Favorite Pens for Journaling!!

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re all doing well so today I want to show you my favorite pens for journaling. I recently did a pen, haul, video and quite a few requested that I also show you my favorite pens. So here’s the video all right, let’s get started, so I think my favorite overall pen for journaling, in general, is the uni-ball jet stream. This is the one millimeter they have different versions of it. They also retractable versions.

As you see, this one has a cap, and I use this pen the most often when I do journal because for me it’s the best all-around pen. It is a hybrid pen, which means it is a hybrid between a ballpoint pen and a gel pen. So it gives you a smooth writing experience like you have with a gel pen while still have having that thickness and consistency of a ballpoint pen. A lot of you might know that, with regular ballpoint pens, you often need to apply a little bit more pressure and this one writes a lot more effortlessly. So it glides over the page a lot more smoothly than just a standard ballpoint pen and that’s why i prefer this pen and it works best with all kinds of paper.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 2

As you know, a lot of paper often bleeds through or has a lot of ghosting, but this one just really works the best all-around with all kinds of paper, whether it be expensive or cheap paper. You can use this for the best pen for Moleskine because a lot of pens bleed through in a Moleskine, but this one doesn’t. The only thing is, if you have a journal with really smooth paper-like Clairefontaine paper, a rodeo notebook, you might get some smudging with this pen. That’S the only downside if you have super sleek coated paper, but other than that. Overall, my favorite pen, all around is this Uniball jet stream.

101. All right so runner up is the papermate inkjoy. It is a ballpoint pen, but it also has a pretty good smooth riding experience and i have enjoyed this pen quite a bit and a lot is my runner up because at the moment i use the jet stream a lot more than the Inkjoy, but for an overall just standard, ballpoint pen. This is probably also my favorite go to.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 3

So next up is the Uniball vision elite. It is a rollerball pen, so it’s a water-based pen. This is an 8 m rollerball pen super smooth riding experience depending glides effortlessly over the page. It gives you a nice thick black line yeah. This is my favorite rollerball.

Pen overall, I’d say so really enjoy using this. The only thing is, you cannot really use this on every paper. If you have cheaper paper really thin paper, this might bleed through or it might have a lot of ghosting. So you need, in my opinion, better quality paper to use the Uniball vision elite and i recently discovered they have a bunch of different colors. So I just ordered this as a purple-black one.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 4

I really enjoy this color as well, so I might branch out and try all the different colors that they have. But I really like this purple-black a lot so yeah. So it’s my overall favorite ballpoint pen and then, if the paper is not that great or it’s thinner, I grabbed the Uniball vision needle which I think is 0.38mm. You see it’s a micro point tip versus the other one.

I want to show you the difference. The camera picks up on that. You see the difference between those two, so it gives you a quite thinner line, which is great for paper, that is thinner and for a micro point. Pen still gives you a pretty smooth riding experience because a lot of thinner tips. They tend to get a little scratchy and they don’t flow as smoothly and easily, but for how thin this pen is, it still gives you a pretty smooth riding experience.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 7

i’m really impressed with this one as well. So this is like my second runner-up when it comes to, rollerballs and then another rollerball that I use is the zebra Sarasa. I believe this is also rollerball ink and not gel ink. So I’m pretty sure this is also roll ball. This is 0 millimeter and what I like about this pen as in how many different colors it comes. this one’s red. I also used a purple-black. They have a dark black-green. I believe yeah enjoy these colors a lot and it does scratch a little more when you write than with the Uniballs divisions.

So, that’s probably why they come first and then this one’s, like my third favorite I’d, say but still a really great pen to use, and it never like really runs out of ink, meaning there’s no skipping in it or any of these problems. So, actually, i think, a really great pin as well and then the next one is the or Uchida Marvy Le Pen. This is the color oriental blue. I use this for my five lines Notebook.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 8

If you follow my channels, I write in five lines. Five years a day, notebook every day – and this is the pen I use for that in a Leuchtturm, rinse and seat scene. So this is it’s a felt tip pen and i really love the color in this one, and it also gives you smooth writing experience. The only thing with this pen is, you cannot apply a lot of pressure because the tip will wear off really quickly and usually. For me, the tip is just like really worn off before the pen actually runs out of ink with this pen.

So that’s the only downside of this pen is that the tip is extremely delicate and you cannot apply much pressure, but it also gives you a smooth riding experience so yeah. So that’s the next one and then last but not least, when i do ride with a fountain pen. I absolutely love this pilot metropolitan. It’S inked with diamond marine ink, and this is like my go-to fountain pen. I don’t own a lot of fountain pens, but this was the one i’d recommend the most, especially if you’re, just starting out with fountain pens.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 9

It’s super inexpensive, it’s a great pen for around twenty dollars. It has a steel barrel. It feels really nice in the hand super smooth riding experience as with pretty much all fountain pens and uh yeah with the fountain pen it just glides so effortlessly over the page. You have to apply zero pressure to the pen and you can really get into the flow when riding with a fountain pen. The downside is you have to take care of it.

You have to refill the ink. You have to clean it every once in a while. If you don’t use it for a while, it will dry up fairly quickly so yeah. I don’t always use a fountain pen because i’m lazy and i just like it convenient and yeah, but fountain pens, great writing, experience and there’s a lot of people with amazing fountain pen channels on youtube. So if you want to learn more about fountain pens, go find them highly recommend, checking them out if you get into that yeah.

Favorite Pens for Journaling 10

So those are my favorite pens for journaling at the moment. I always like to try new pens, but these I’ve been using fairly consistent for the last couple years and I have been enjoying the most if you know of any pens that you would like to recommend to me that I try. Please leave me a comment. Also. Let me know what your favorite pen or pens are I’d really like to hear from you and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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