Moleskine Comparison Pro Planner v Project Planner

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Hello, everyone today, i’m doing a comparison between the moleskine pro planner and the pro project planner, so i have done in-depth reviews of both of these planners before so. If you want to know more details, i will link the videos i did previously in the description below, so you can check those out, but today i want to help you guys in case you are wondering which one of these to get and you’re kind of certain To show you the similarities and the differences, and hopefully help you make a decision if you’re interested in one of these planners.

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So they’re, both part of the moleskine pro collection, as their names um, you know say, and the main difference on the outside is that the Pro planner has only one bookmark and the pro project planner has two bookmarks, but they both have elastic straps and they, as you can tell look the same and both available in a large x, large and then an a4, and i think pretty certain that the retail Price on both of these planners is also the same, so you’ll be paying the same if you get them from the moleskine website, regardless of which one you get, and they also pretty much the same thickness as well.

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So the key differences um biggest difference is the pro planner is a dated planner and the project planner is an unlimited planner. So, depending on what time of the year you’re planning on getting one of those, you might want to probably go with an undated. If it’s the middle of the year or if it’s January as right now, maybe you’ll likely get the dated version and then they’re both our weekly planners and okay, let’s get into it a little bit and the main difference is howdy open this up real quick deal With uh information, so you have here a let’s see a second here. You have the monthly overview here with the pro plan and the project. Planner has this type of monthly planning. So since it’s undated you’ll have to fill this out yourself and then here you have.

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Actually, this is the one i bought last year we have the month and then you can put your projects of goals right here and then with this one. You have this page here and then you can put your goals right there and then mark them off, and then you have some empty space here. So that’s the main difference in how you do the monthly planning and then in the beginning, here with the project planner. You also have some overview over like your goals and to write them all out and some inspiration, and then you also have a yearly plan. I don’t think this one has it: it just has a like a yearly calendar and then just goes into the monthly, and then you have a four month plan.

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This is also something the pro planner does not have before it goes into the monthly planning so and then, let’s check out how they structure the weeklies. So this is also a key difference here. You have a vertical planner, that’s dated with the pro planner and then the project planner has a more horizontal layout, which means this is you have an entire timeline here, and this is better for just making lists and checking off to do’s. I think, and then you have a little overview right here so depends on whether you prefer to organize all your information on a timeline like vertically or if you want to check off lists and be a little bit more horizontally. Oriented yeah they’ll, put also into which one you’d rather choose and then how they organize information with this planner.

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You always have a overview for the week the week on two pages, and then you have a double page in between for notes and your projects and your tasks. So there you organize additional information in between each week and here all the weeks are together and one batch. And then after that you have pages to organize additional information and your projects like project progress. And then you can get into your notes and then you can organize all your additional information that you want to keep track of all here in the back and then you have some brainstorming pages and then these perforated pages, this planner also has where it’s here you Only have a few perforated pages in the back and just several blank pages, but then excuse the honking outside and then but then you just have um. You know mostly just the calendar, the planner and then the double page for your additional information. So again it depends. Do you want to organize um your information in between your weeks or do you want to have all your your uh weekly spreads together and then have all your additional information that you work on on all your projects together?

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So you have maybe a better overview back here versus here. You always have to skip in between um the weeks and maybe have to transfer additional to do’s from one week to the next all the time or you can keep it all together. So these are the main differences between those two planners, so it all depends on how you want to organize your weeks and how you want to organize your information, and i hope this little comparison helped. If you want to see writing samples and other dimensions and all that stuff, as i said, i did in-depth reviews of both of these before. I really hope this video has helped you out a little bit.

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