How to choose a Planner for 2021

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well almost happy new year yay.

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Finally, 2020 was a bit of a challenging year for most of us. It certainly was for me. Today I want to help you find a new planner for 2021. If you don’t know what to get yet and you’re a little bit on the fence, I hope I can help you make the decision a little bit easier and I’m going to show you a few planners and actually saw this meme going around on social media, that asked what was the most useless purchase of 2020 and it said a planner, and I do not fully agree because, even though most of us are stuck at home for most of the year me personally, my planner still helped me to bring some structure into my day and ultimately, more stability and comfort.

Sometimes it was as simple as scheduling self-care like taking a bath or taking a walk or just watching a movie and just making time for myself and taking care of my mental health and my emotional well-being, which were you Know challenging for most of us this year, but I’m really hoping 2021 is going to be a much better year. I’m really really hopeful and hopefully also get to use our planners more to schedule more outdoor activities and see our friends.

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So, let’s dive in on choosing the right planner for you, so essentially the best planner, for you is the one you use, that’s really as simple as that, the one you will take with you, the most till you open the most that you take notes in the Most, that is the best planner for you and us. I’ve went through different criteria on helping you find the best planner and it moves your boys down to size layout and how structured you want it all right. It starts with size when it comes to planners, yeah size doesn’t matter anyway, so you have usually a choice of pocket version.

Then, like an a5 size version, and then you have larger planets like this – is like a moleskin x allen and can govern larger within a and unfortunately, I do not have a ton of planners to show you, because I do not keep most of my planners. So I wish I had a few more but these will do and yeah you really got to think about size. If you on the go a lot hopefully next year, you probably would want something smaller, like a pocket or an a type of version that you can put in your bag or backpack more easily, instead of something bigger like this, I mean some people don’t mind carrying This around and for me this would be too big bulky, clunky and heavy, and i probably just not use it as much.

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So that’s the first criteria, size, you know equals portability and weight and when it also comes to size, which also takes me to the layout, is how detailed do you want your notes to be in your planner? There is, which I can’t really show you, because I don’t have one, but let me see looking to find a page in here.

You essentially have to choice between a monthly layout, which would be something just like this, where you have a month on a page or a double page, and then you have weekly options like these two and then it’s usually, weekly vertical and then weekly horizontal, and I can also show you this in here as well with the moleskine counter here so and then you have the daily one and that’s essentially it, and then you also have undated planners and goal planners, which I will touch upon later, where you have actually a day On two pages, like the full focus planner here, but it is an undated planner, so essentially have one double page for one day, but then that’s only a 90 day planner and not for the entire year and yeah. Also, the moleskin project plan here, which is undated, but you have a more of a horizontal layout with your planner, so this spoils out your preference.

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If you more about to-do lists, I would recommend a more horizontal layout with a weekly planner or a daily planner and again, if you want to do a monthly planner, I think monthly planners are fine for people that don’t not want to write a lot down, as Just for appointments and maybe birthdays, but not for actually organizing your day, then you could use a monthly planner. I do not know a lot of people that only use monthly planners, most of them use weekly or daily planners, but that’s just for very few information.

That’s being put in your actual planner, i think otherwise, you just don’t have enough space, and then you have an option of a weekly planner and then a daily planner and for the weekly, as i said, if you like to take, take jot down to-do lists. I think you’re better off with like a more horizontal layout like this one or there’s also this one here. This is the thing also a moleskin way, just you know, have just more room for to do’s versus planners that are vertically organized and structured, where you just essentially have a timeline where you just mark off and block out time for when you want to Do what and when you have more appointments?

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So if you really want to structure your day very strictly and like really schedule every hour of every day, you’re probably better off with a vertical format, if you like more to-do, lists or check things off, maybe you’re better off with a horizontal format. But in the end, it’s also preference you could do both in either one so and then again a daily planner. If you want to take more detailed notes and create a time schedule like on one side like as you have like with the moleskin here, a timeline, and then you can also have more space for to-do lists or whatever or take notes in it, because you essentially Have a lot of space in a daily planner me personally, I used to love weekly planners and just not really daily planners they’re too bulky for me, but now I’ve switched, whereas now I find seeing an entire week like just all at once to me it feels A little overwhelming, but if I only see one day at a time to me that feels more manageable. So that’s why my preference changed and yeah but, as I said, that’s totally up to you what you prefer and then there is.

