could do it but it’s kind of hard and not really as easy to take a pen with you like this. So that is probably like a little bit of a drawback for me with the hardcover and then they both open up all the way to like perfectly flat and you can really bend them all the way over if you want to write like this, but it feels a little bit bulkier with the hardcover and then with the soft cover which is she’s a little bit more easy to do this and not as bulky so but it works with both if you’d like writing like this, you can do it with either one but as I said it was a little bit easier with the soft cover. So I think those are the main differences I enjoyed using them both and they’re my go to plan are now in already bought a new soft cover for this year for 2022. So decided to go with another soft cover simply because I like just putting my pen in there on the go and not worrying about bringing it with me and where it is and all the stuff.

And I just I kind of like the feel of the soft cover. It just feels really nice in the hand versus the hardcover. But they’re both great planners in one thing know with the soft cover that I We’ll have to mention I have a x large moleskin just notebook, softcover one and after I’ve had it for like almost 10 years, and after a while the softcover, the edges start to completely disintegrate. So I always get these little crumbs in my drawer and now we’re at keep it and it’s kind of annoying. So if you plan on keeping this for forever, then maybe you should go with a hardcover because this extra cover here does not disintegrate or this one might start crumbling as well over the years to come.

What I do, I do not keep my planners only kept those two to show you but I will get rid of them. Now I have a loyal tomb. It’s called some lines a day five year memory book. So you have a section over like five years for each day. And then you can write down the most important things of the day and then keep track of what you did every day year like dislike 2020 2021 time two and so on.

I have also review on this on my channel. So if you’re interested, it’s called loyal to anointed seats in our 1917 Five year memory book. So feel free to check that out as well. If you wondering on how to keep track of everything you did over the years, I love it because it saves room. I don’t have to keep five of these I just have one notebook for everything.

All right, so those are my thoughts on the moleskin daily planner. I really enjoy using it it’s my go to planner. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. For more notebooks videos, please subscribe to my channel. And if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.

Thank you so much for watching.

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