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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re all doing well so today, I’m gonna review this Epica leather journal. It is their new clasp letter journal. They just came out with it, and I’m gonna show it to you today and if you’re interested in getting this one or any of the other journals on their website. You can use the discount code journaljoy15 and you get 15 off your first order. I’m going to put it in the description down below so check it out if you are interested all right, so, let’s dive into it.

So these journals are absolutely gorgeous. They are handmade in Italy. So the actual leather cover is a refillable journal. The leather cover and the journal itself are all made in Italy absolutely beautiful, and this is all hand-stitched really really gorgeous. This is the saddle brown.

Epica Leather Journal Review 1

It is also available in espresso, so in a darker color, and it is an a5 refill in there. So the journal is just slightly bigger than an a5, which means the dimensions are five and a half inches by eight to five inches or 15 centimeters by 21 centimeters for the refill that’s in there and then, as I said, the actual cover is just slightly Bigger – and you can get this personalized any way you want here – a couple: different fonts and different versions and styles of how to do this. You can have this golden gold, so I chose to gilded re, insert and refill with the gold here, but you can also have different colors here or I’m just a plain embossing without any color in it and if you’re interested in getting it personalized, you can check out the website and look at all the different options.

As you see here, that is there’s beautiful, stitching around here in the front: here’s the side and in the back you have the Epica logo right there, absolutely beautiful, let’s open it up! So here’s the clasp and then the buckle for it and the only thing I noticed this buckle is it’s pretty sturdy, which means it’s going to last you a really long time, but when you lay it flat to write on it, you might feel it a little, it doesn’t bother me personally, but just to be aware that you can feel this a little when you write, especially when you start out writing in this journal and then what I forgot to tell you when you order it. It comes in this absolutely gorgeous gift.

Epica Leather Journal Review 2

Pouch right here again with Epica logo, it’s a velvety touch with a satin inside here and if you choose to have it gift wrapped, it also comes in a box as well, so really really beautiful, and then they give you a thank you package and it also comes with this really nice pen here it says Epica right there with this rode rose gold medal right really pretty, and let’s put this back in here all right. So, let’s check out the inside. So here is where you put the refill into the drawer. I really like the style of this, how they cut the leather here looks really pretty and it’s the same in the back and as I said, I chose the gilded edges refill with the gold here. It looks really pretty in my opinion, but if you want something different, you can also get an online journal without the gilded.

It’s just plain: you get a dot-grid journal, just a bunch of different options. Just you know, go on our website and check it out. If you’re interested – and it is 24 pounds, paper or 90 gsm – and it’s off white ivory colored here – is my writing sample. So here we have a pencil ballpoint pen, a couple of gel pens, a rollerball and then pilot problem whoops with diamond marine ink and, as you can see, there’s absolutely no feathering with the fountain pen and then here that you do get some ghosting, especially with Slightly thicker and wetter pens, but there’s absolutely no bleed-through, so it is really found kind of friendly paper, in my opinion, really nice quality paper. As i said, this is also made in Italy and, as you can see, the dremel comes with a pen holder and it’s actually a double pinhole.

Epica Leather Journal Review 3

It’S like a two in one there’s, just a leather here and there inside there is a small loop. That is an elastic, so this fits like standard like ballpoint pens. Also, my pilot metropolitan fits really nicely in here. I’Ll show you this real, quick, see right there, that’s really tight and won’t fall out there we go, but if you want to take a pencil with you, you just put it and a smaller one in here and then your pencil, so it won’t fall out, which Is really really great, i’m very practical, so you have more options with what type of pen you carry with you with this double look right here and let’s put this back in here because this is the pen it comes with. So i think that’s really nice.

I thought through and then I forgot to show you, but the refill comes with a bookmark as well all right, let’s check out the refill real, quick right there, just pull this out. That’S really nice quality notebook and the refill is actually really affordable, especially for the quality paper. And then you just you, know, purchase a new one and use this over and over again and then just store this on the shelf and you can actually label it right. There, if you want to and it’s the refill, is 288 pages or 144 sheets and, as you can see, it is stitched and down right there and i’m just looking at my notes, real quick and, of course it is genuine Italian leather. So really nice quality product, so I’m not gonna bother fumbling this in.

Epica Leather Journal Review 5

While you still watch the video because it might take me a while, i mean it’s not hard to get it in, but I don’t want to damage it. I’m really excited to use this. I actually think I might use this as a recipe book because i want a journal that lasts me, the next 20 30 40 years, and this looks extremely durable. So I’m really excited to have this in my collection and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.

As I said, if you want to purchase this notebook or any of the other notebooks, you can use the discount code journaljoy15 for 15 off your first order, and yes thank you so much for watching and subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more notebook videos, all right, bye!

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