Leuchtturm 1917 v Artist’s Loft Notebook Comparison


Leuchtturm 1917 B5

Artist’s Loft


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Hello everyone. Today, I am doing a comparison between Leuchtturm 1917 and the Artists Loft journal. They both are a B5. They both are softcover. They are very similar notebooks, except for the Leuchtturm  has additional features and the price is there’s a big difference.

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So, let’s get started, as I said, they both are a B5 is means they’re, slightly bigger than an A5. The dimensions are 7 inches by 10 inches or 17.7 by 25 centimeters. The Leuchtturm has a hundred, and twenty-one pages in, the Artist’s Loft has a hundred and twenty eight pages.

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As I said, softcover they Leuchtturm slightly sturdier, there’s a soft cover because it does have a pocket in the back.

Leuchtturm 1917 v Artists Loft Notebook Comparison 0 46 screenshot

The Artists Loft does not so you can see this notebook is quite a bit more flexible.

  Leuchtturm 1917 v Artists Loft Notebook Comparison 0 53 screenshot    

They both have an elastic strap. The quality looks like pretty much the same with both of them. They look very similar and they feel like nice quality.

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Then both have bookmarks artists, lofts are a little wider and shorter, and then the noise to carry thinner and a little longer, and it both have that two-tone feature. As you can see the silver and the navy and then the green, the white, both pretty bookmarks. I prefer these a little more just because they’re bigger and they don’t look as flimsy as these guys.

Leuchtturm 1917 v Artists Loft Notebook Comparison 1 24 screenshot

The actual cover is smoother on the Artist Soft and i don’t know if the camera picks is up. There is more of a texture with the Leuchtturm. I personally prefer this cover, it’s also pretty colored Lechtturm does not have this type of brown in their color palette anymore, but both are available in several different colors. You can go check that out. But this notebook feels nicer in your hands to hold because it is smoother this one’s a little bit rougher, but the extra cover is slightly thicker and stiffer with the Leuchtturm than it is with the Artist’s Loft.So it might be a little bit more durable with the Leuchtturm.

 Leuchtturm 1917 v Artists Loft Notebook Comparison 2 28 screenshot

Here you can see the give of elastic straps and in the back there is absolutely no logo on the artist’s loft and then you have to wait two months to see be sitting right. There and let’s open it up, they both have a slightly thicker cover page write, your name and your address and your voice to them.

Leuchtturm 1917 v Artists Loft Notebook Comparison 3 1 screenshot

And then the key differences are the features and the merchandise and CB scene ends the colour of the paper. So election ones in season has four pages for table content right here, so that makes it more organized. If you take a lot of notes – and it also has numbered pages – so if you want to refer back to your notes with the page number, that would be easier in the Leuchtturm 1917 do this is a line one. The artist left is only available in this size, I believe as a blank one and is a dot grid as an A5. They also have graph a belief and lined buttons us at this size only as two different versions, Leuchtturm has blank lined dot grid and I’m not sure if this one’s also available to graph you’d have to checked it out on their webs like.


It also has a pocket in the back. Artists Loft is not and then archival stickers and I believe the last 8 or 10 pages here are perforated, so you can tear those out. So these are the main differences between these two notebooks. If these extra features are worth it to you, then you might want to pay up for the price. If not, then you might be really well off with the Artist Loft.



I can see the paper color. The light in here is a really yellow since it’s winter and those sounds really golden, but you can still see that this is just a plain white paper and then this is a cream-colored or Ivory colored paper. I personally prefer the color of the paper in the Leuchtturm. I think it’s easier on the eye just feels nicer to look at this is really bright and in your face I don’t really love super bright paper, but that’s a personal preference.


Both are 80 gram paper. The paper feels slightly thinner for some reason, with the artist’s loft : I’m not sure why, but it does just just a tad, but, as you can see in a minute, it’s essentially the same paper quality and I’d have to do with the fact that this Leuchtturm uses a different paper than their a5 notebooks. This notebook is made in China. I believe they’re 85 s I made in Taiwan. I believe so that might have to do with the differences in the paper quality. So this paper is not as good as the ones in the 85 s and I’m actually a little disappointed with this paper.


And see that when you look at the writing sample that perform very similar, you have the fountain pen with the Leuchtturm and then The fountain pen, with the Artist Soft and there’s just a tad bit more fan with artists off, but not really by much. No, like you barely notice noticeable,


The biggest surprise is that the ghosting is actually worse in the Leuchtturm. You can see more show through and then the fountain pen was just about to bleed through with the Leuchtturm.


With the artists soft. It’s also coming through a little more than the litem just a tad more, but essentially I think it is pretty much the same paper quality.


So I’m really impressed with the Artists Loft notebook compared to the Leuchtturm 1917,  because here’s the thing this notebook, the Leuchtturm 1917 retails on their website for $ 24, this one retails at Michael’s for five dollars. So this notebook is almost five times the price of this notebook. So all the extra features considered is it worth paying almost five times the money for this notebook. In my opinion, no. 


I don’t know how well this notebook will hold up. I have not used this brand before I just bought this recently, so maybe this will fall apart really quickly when I use it. I don’t know about that, something that might play into this. If this really falls apart, I will do it. Durability, video after I’m done using it to bear with me of a lot of notebooks. I don’t know how soon I’ll get around to using this one, and I still haven’t finished it up this one either so anyways.


If you want a great little notebook for an amazing price, I highly recommend this. I still love Leuchtturm 1917, and especially the paper in there are 85 notebooks. I don’t think this one is worth it with that paper quality they chose to use for the B5 journals I may be by now. They switch back to a better paper in these because I got this probably a couple years ago, so they might have. You know gotten better paper in those again, I don’t know.


If you have any questions about these notebooks feel free to leave me a comment if you have experienced with using these notebooks I’d love to hear your opinion as well. If you enjoyed this snow notebook entry, please give me a thumbs up and for more entries subscribe to my Blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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