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Hello, everyone so today, i’m doing a review of the better everyday journal made by the company inside than out all right. So let’s dive into it here is how the journal comes in this nice little gift box. It says inside and out prioritizing what’s inside and you can see the sides and the back. So it’s this nice little  cardboard box and i like that – it’s completely recyclable. So it does something good for the environment too. If you recycle this – and it says the journey begins and i think it’s attractive presentation, especially if you want to give this to somebody – and here is the journal: let’s get this out there, we go.Inside Then Out Better Every Day Journal Review 0 0 screenshot Let’s put this on the side, so this is a hardcover, leatherette or vegan leather cover, and has this nice little flutter texture to it and then it’s gold embossing says better every day. Hence the name better everyday journal and then down here it says inside and out and there’s the spine, it’s pretty flat here and here’s the back just really clean nice and black, and it has pointy edges here and about two three millimeter overhang with the cover. I just wish it was a little less, but that’s just my personal preference and then here we have the bookmark and i like that the bookmark is long because it never gets like stuck here on the edges.

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So that’s nicely thought through and it’s also a nice quality bookmark, as you can see right there all right. So the journal is an a5, which means it is 5.8 by 8.5 inches or 14.8 by 21 centimeters and it has 383 pages and it is stitched and bound and it has 100 gsm paper. So it’s a little bit thicker paper, which is better for bleed, through which you’ll see a little bit later.

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When i show you my writing sample all right. So what this journal is about is that it has a journal prompt for every single day of the year. 365 days, and then it has the lines here to write down the answers to all these prompts that you find in this journal and it has a margin around the edges here with the lines and i’d say that lines are dark gray and, as you can see, is the set up it’s it says the month and the date here at the top and then there’s a question. What area of your life do you thrive in, for example,  and then it has draw prompts for every single day of the year and let’s show you more detail how this is laid out. So as you go into it, it says bed every day and it’s designed by nya jones.

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I hope i pronounced that name correctly and then it says this journal belongs to can write down your name in which you used it in and then it explains to you how it came to be and the thoughts behind it and then here it shows you, the Content what i really like about this journal also is that it explores different areas of your life, so it starts with self-awareness. Then understanding your past love relationships, self-care happiness habits, passion, personal growth and then goals, and then it goes into the first day of january and let’s look at the writing sample real quick.

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So here we have pencil, ballpoint pen, hybrid pen, a 0.5 millimeter gel pen, a 0.7 millimeter gel pen. I roll a ball and then we have here the pilot, metropolitan, medium, nib diamond marine ink and let’s flip it over, and you have hardly any ghosting here with all the pens except the fountain pen has a little bit of pleat through right there. So it’s not super font and pen friendly paper, but you should be okay with a fine nib and a little bit drier ink and you know not super broad nibs. You should be. You know able to use a fountain pen if you really want to, but all other pens it performs really well and, as i said, you barely have any ghosting.

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You cannot really see any writing on the other side, just barely so it’s a nice quality paper and then the paper color just is just plain white, i’d, say, and so here my thoughts in this journal to me, the greatest gift of journaling is to get to Know yourself better and it has such made such a huge difference in my personal life to journal every day and to really explore myself and my world. But i know that a lot of people struggle with, not knowing what to write about and really how to go about the journey of self-exploration and self-reflection.

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So i think this notebook is a really great tool to do so, because it really, you know, spurs your creativity and your imagination by asking you a question every single day that you then sit down and answer, and i think this is a really nice notebook. As a gift for yourself or others, especially right now in these times we’re like we’re stuck at home, and this is really time to go inward and to really look within yourself – and you know just figure out who you are and what you want to do with Your life and what you want to get out of it, and i think this journal is a really great tool for that.

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So i think it’s great. I definitely would recommend this and i’ll give it two thumbs up, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. If you have enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more notebook, videos subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching.

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