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Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re all doing well so today i want to show you some of the best options out there for a bullet journal. If you clicked on this video, you probably know what bullet journaling is. It is essentially a list management system that was developed by writer carol, and those lists usually contain of appointments, to-do lists, events and notes, and you keep them all in one journal and the system helps you to keep track of all these different lists that you have And all the information that you have in one journal and the truth is you could use just any notebook as a bullet journal and set it up for yourself.

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But there are certain journals out there that make it a little bit easier that have certain features that help you with managing your lists, like page numbers and index several bookmarks , and things like that. So i want to show you some of my favorites out there. So if you are looking for a bullet journal to buy a purchase, you might have a better idea of what to look for, or you want to find a different one. Then yeah, this video is for you.

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So let’s get started. First of all, i want to show you probably my two favorite ones, which is the original bullet journal that was designed in collaboration with writer carroll, with leuchttum lines and seats in our 1917 and then also the dingbats notebook here. So let’s get started with the leuchtturm. What’S great about this journal is that it’s actually the only one i have here that has three bookmarks, so it really helps you to keep track of your information and all your notes in this notebook.

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Let’s take this off real quick here. It is 249 pages. It says bullet journal right here and i think it’s great for people just starting out, because it gives you here your the keys, where you can refer back to how you keep track of all your different tasks. And then you can create your own and it explains to you how to get started and there’s tips and tricks in here.

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So i think it’s quite useful if you have never bullet journal before and then, as you can see here, is your index right there and there’s several pages of that. It’s four and then here’s your future log at the top, and this is a dot grid journal and most of the journals that i have here are dot grid. It’s also that’s something. That’s really preferred by the bullet. Journal community is dot quick paper and, as i said, number of pages  249.

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As i said so, here’s your future log. This is four pages and then just goes into the journal with just dot.Grid pages and also only pick journals here that have good paper quality.So this is , i believe it’s 80 gsm and it’s pretty good paper. It is fountain pen friendly, and i really love noise chip notebooks. You could also use a regular noise gym notebook.It will still have a index in the front, but it won’t have the future lock written on the top, and it will only have two bookmarks and not three, but it will be a little bit more affordable and the only difference is it also do not explain To you how to use this notebook like right here, he said great for beginners and probably my number one pick for a bullet journal. It also has this right here, little stickers or caraval stickers when you’re done using it so great option, especially if you’re just starting out

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And then also another favorite of mine, is stingbats. They make excellent notebooks with great paper quality, and also here you have some information on how to create your own keys and how to use this notebook and what this notebook has is actually page markers here that i have not seen like this in any other journal.

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Right here i can mark it with different colors to keep track of all the information and, as you can see, it also is has numbered pages right there. This notebook has 185 pages and i believe this is a hundred gsm paper. So it’s slightly thicker than the leuchtturm, and i think it’s a little bit better paper quality.

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They have some of the best paper within bats that i’ve seen instead of a writing sample in here you can see. There is absolutely no ghosting no bleed. Through i mean there’s some ghosting with harmony ghosting, but absolutely no bleed through with the dingbats notebook highly recommended.

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If you are a fountain pen user and then you have two bookmarks right here and also go ahead and show you, you have an index, that’s in the front and then also it says future log right here, and i hope this uh little description here, though, because It’s the wildlife edition doesn’t bother you it does. You might want to get a plain black one like the leuchtturm. I think that would work as well. Then you can also put your keys right here, like the color keys and then the actual signifiers for things.

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So yeah also dot grid, as you can see, and it has a pocket on the back as well. So does the luigi.

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Then, let’s move on here another two good options for it, which is the glp creations author’s notebook.

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What makes this special is that it has tommy river paper. So if you are into fountain pens, i’m sure you’ve heard of toma river paper, it is super fountain, pen friendly. This is only 80 68 gsm paper. So this is quite a bit thinner, but it is known for its fountain pen friendliness, so you will have absolutely no bleed through with this paper, so i highly recommend it for fountain pens and then again you have your numbered pages right here.

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This one has a 192. And then again here in the beginning, yu have the content that can help you with your bullet journaling, it’s only three pages, but still, and then it goes into the notebook right ther e and then here’s a pocket in the back and it has one bookmark only, But, as i said, it’s great for fountain pens.

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And then this one here is the stallion notebook. I’ve already started using this one a little bit. This one is a line notebook, but they have the exact same one with  dot grid. So i just show you this one right here: here’s the table of content and then it goes into the notebook.

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As i said, you can get this one with dot grids as well, and this is slightly thicker paper and it has 211 pages and a pocket in the back, and i really like their bookmark right here. I think it looks great. So this is the stallion and i think the gsm on this paper might be 100 and 120. I’M not sure i might have to look that up anyways another good option

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And then here i have two runner-ups. This one is the clairefontaine my essentials, notebook again. If you like, fountain pens, this is an excellent notebook. It is lined paper, i’m not sure. If this is available as dot grid, you will have to look on their website, but i thought i’d mention it because it has excellent paper and it’s great for fountain pens.

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So here you have again the content, the index in the beginning, and here you get actually eight pages, so it’s probably the most of all the notebooks in terms of having a table of contents and again it goes into the notebook here and then you have you, Like here a top box here and then you have the lines and then it is also numbered, and this one has let me look it up 184 pages and i believe this might be 90 gsm paper. If i’m correct and as i said, it’s really known for the fountain pen, friendliness of the paper and here’s also, it has one little bookmark

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And then another notebook i thought i’d show you is a traveler’s notebook type of setup where you have different notebooks for your different topics like this one is the x17. It has four inserts, and what i like about this brand is that it actually lies open where most travels notebooks just collapsed back like this , which can be a little bit annoying and it is .

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It comes with different inserts and they’re all numbered, which is great for bullet journaling. As you can see, it’s like 62 pages per insert and it does not have an index. But i guess you could create one at the front of one or of each of them and then this one is with dot grid this insert here and there’s a writing sample, so it does okay with fountain pens as well.

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There is no bleed through here with the fountain pen. I don’t remember how thick this paper is. I think it’s about 70 or 80 gsm here and then we have here, one that’s lined and the last one, the fourth one is graph paper. So here you could use one simply just for slightly differently organize it just you know one for, your daily to-do’s one for events, one for like work notes, one for like personal journaling like morning pages or something like that. So this gives you more flexibility in terms of what you use each notebook for and then have all your different categories:  in a separate little notebook,  yeah.

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So that’s pretty much it. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Uh! You also, i would like to hear what your favorite bullet journal is. I’M curious to hear from you, so please feel free to comment below if you’ve enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more notebook, videos and reviews, please subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching

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