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Hello everyone, today i’m gon na talk about the best notebook for work. So while ago, a subscriber of mine asked me to do a video on the best notebooks for a work environment, especially also larger notebooks, like an a4 size and notebooks that are also fountain pen friendly. While I do not really use the really large notebooks, I will mention a few companies that I know make also bigger size notebooks, just to give you an idea so James this video is for you.

Before I get into it. I just want to talk about before you think about what the best notebook work is to get clear on what you actually use it for at work. Do you just do straight note-taking to two sketches and drawings to do mind, maps and so forth? So if you do just plain, writing can just use a nine notebook for stretching sketching and drawing my mind, mapping you might want to get a dot grad journal or blank journal and the end is really personal preference and for a work environment. I would go with neutral colors, it’s like wearing a suit at the office or just a dark color, or just something like a grey one. I would really stay away from like patterns and flashy colors. If you work in a more conservative work environment, it’s just best to go with a plain black one that makes you look more professional, of course.

So figure out what you like in the notebook. Do you want lines graph paper, dot, dot, grid paper? Blank pages for sketching and drawing – and you also need structure in your journal – do you want numbered pages so that you can find your notes more easily? Do you want an index in the front? I’m all these little things to think about and the end it’s just. Some trial and error to find the best notebook that works for you, and this is by all means, not a comprehensive list at all of notebooks that are best for worked. It’s just a few just suggestions of mine for you to get you started and give you a few ideas. What might work for you alright.

So I have a huge pile here. So, let’s dive it in number one there’s always the classic moleskin, it’s roughly a five size, it’s black! It comes in different formats, it’s also available as an extra-large. So you do get more writing space in an extra-large and then you can also get in it for master size with a moleskin. It’s elastic, strap pocket doesn’t have any page numbers any kind of that stuff, but it does have a bookmark. It’s really well known. I’m sure heard about it if you’re on this channel so number one moleskin, not fountain, pen friendly. So if you do want to write with the fountain pen at work, I would not really use a Moleskin.

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For Fountain Pen would actually go either with Leuchtturm  1917 again. This is an a5 size and again comes in pretty much similar to the the Moleskine lined graph blank and, I believe, also dot grade whoops, and here we have a b5 size of Leuchtturm 1917. So if you want a little bit a larger notebook, this is a soft cover one. This is a hardcover one. I would go with the b5. It’s just nice in between size. It’s not huge, like an a4, but it does keep you in a writing space

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The Leuchtturm  has an index in the front, and then it has page numbers. So you can write your the date of the page here. Maybe the date you took the notes and what it was about. So if you have a lot of meetings and you need to keep track of your meetings and where they the notes are, I think this is a great notebook to the lit, with it’s easier to refer back to notes in here and not get lost. In the pages, because you do have the numbers and then it comes with two bookmarks here, I also easier to keep track of things and then just like the most unit, has a big pocket in the back. This is another. Great option also comes as an a4 master size, so you can get a really huge notebook in with tons of writing space, and I believed it also comes blank and lined and so on. I did reviews and no videos on all of these notebooks that I’m talking about here, so if you’re interested for us for my channel – and you will find past videos on all these with all the details – paperweight writing samples all the good stuff. So if you’re interested go check out the other videos on my channel


The next up, I would say if Leuchtturm is also fountain pen friendly. But if you really really love fountain pens and you wan na write with fountain pens, I would also go with Rhodia notebooks. They have by far the best paper in terms of fountain pens. It’s really silky smooth great to write in these. . It’s called the Rodhia Softcover notebook and this Rodya web notebook. The only thing with these for work is that they have their logo on the front, which is like just two little trees in there. Rodya think embossed. If that bothers you for work, i don’t think it’s too bad, but if it bothers you, then you should pick a different note book, like the Quo Vadis
Habana, i’m going to talk about in a minute so, but if not, i think is a also. It looks professional, great colors, muted colors, with a bookmark.

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This one does not have page numbers, but still a great notebook in a sense, my opinion, one of the best for fountain pens and then the wet notebook it’s only available as an a5 in the pocket size. If you want it larger, they do have larger pads that are spiral bound or stapled bound, and i believe they’re called meeting paths so go in the Rodhia website and check those out, and you can find out more about these,


And then I mentioned the Quo Vadis Habana is larger than an 85. So again you have a little bit more room right. There, also great great notebook. They use the same paper. They both use Claire from ten paper, which is excellent paper and again great for fountain pens, just a basic notebook, also with a bookmark but no page numbers but pocket in the back. If you need one, so it’s a Quo Vadis Habana  great grant, notebook just classic plain black just logo in the back


The next one is also, I think, a great notebook is the black wing Slate notebook comes with dot, grits, and I mean they also might have blank and lighting ones. So if interest in that, one check that one out again bookmark looks really nice. It has a thing here for like a pen, holder right there. So that’s a bonus and then also elastic strap in the pocket. Just like I read the notebook and Dr It is great for bullet journaling if you want to do bullet journaling at work. I think this one works really well as well


We have here the Baron Fig. It’S it’s like. A cloth linen cover. It’S a gray one. I think this looks really elegant. As well, even though it’s not black, it’s a really neutral color. It’s also a dot Creek journal right here like super flat. It’s roughly into a five sides as well, is just slightly smaller, so I also recommend this one. It has really good papers well, not as good as the Rodhia, but it’s still pretty good paper and I like to look at things just like it’s a classic looking notebook. If you want a little bit of a lighter color, the Baron Fig really good as well


If you want to use a spiral bound, notebook at work want to come with it, just a cheapy one from no staples or wherever. I would really recommend the Well-Appointed notebook it’s made, but a company Appointed it’s a really classy looking with like the brass spiral and really nice cover and it’s made in America, that’s a really nice quality. And then you have one blank page here and then a line page there, so even that spiral-bound, I think it looks like a nice quality notebook that you know, you’d have to be embarrassed about showing it off at work. So I think that’s not a really good option if you and those far above notebooks and don’t want just grab a chippy one and that’s it


When I forgot to bring to the shoot today is the Clairefontain notebooks. They have a basic line. I did also did a video on that one and you can find it on my channels called sclera, fronting basic notebook and they also have a4 size. It’s a vintage, looking notebook, but it also has a elastic, strap and at bookmark. No, I don’t think it does not have a bookmark, but as a elastic closure, and it has this winter vintage pattern on it, but it it looks a look not quite as classy as just a plain black one, but I think since it’s available as an a4, I think it’s also a great option if you want to go from the a4 and just get a nice and looking notebook and it has excellent paper. As I said, all the Rhodias and the Quo Vadis Habana have Clairefontaine paper in him, at least in the United States.


So that was my video on best notebooks for work. Is that, but all means this is not a comprehensive list of everything. That’S out there. It’S just to give you a few ideas. What might weigh might work for you at work so that you actually looked professional and I’ve been taken seriously in a more conservative, environment and yeah if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give thumbs up. If you have any questions or comments just says, I dropped me comment in the description box and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog . Thank you so much for reading

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