Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook DURABILITY

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well so today I want to talk about the durability and quality of the scale and leather Tome River notebook. I did an original review of this notebook before I started using it. So I’m going to post the original video in the description below if you want to check it out and know more details about this notebook. So it took me about seven, seven and a half months to fill this up. It’S 400 pages, so yeah took quite a few months, but now I’m done with it, and I must say I am really impressed with the quality of this notebook.

Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook 1Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook 2

It has held up extremely well. As you can see, the green leather is still in really great condition, and I took this on a couple trips and it was in bags in the backpack, and I just carried it around with me. So it still looks great in my opinion and then one thing I was a little worried about with this notebook. As you can see, it is stitched right here, but then it is directly glued to the binding right here. So I was really worried about the glue coming undone and then the page is getting loose there, but as you can see, it is still super tight.

Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook 3Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook 4

When you open it up like nothing’s falling out, it’s still in really great condition, and it is a set binding. Still really tight and really great shape, so they have used extremely strong glue to keep these pages together. I must say, and then another thing I really enjoyed using was this blotting page here this blotting pad it works really well because, those of you who use toma river paper, you probably know that it is a slower drying paper. So you will often get smudges on the other side. If you don’t let the page dry.

First with this, you just you know you pop it in there after you’re done writing with the page and then just keep moving on. It works really well, and it also doubles as a bookmark, because you can see it in the notebook really fairly easily when it’s shut. So you always know where pages at. I think it’s an amazing notebook I really enjoyed using it. I think it is fantastic quality.

Galen Leather Tomoe River Paper Notebook 5

I love the size. This is a b6, so it’s a little bit more compact than an acid a5 and since the future of toma river paper is more than uncertain. If you’re interested in getting this notebook, I would do so fairly soon because it might, it might already be sold out in the size, I’m not sure, haven’t checked the Galen Leather website in a while, but if stock’s still available, I would act quickly because this notebook might not be available for much longer, we’ll see. So if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more notebook videos subscribe to my channel.

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