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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re all doing well so today, I’m gonna be reviewing the JMB living journal, so this journal is essentially a mindfulness and self-care journal with a lot of general prompts a lot of information to help you take care of yourself be more Mindful explore your dreams and just live a more balanced life all right, so let’s get started so first of all, this journal comes in this lovely little pouch when you order it right there, which also makes it a nice gift for somebody in my opinion, and Then it also came with a little bookmark and then this little pouch and some flowers in it, since this is the spring journal and then what’s really nice is some tabs, so you can mark your most important pages, so really nice touches when you order it. It also came with a thank you card, so let’s look at the dimensions. Real, quick. This journal is 8 inches by 10 inches or 20.5 by 25 centimeters and, as you can see, it is spiral bound.
JMB Living Journal Review 1

It is a softcover with a cardboard cover here and then the pages are fairly thick. My guess is like just over 120 gsm, or so it is numbered 160 pages, and then it has a pouch here pocket in the back, and here you can see the double spiral it feels pretty sturdy pretty well made really nicely put together. So this is a three months journal or is one journal for every season? So, as you can see, this is the spring journal. It starts in April, and this is a dated planner, which means this is for spring 2021 and what I also like about it when you look on the website, is that every planner is designed differently according to the season.

So if you get this four times a year, it’ll always look a little different have different trail prompts in its different information. So it’s always a little different and it really keeps your interest that way all right. So, let’s check it out, you can see it says spring journal 2021. You can put your name phone number and email in there and then. As I said, what it really helps you to do is be more mindful.

JMB Living Journal Review 2

It has some challenges in there to be more mindful. Some setting attentions affirmations you can do. There will always be prompts for gratitude. You can create a vision board and it also has a habit tracker in it and all kinds of good stuff. So it’s a really well thought through journal all right, and i also think it’s really nicely designed and I think it’s designed and geared towards women or men that are in touch with their feminine side.

But i think it mostly appeals to women and yes do a little flip through and let’s check it out together. So here’s an index of what’s in there, then here it tells you how to use this planner and some suggestions, and it goes here into a vision board. You can create a little collage here, what you want to create in your life and then it has annual dreams, and this journal calls goals so goal-setting getting in touch with your dreams because it appeals more to your emotional side to connect with your heart And live more from your soul instead of just, trying purely from your mind to achieve things, it essentially moves you from your mind into your heart. So that’s why the creator of this journal chose to call this your dream page, and this is like your dreams and your vision for the entire year, and then this is. The seasonal dream path means for the next three months.

JMB Living Journal Review 3

What you’d like to create in your life and then it goes here into the monthly overview, as you can see it’s April 2021 and it can set intentions here, and it has some prompts here and then some little things that suggestions, what to do and what to indulge in and then go through into the monthly overview of may and then June as well, and then here we start with the month of April. You write down the steps you want to take in April for the different areas of your life, so it doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your life as spiritual relationships, abundance, health, growth and fun, and then it also has a habit tracker for the month, like One thing to make one thing to break: it’s like, for example, You want to work out, you contract it here or wanting to break like no more sugar or something like that.

So one thing to give up and one thing to start doing in your life, including in your life and then here it goes into the weekly overview and then it always gives the week like a little title here. It says tiny miracles of nature, and then it gives you a little mindfulness challenge like, for example, here in the first week to be more mindful of the little things that you come across when you go on walks in nature, and then it gives you reflections for The week, how have fun this week – and one thing I will say no to this week and then again a little bit of information here and then some insights and then every day here it starts with the day Monday April 5th.

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This is how every pretty much every day looks like. There’S a little quote right here to inspire you and then you can plan your day.. You can write down your appointments or your to-do’s for the day. You could also just journal here for the day and then it says what you’re grateful for today’s affirmation and then one thing i can do today to move it towards creating my dreams, so like your most important to do for the day and then also commitment to Self-Care my best win, beauty, I now noticed, and what gave me joy so always really focusing on the positive things in life and bringing you back to your center and then it goes into Tuesday and then every day essentially looks the same, except for notice.

