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Hello: everyone today, i’m doing a quick review of the 2021 moleskine daily diary, slash planner uh. I used the hardcover version of this planner last year, still this year 2020s and then i decided to get the softcover version for 2021.. So i thought i’d show it to you before i start using it. The hardcover version is the plan. I actually used the most in 2020 and enjoyed using the most, so i thought i’d get it again in a slightly different version, all right.

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So, let’s check it out and actually before i get into it. If you want to see a comparison between the two, please let me know in the comments and also if you want to see the comparison now between the soft cover and the hardcover version or at the end of 2021, when i will have used them both and We can see which one has held up better and what the differences were. So please leave me a comment all right, so, let’s check it out, it comes with an elastic strap, as you probably most of you know. As i said, this is the large version uh. The dimensions are 5 inches by 8.25, inches or 13 by 21 centimeters, which is slightly slimmer, slash more narrow than an a5, and it has about 400 pages.

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It is a page for every single day, as you can see right there and let’s take off the sleeve here, and it is again just like last year, a desk calendar that you could use if you wanted, to which i probably won’t, and then it comes with A pocket in the back and some stickers and the stickers are actually slightly different colored than last year. This is a little bit more red. This used to be orange last year, and then this is a darker blue. This year – and here you have the history of moleskin, if you’re interested in the quality control sticker and let’s look at the pocket real, quick there, it is, and then it also has one single bookmark right here all right. So let’s check out the actual notebook. Let me show you the cover real, quick, too. I really love this soft leatherette cover that no moleskin makes, even though you see imprints a little bit more from you know like the sleeve and then here from the elastic, but it has a really soft nice feel to it and, as you can see, it Is a soft cover and what’s also nice, is that it lies super flat, let’s see right there and you can even like bend this over all the way.

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You can’t do that with the hard cover and just you could use it on. You know on your lap. Just flipped over like this, it’s just standing up grinding, so yeah anyways, all right! So, let’s get into it. So i’m just going to do a quick flip through. I think it’s exactly the same as last year. So if you’ve seen last year’s video, you might want to skip this one. But if not here it is, it says in case of loss, please return to and then the reward moleskine daily diary 2021 and then here it goes into your personal information where you can write everything down that pertains to you, and here we have the yearly overview. 2021, all the months right here and then we have 2022

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And then here it goes into the monthly calendar section where you have a little square, a box for every single day right there, and it starts here on a monday through sunday and then here’s you know february first and then down here. There is a little section for notes and, as you can see, this paper is only 70 gsm papers, it’s a little thinner and it’s cream colored. But what i was going to point out is that you can see through here from the page before so there is a lot of ghosting with this paper, so also with pens. You need to be mindful that uh, you will have a lot more ghosting, which means that you will see what you’ve written on one side on the other side so he’s february, and it goes on march april and so on the entire year.

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Here’S a monthly overview and then i already railed on these pages last year and i might again because i still think these pages are useless and you can look all of this up on the internet in like five seconds, and i just really wish. Since this is a diary planner that this section would be for goal planning and planning out your year or just blank for whatever you want to do, instead having it filled up with what i think still most people find absolutely useless, even though some people have told Me from last year that they enjoy this, but i’m sorry guys you’re the minority, so he says the global holidays and time zones and measurements and conversions temperature, speed volume, weight, all the stuff, international sizes and dialing codes for all the different countries in the world. Like anyone would use that and then traveling travel planning and then it says extraordinary moments of the years in blank space again, which is not blank because they just wrote stuff on there, and then we have here a world map. I hope the camera picks this up, and then we have some sort of like over here with measurements.

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We can measure inches and centimeters, and then it goes into the diary, the daily pages, and here at the top you have the day of the week, which month it is and then the actual day and it’s starts at eight in the morning. It goes to eight at night, military or european time with twenty is eight, and then you can have you to have art increments, where you can technically plan out your day and down here you can write down the weather and the temperature, if you want to, And it also has moon phases in there, i believe and kind of stuff, and then it tells you over here which week you’re in as well as you can see down here. I think that’s all there is, and you look at the legend real, quick here – yeah moon phases and then within temperature. So it goes throughout the year right there all the way to the back, and then it ends on friday december 31st.

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I also wish there was one page just for the first and then we have notes – and i think these are a few more pages this year – there’s only one page last year, so notes one two and yeah and then the pocket in the back. Here i didn’t do a writing sample this year. I’Ve done plenty of writing samples and all the other mole skins. I have reviewed and yeah. So if you want to see detailed writing samples and moleskine paper, please feel free to check out my other moleskine videos. I have plenty of those on my channel and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video also, let me know if you want to see the comparison between the hardcover and softcover and if you want to see more notebook, videos and planner videos, please subscribe to my channel.

Moleskine 2021 Daily Planner Diary Soft Cover Review and Flip Through 5 51 screenshot

Thank you so much for watching.

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