LeStallion Notebook Review

A5; 216 pages; 120 gsm ivory colored pages;




Disclaimer: I was provided with samples for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link.


Hello, everyone, I hope, you’re all of doing well today, I’m going to review these notebooks made by the company, Le Stallion. They have a line and document version available of these notebooks and four different colors, and I have here the desert, brown and the ash gray black all right. So, let’s check them out.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 0 15 screenshot

Let’s start with the desert brown, which is the line version. As you can see, it’s a leatherit cover its tech, has a sled a nice leather, texture too. It has the company logo on the front here Le Stallion and then in the back it says: Les Tallion,

Le Stallion Notebook Review 0 35 screenshot

It has this really nice bookmark and with metallic charm, which gives it is elevated, look in my opinion and it has rounded edges as you can see.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 0 45 screenshot

Right there and there is not too much overhang with the paper, maybe a millimeter or two and then the edges are brown. So it’s a nice little contrast to the more yellowish brown of the cover. I think it looks even better on the ash gray black, but it’s still a nice little touch and the journal is stitched and bound, let’s open it up.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 0 58 screenshot

You have a little thank-you card here and then also a little card on how to plan your goals and write them down on the back here with some instructions, and then we have a I’d say this is a dark brown cover page right here you can put Your name and information and then it’s four pages table of content right there and it goes into the journal.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 1 27 screenshot

It is a numbered journal, so let’s see all the numbers right here and it’s 216 pages total with the table of content and as I said, this is a line version here. You can see the lines and there is a slightly darker line at the bottom and at the top and there’s a slight margin around the lines here so they don’t call all the way through and it is seven millimeter lines

Le Stallion Notebook Review 1 50 screenshot

The dimensions of this journal are 8 inches. Sorry, 5.3, sorry, 5.8 by 8, inches or 14 point 8 by 20 point 2 centimeters. So it’s in a a 5 essentially, alright.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 2 19 screenshot

So, let’s keep going on the journal, let’s check out the back. It also has a pocket in the back and let’s check out my writing sample.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 2 43 screenshot

This is a 120 gram hundred 20 GSM paper, so it’s fairly thick, so it is more fountain-pen friendly and, as I said, it’s ivory colored and let’s check out the writing sample real quick. Here we have pencil a ballpoint pen 0.7. Gel pen, 1, millimeter, hybrid pen, and then we have a rollerball pen and, lastly, the pilot metropolitan medium nib diamond marine ink.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 2 51 screenshot

Let’s check out the back, so there is hardly any ghosting and absolutely no bleed through. So if you are somebody who does not like ghosting at all, this is definitely notebook for you and if you like, fountain pens as well, the only thing is when you write with a fountain pen, you will get a little bit of feedback with the paper. It’s not going to be super smooth, writing experience, but if that doesn’t matter to you, then I can definitely recommend this notebook to you.


Le Stallion Notebook Review 3 49 screenshot

I like that it’s ivory colored paper. I personally prefer that over a crisp white paper, I think it looks a little bit more elegant and also really, I love this little charm here in the foot mark. It’s like a double bookmark, which is all these slight little details that elevate this notebook in my opinion, just like the different colors cover pages and stuff.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 3 54 screenshot

Let’s check out the black one, real, quick. It’s essentially the same notebook, it’s just duct grid paper, as you can see just to show you as well. I’m gonna select margin with the dots at the edges here and it is numbered. Everything is really exactly the same same bookmark same everything.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 4 23 screenshot 1

I like the contrast, a little bit better here with the brown and black. I think it looks really pretty, but then overall, I prefer this color over the ash, gray black and my opinion is the prettiest color.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 4 48 screenshot

It also lies super flat. Let me show you that real quick, since it is a soft cover right there. Alright, let’s get into it, see right like super flat.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 5 10 screenshot

Another thing that I like about this notebook, let me see if I forgot anything, I think that’s pretty much it for this notebook. I definitely like the looks of it. It has light nice details that distinguish it from other notebooks that make those interesting for me, and I, like this a little logo here at the front since I like horses, but even if you don’t, I don’t think it’s very intrusive so nicely designed.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 5 27 screenshot

It also comes, I almost forgot, in this attractive gift box and again a nice detail is that the brown one the horse is brown and then here it is black, so they really pay attention to details like that.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 5 54 screenshot

Here in the back it says, whilst Many will settle and get comfortable. You will stay focused on your path to greatness, and then it’s all the information about the journal at the bottom here so makes it more attractive.

Le Stallion Notebook Review 5 59 screenshot

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