It alternates between abundance in my life and today I feel grateful for from day to day, but the rest is the same in terms of how he uses and then every day is like a different little quote here to inspire you and then it also has these Nice little pages, and it introduces women that do certain things to help them take care of themselves and how they create mindfulness and balance in their lives. So you have a little quarter story here from these women and then other prompts to little DUI projects and all kinds of different stuff to keep you engaged and interested. And so here we go through the week and then here it’s for the weekend. It just says the weekend, so you have more free space here to really get more creative. You gotta just journal or you can also again do some to-do’s and then again one of my favorite activities in spring.

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So the creator of the journal Julie. She shares what she likes to do in spring and then again you have this beautiful double page here of another woman, how she connects with herself and with nature and all kinds of different stuff, and then it goes into week two and then it repeats Itself, so I’m just gonna flip through real quick to show you the rest of it and won’t take too much time, otherwise, we’ll be here for half an hour. So this is what April looks like from week to week. It’S always the same and then a little DUI project here and it just keeps going before and then let’s show you how the month ends. So here we have the end of April and then it has like another like story here and then at the end of every month it says my collections, notes, ideas and inspiration and then it says April reflections.

So you can look back on your month and see what you know. What worked out? What moved you all the beautiful little moments that you had that month and just really again reflect and go deep within and just get in touch with yourself, and then it goes into may again, you can write down the steps you want to take in May for the different areas of your life and then the progress tracker and then, let’s keep flipping through here through may real quick, and i think this is absolutely beautifully designed really nicely put together a lot of beautiful images in here like photographs and just the way it’s put together and like the graphic design, is really nice, like all these leaves look really pretty and again, there’s more mindfulness prompts women talking about them their stories and then there’s also some poems in here. So this was, may I’m just gonna flip it through. So you can see the entire journal real, quick in case you’re interested in getting it, and I do have a discount code for you that I will put in the description below.

JMB Living Journal Review 6

Okay, let’s keep moving here and then here let’s see it’s the 12th week again with my mindfulness challenge for the week. So every week has like a different mindfulness challenge and then we’re almost through here – and here you have your own reflections again on the weekend. All right week, 13 and then you have July 1st, and then this is the last week in here and again some mindfulness tips, and then you can reflect on june here as well and then it goes into the notes for next season. And then you have an overview here of the months to come for 2021 and then 2020 year, 20. 2022.

So we have the next 12 months here on the page and then I did a writing sample for you guys. It’S really nice paper quality. They said it’s fairly thick to me because, like at least 120 g’s and pretty thick paper and as i said, it’s 160 pages in total, so here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, hybrid pen, a couple of gel pens, a rollerball and the fountain pen, a Pirate metropolitan medium nib with diamond marine ink and then, when you look here in the back, there is hardly any ghosting. You really have to look hard and there’s absolutely no bleeds here. So really nice paper, a nice sleek paper that you can use a lot of different pens with and definitely also fountain pens.

JMB Living Journal Review 7

It’S a really really great journal. If you want to get more centered have a more balanced life, get more in touch with yourself, especially now. We still live in a pretty challenging time right now, lots going on in the world, and this really helps you to move inward again and create a more balanced life and take good care of yourself, which is really important right now, with everything going on in the World, so I think this is a great option for doing so, and it’s really really beautiful, designed to just like fun to pick this up and look through it and read through it and just engage with it every day. So i definitely recommend this and, as i said, i have a discount code for you guys it’s journaljoy, I’ll put it in the description until the end of the month, which is March 31st. 2021 You can get 20 off your first purchase of this journal or if it’s after March when you’re watching this starting April 1st 2021, you can get 10 off your first purchase.

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So again, i will put it in the description if you’re interested feel free to check out the website. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment: if you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more notebook videos and journal videos, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching!

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