Ghost Paper Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone today I’m doing a review of this notebooks made by the company Ghost Paper. So let’s get started

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The dimensions on this notebook are 6 inches by 8 inches or about 15 by 20 centimeters, and this is a very unique notebook in a minute I’ll show you why.

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But this is how comes when you order it, It comes shrink-wrapped just to show you and it is gray this is faux leather soapy leather as a fairly smooth cover here, as you can see.

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It comes with a white elastic straps open this up and since the cover is quite soft, there are some imprints from the elastic right here and I’ll stop there, you can see because it’s a fairly thin cover and it’s a quite flexible notebook, as you can see.

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What’s nice about it, is that it comes with a pen loop that works really well. So it’s a great bonus right there, so you don’t lose your pen or didn’t know where to put it, and it has this really nice-looking high-quality bookmark right. There really nicely done also white.

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Then you open it up. Just a blank white cover page and you can see the edges are pointy square or section of book is slightly rounded and there there’s the paper and there’s not much overhang, maybe a millimeter which is also nice.

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Let’s open it up and it’s quite wide paper and what is really neat about this notebook and what I’ve actually never seen before is that it has embossed and then on the back deep bust lines, which is really cool. I think I hope the camera picks this up and if you can see this embossing right here, it’s eight millimeter new rulings and lines that are embossed standard paper and it’s a 96 sheet for 892 pages and in the back you can see had the boss right Here right there see that it’s actually in the paper. So when you ride on it you still, you know you have the guidance off the lines, but they are absolutely not intrusive. Some people don’t like I actually don’t either when the lines are really dark and sick. I find it kind of distracting from my writing experience, so this is perfect for people that don’t really like that, but still want that guidance on the page.

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So here is my writing sample. There is a pencil ballpoint pen right here, 0.4 millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel in and then there’s a Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink and there’s a litle feathering rut. Not really so I performed quite well with some fountain I’d say so. I also try this out because I thought that when you write over the lines it actually might really show and which might be distracting to if you just you know, want to go over it and do some sketching or something. But as you can see, it doesn’t really show it all. When you write over these lines and when you like, I drew this with a pencil and then it doesn’t even look like show here. I don’t think my opinion may be tad when I showed this in with a pencil, I’m not really, here in the side I root over the lines right there and you can’t really see that there’s no like disruption, you know in the line

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In the back there’s some ghosting system matter. What I did here is a pencil as you can see, there’s some ghosting and there is it assembly, true with fountain pens. So it’s not it’s not super fountain pen friendly. So if you want to you fountain pen, I’d recommend define it on this. One definite either way one because there will bleed through, but fine and ones are fineGhost Paper Notebook Review 4 49 screenshot


The paper feels really nice. It does feel like a nice quality. That’s pretty white! You can see the stitching nicely done from the whole notebook stitched and bound

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Here’s the spine and then in the back the Ghost Paper logo embossed right there and then here’s the website,, and let me see what else, I think those are all the features.

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Ghost Paper was nice enough to send me a discount code for your for my viewers, so it will be JRNLJOY1. It will be in the description box exactly how to spell it out and you get 20 % or $ 5 off, and I do not bennefit from this discount. It’s just really thank you for you guys, thanks for reading this entry and supporting my blog .

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If you are interested it go check out, the link can order through Amazon use the discount code at 20 % off, and any questions feel free to leave me a comment for more notebooks entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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