LeStallion Notebook Collection

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Hello everyone today, i just want to show you the complete la stallion notebook collection, real, quick i’ve already done an in-depth review of this brand. I will link it in the description down below, so you can go check it out, but today i just want to show you the colors real quick!

lestallion notebook

These are all the colors they have available right now and if you have any further questions, just leave me a comment. So the first color is the khaki cream. So it’s this gorgeous light brown, off-white color. That looks absolutely gorgeous with the two-tone edges. Here of the pages – and this is like a i’d say – rust, brown, and all the notebooks are available on blind in the line version or a dot red version. So let’s set the khaki cream right here.

lestallion notebook

This is the back, absolutely beautiful, and then here you see the bookmark all right. Let’S check out the next one. The next one is called the desert brown. I love this color too. You can see it here with the two-tone and then the back right here. All right and then the next one is called the cocoa brown. Since it’s slightly darker brown, it looks like with the edges of the pages there you go, as i said. If you want to more about this, notebook feel free to check out the in depth review that i did a while back. I will link it down below and probably also at the end of this video, and this is the ash gray black.

lestallion notebook

This is the last color they have. I like this one, a lot too. I love all these colors because i personally prefer earth tones and more subtle colors. I don’t like crazy colors that are like bright and stuff. I like dark, subdued classic looking colors that mimic real leather. So i really love all of these, and here you can see them all together compared what they look like.

So i hope this helps if you want one of these and you’re not totally sure which color to get, i hope, it’ll help you with your choice and if, as i said, if you have any questions recreated in the comments, if you want to see More notebook videos, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching~!

Can visit their website at : https://lestallion.com/

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