Exacompta Basic Journal Review

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Hello everyone, today  I’m doing a review on this journal by the company Exacompta.

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So this is called the Exacompta Basic Journal and it is the tan color and it is a soft cover notebook with gilded edges. You see the gold around the edges here to give it a nice elegant touch and then this clothbound dark brown have stitching bound. You can see this, it is stitching right there

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It has a pretty little bookmark and different colors right there. Some orange, yellow, green and red, kind of pretty

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The cover has tis a really nice texture to it. It makes it vintage  looking in my opinion, i really like that. It’s a cardboard cover, as you can see, and here to see the back. This is Exacompta time journal is made in France  and it is a trowel two rounded edges, as you can see right there pretty flexible my opinion

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The dimensions are 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches or 14 by 21 centimeters. So it’s pretty much a standard a5 notebook. Let’s open it up.

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So here you can see the first cover page. It actually gets to cover pages pages, with pretty trees on it.

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The journals lined with a margin around the edges, and it is a 10 millimeter ruling. So does a fairly wide ruling and then slightly off white paper. 25 % cotton in it and it has this pretty texture image. I love the camera. Versatile is right, cold against the light right there, as you can see the texture in the paper to hold it up against the light. I would sure if the camera picks this up quite pretty iconic of water watching everything.

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It has 100 sheets or 200 pages obvious edit stitched and bound, and it lies pretty flat I’ll show you a quick, so you just push down a little little eyes pretty Flat and then you can set it over it, so it’s pretty flexible there too.

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Let me show you my writing sample here. Is the pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 milliliter, gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and here is the Pilot Metropolitan Medium with Diamine Marine Ink and there’s there’s no feathering at all here, so it does take fountain pens really well.

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Then the back. You have some ghosting and see-through, but there’s absolutely no bleed through with the fountain. So it is a very fountain pen, friendly paper, really good quality, and it is a very slight texture to it the paper, but it’s still smooth enough for fountain pens, and it gives you a really nice writing experience.

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Here you can see the stitching right there so nicely done or those that it’s made in France. I think pretty much show you all the features of this notebook.

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I think it is really nice quality and I, like the vintage you look of it. The only thing is, the ruling is a little bit too wide for my taste, I like a little bit in there, but I think it’s great. If you have bigger handwriting or if you like, really broaden aids, I mean right with fountain pens for, like you know bitter it brought a nigga’s wedding ink and you need a little bit more space for that. I think for that purpose, the ruling works. So that’s the only thing that I would change with his notebook. It’s make the rules a little bit more narrow, but it is 10 millimeters users like seven or eight of those notebooks time even sticks.

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It’s a pretty nice notebook. It’s really well done. I, like the the to cover, features: here’s a tree gon na give it a nice touch, and then you can see the information eggs have come too.

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So this was the Exacompta BasicJournal, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me comment. If you like this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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