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Also, how structured do you want your planner? These are dated planners where you do not have to deal with putting in what day it is, and – and you know what, what day of the week and the actual date and all this stuff up, you can also go for a version like this. This is an undated planner, so you can start this whenever you want.

This is the moleskin project planner. I just did whoops a review on this guy, so there’s and there’re other versions and forms of this out there as well on the internet. I will link these what I have here below .

I also mostly use moleskin planners because I just like the classic sleek stylish look of just plain black and . This one is a leuchttan noinsencipsen planner. I can also try to find one on Amazon, for you guys. I know there’s tons of different planner companies that make great planners.

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These are just the ones I use just you can go on the internet. Do a little research to see what you can come up with. and then, if you want something even more structured than this, you can use a goal planner like, the full focus planner, where you write down all your to-do’s here and all your tasks, it’s already laid out for you.

Rhree most important ones, your other tasks And then you have a timeline where you can schedule out your entire day and then you have additional notes, so you can get in really in tons of detail, even though just about all you put in here is the time even it’s undated, it’s still pretty structured and If you want something more of a free-flowing system that is, you know more flexible, you could try out starting a bullet journal where it’s essentially just a blank notebook that you take, and then you create the lists and you write down the weeks and your to-do’s And all that stuff and there’s tons of great videos on YouTube that teach you how to set up a bullet journal. So I’m not going to go into that, but that’s a great option too.

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If you want to have more flexibility – and you want it less structured and in terms of structure, it really also depends on how you want to use your planner. So, do you simply want to use it for writing down information like appointments and maybe a few to-do items? So it’s actually just a tracking device, or do you actually want it to be a motivational planner and it helps you with setting goals. So that will change too and what type of planning you pick, because things like, the full focus, planner and there’s also the best self planner and the passion planner,

I believe in a bunch of other ones. They really help you get into your goals. Like you for example, you set yearly goals and then here you have a weekly preview and then you can write down all your goals and steps that you need to break down for achieving your goals and all this stuff.

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So you can get really into a lot of detail in actually having a planner help. You achieve a specific goal versus just writing down appointments and just to-do lists for the day, but which might not actually move you forward in life or you can write down. Inspirational quotes like this planner has inspirational quotes here at the top. You can write down your own or you just buy a planet that has some in them.

If you really want to stay positive and optimistic and help you move forward in life, so and then there is the option of doing, of course, a hard cover. Planner like this one or a soft cover planner, I mean it is just really a personal preference for this here.

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I picked this off cover one, the other ones. I’ve used in the past, usually hardcover, just whatever. If you like, a more flexible when it lays open – or if you want a sturdy surface because you’d probably take it on the go a lot, it might get beaten up a lot in your backpack or purse or whatever and. So you might want to go for something more sturdy like a hard cover than a soft cover, and then there’s also the option of getting a spiral bound planner. I do not love spell bound planners and notebooks per se, because it’s always hard to write on the side where the spirals are, and then you kind of like anyways yeah. So not my favourite.

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But if you prefer that that’s an option as well and then the last thing is the paper quality. If you really insist on writing with fountain pens in your planner, I would recommend I have not tried them out yet personally, but there is great Japanese planners out there, like the hobonichi echo, you can find a link in the description that use 52 gsm tome river Paper, which is really lightweight paper, so your planet does not weigh a ton, but it brings it a benefit of being a fountain pen friendly, whereas moleskine is not really fountain pen friendly paper and you will get bleed through.

If you use a fountain pen in this and see it on the other side, but the benefit of moleskine is it is 70 gsm paper.

So it is slightly lighter, because if you go up with thicker papers, you will have a heavier planner like. I think the full focus planner might even use 100 gsm paper, so it’s like nice and little thicker, but then this is only for 90 days and not for the entire year.

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If you had this entire year, I mean it would be like this, like it’d, be, like essentially the bible, so I think I’ve covered the most important things. I’M just looking at my notes right here and see if I’ve forgotten anything. So hopefully, this video helped and I didn’t confuse you more than you already were and. If you have any more questions and you have any feedback on, please leave me a comment.

Also. Let me know what planner you use or plan on using for next year and what your favorite planners are, and why and I’m just really curious to see how other people organize their days in the year, and I’m wishing you all an amazing 2021.

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I really hope it’s going to be a great year for all of us and take care, stay, healthy, stay, safe and hopefully it’ll be great all right. So thank you so much for watching. Please give this video a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it. If you want to see more videos and notebooks and planners, and all that good stuff subscribe to my channel and thanks for watching!

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