Greenroom Notebook Review

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Hey everyone: this is a quick review of the Greenroom Spiral Notebook.

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The size of this notebook is 8 by 6. It’S about an a5. As I said, it’s a little spiral bound as you can see here, and the reason I decided to review. This is because it is eco friendly and has really nice quality paper it’s recycled, so I’m not sure about how long this paper is going to last. If it is archival quality or not, but it is certainly nice paper.

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It’s about 80 sheets or 160 pages and let’s check it out. I already started using this, so there might be some marks here and there it’s like it. Has this letter like patent. It to it, it says notebook here and silver and the cover is really really smooth. I really like the feel that it’s kind of like a leather it like feel and another thing I really like about this notebook. Is it extremely flexible and bendable, and I should really do this with it and you know just feels really nice

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Bt still when you open it up and you want to ride in it, you really have enough support to just hold it with one hand and Just write in it this one’s line, it’s college-ruled. The lines can go all the way to the end. Here you see, there’s no Margen all the way around and then it says green room down here which doesn’t really bother me and the lines actually little dots. I think you can see this here and the paper is off-white.

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It’s comical, but cream-colored really smooth it has a nice touch, feel it. It feels really great to write on this. I do a writting test back here on the last page. I’ll show you here with a regular jump in like a apology to type of pen.

Greenroom Notebook Review 2 1 screenshot

It does not bleed through there a little bit of ghosting, which is pretty normal for a paper this thickness.

Greenroom Notebook Review 2 9 screenshot 1

So the only thing that I noticed I don’t like so much is that it actually takes a while for this to dry, so you can see the marks here for my real writing test and, as I said, I’ve already started using this.

Greenroom Notebook Review 2 19 screenshot

I really like it on the go, as I said, I don’t know since this recycled paper the paper last forever, if it will fall apart one day or not, the color is really pretty it’s kind of like blue greenish, turquoise con type of color. I like using this, for you know quick notes. I think this be great for like a school project or another project or something where I take notes and you don’t need to keep them forever. Okay, I’m really happy with this.

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As I said, it’s eco friendly made from recycled materials and recycled paper and go check it out online. Thank you for reading.

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